Wheel Age Classic Watch Tianwang Ls5580s/D

Tianwang Watch, a watch brand under the Hong Kong Shijibao Group, uses the crown shape as the brand logo. After more than 20 years of development, it has become one of the most well-known watch brands in the domestic watch industry. Although the workmanship needs to be improved, the performance and appearance have gradually become the strongest in the world.
Today, we are going to introduce a Uranus • Age series watch, the official model LS5580S / D. This watch is a common model of the Wheels / Times series. As you can see from the appearance, it does not have complicated functions and the dial is quite simple. The classic round dial is never out of date.

 The dial has three hands: hour markers, hours, minutes and seconds. The royal blue is set against the white dial, which has a stylish and simple beauty. The hands are hollowed out and look quite individual. There is a calendar window display function at the o’clock position, which makes life easier. The silver-white steel chain is very commensurate with the overall style, and with imported mechanical movement, it is durable and has quality assurance.

This watch, very gentle at first glance, has a gentle gentleman feeling. I personally think that this watch is suitable for men who like to read books, have a stable temperament, and have just joined the work for a few years. They can better set off their own elegant and subtle temperament. And the price of more than two thousand dollars, equipped with imported movement, simple and stylish design, not expensive. In addition, the steel chain watch is suitable for wearing in various seasons. The formal wear is quite suitable for casual wear, and it is sturdy and durable. It looks simple and clean. Friends who like it are worth considering.
 Watch details: tianwang / 32008 /