Watchmaking Market Promotion Innovative Advertising Planning Inventory

Traditional or original, more foreseeable or ingenious, advertising videos tell many stories about the brand concept.

Masters ‘Life is about moments’

   Ad targeting: This black-and-white commercial is directed by Peter Lindbergh and exudes elegance. Engagement ceremony, wedding anniversary, wonderful new life, warm Christmas, many precious moments in life are lost in the ticking, and these are carefully captured by the photographer. The fleeting moments that contain sincere emotions are fixed as classic and timeless poems .

   Brand proposition: ‘Life is about moments’ is a celebrity interpretation of the theme of the celebration. Baume & Mercier sees the watch as ‘gifts which contain feelings’, and it becomes a witness to special moments of celebration in life.

   Advertising comment: It is hard not to be moved by the image information conveyed in the advertising video. The looks of the characters are pleasing, their faces are filled with joyful smiles, showing their love for life. I have to admit that this is a very tempting scene.

L’instant Chanel

   Advertising positioning: This series was shot by international photographer Patrick Demarchelier. There are 15 black and white visual images, each of which contains a Chanel timepiece, placed on male and female models Beside them, the models echoed the dial hands in a posture of limbs. Master every moment to achieve eternity and let each moment show unique charm.

   Brand Proposition: Nicholas Beau, Chanel International Director, concludes, ‘Time connects the past and the future, and we hope to interpret the brand’s time vision through watches: the present is the most precious time. When people talk about watches, they are essentially talking about time The passage of time. Chanel represents the present, and at this moment, enjoy a wonderful time. ‘

  Advertising comment: a look, a silhouette, a unique style … Chanel once again demonstrated the style of the leading fashion masters, and defined a template of time and luxury jewelry, all we can do is to follow closely.

Tag Heuer ‘Do n’t Crack Under Pressure’

   Advertising positioning: This advertising video can be described as a magnificent masterpiece, which displays the powerful spiritual ideas of the characters and the pursuit of transcendence through a series of black and white images. Brand image ambassadors Cristiano Ronaldo, Sharapova, Steve McQueen and Patrick Demsey, their great careers and strong spiritual convictions are shown in the eyes of the audience. The challenges and performances enumerated in the film are theoretically unachievable. This is both a tribute to the brand’s 1990s advertising campaign and an interpretation of the brand’s persistent thinking model.

   Brand proposition: Robustness, reliability, performance, precision, transcendence of self … These are exactly what “Fearless Challenge to Achieve Self” is conveyed, and TAG Heuer returns to its traditional origin.

   Ad Comment: In theory, people tend to collapse due to excessive pressure. However, watching these images will make people feel adrenaline burst, and then feel excited, confident, and dare to face any challenge. So, wear a TAG Heuer?

DeWitt “For The New Emperors”

   Ad positioning: Brand products are the stars of promotional activities, reinterpreting the noble origins of the founders. The Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Prestige and the ladies’ Alma watch stand out against a black background, and the famous royal image is unveiled in a sharp modern style. Jérôme de Witt is a direct descendant of Napoleon. His distinguished bloodline has been branded since the brand was founded.

   Brand Proposition: ‘For The New Emperors’ summarizes the essence of the brand: nobility, creativity, family passion and the pursuit of excellence.

  Ad Comment: The DeWitt watch is not universally wearable. Its customers are seeking rare and authentic elites, but perhaps we all have an emperor and queen sleeping in their hearts …

Piaget ‘Perfection in Life’

   Ad targeting: The images in the ad video are taken all over the world, like an invitation to us to explore Piaget’s fine watches and fine jewelry. The film was created by the famous artist Maud Rémy-Lonvis with the assistance of advertising design firm BETC Luxe and is called ‘Perfection in Life’. Piaget CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger emphasized, ‘Piaget’s new advertising plan is the result of our in-depth consideration of the brand’s face. We return to the brand’s roots, analyze its distinctive and rich personality, and then use a new and innovative approach to explain Piaget’s The elegant attitude of life. ‘

   Brand Proposition: The image of the sky played an important role in this advertising film. It was under that charming outline that the earl told his brand story. The blue sky represents the unremitting pursuit of the ultimate, while the night sky is reminiscent of the mysterious and magical Earl’s World.

   Advertisement comment: precious materials, exquisiteness, innovation, creativity, elegance and tradition … Piaget always controls the code of excellence, no matter where he is in another country, no matter what language, no matter what day and night.