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Share The Treasure Rado Swiss Valentine’s Day Presents Romantic Romance For Lovers

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, RADO presents two new watches in the DiaMaster series, wishing you love as timepieces that shine on your wrist, Withstand the test of time. This pair of DiaMaster watches for men and women is made of delicate polished high-tech ceramic materials that are not easy to wear, and it shines forever.

 In life, every lady deserves to have some fashion products that add charm to herself. The elegant and refined RADO DiaMaster watch is undoubtedly their favorite choice. The beautiful white mother-of-pearl dial and rose gold hands and scales complement each other, and the plasma high-tech ceramic case creates a sparkling halo around the dial. The watch is simple and chic as a whole, with a rich mellow chocolate brown embossed leather strap, which firmly fixes the unique mellow texture on the wrist.

 The RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of large seconds watch will be your destined style choice. As a classic watch for gentlemen, the large open face dial carries two sub-dials, one for hours and minutes, and the other for seconds, recording every beautiful moment accompanied by lovers. The subtle dial surrounding the sub-dial is subtly decorated with Parisian studs, which complements the watch’s excellent craftsmanship and handsome appearance. The watch’s deep chocolate brown leather strap contrasts brilliantly with the sparkling metallic high-tech plasma-tech ceramic case, while the rose gold hands on the dial add a touch of luxury.
 Thanks to the high wear resistance of high-tech ceramics, the delicate watch on your wrist will maintain its brilliance forever. RADO Swiss radar-the eternal beauty dedicated to eternal love.

Miss Chanel Coco’s Limited Time Coffee Shop Appears In Shanghai

On April 13, 2017, Liu Shishi, the Chinese ambassador for Chanel’s make-up image, popular idol Song Qian, youth idol Ouyang Nana, supermodel Yun Mengyao, and fashion trendy Han Huohuo, attended the limited time coffee shop Coco Chanel Café, play Miss Coco Lip Lotion and explore the world of Miss Coco’s color play.

Chanel Liu Shishi, Chinese makeup ambassador
Wearing a CHANEL BOY · FRIEND TWEED watch,
CHANEL High Jewelry Comet Collection Ring and Earrings in 18K White Gold with Diamonds.

Popular idol Song Qian
Wearing a CHANEL BOY · FRIEND stainless steel watch,
CHANEL High Jewellery Feather Collection Earrings and Rings in 18K White Gold with Diamonds.

Youth Idol Ouyang Nana
Wearing a CHANEL J12 mint green bezel white watch,
And CHANEL haute jewellery comet necklace and 18K white gold and yellow 18K gold diamond ring,
COCO CRUSH earrings in yellow gold with diamonds.

Meng Yao Yao
Wearing a CHANEL J12 Pink Light white watch,
High jewelry ‘COCO CRUSH’ ring and comet necklace with 18K white gold diamonds.

Han Huohuo
Wearing CHANEL J12 Black Matte Watch
Fine and standard ring with CHANEL haute jewellery ‘COCO CRUSH’ series in white gold.

Coco Café, Miss Coco’s limited-time coffee shop, following the three cities of Dubai, Tokyo, and Toronto, brought the new Miss Coco Lipstick, and appeared in the prosperous center of Jing’an District, Shanghai: 1728 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. Miss Coco’s limited-time coffee shop everywhere highlights the trendy social attitude of young people. Rich colors and bold imaginations make trendy people astounding. Here, makeup is a game, and there is only one rule: keep playing.

The new Miss Chanel Coco Lip Lotion makes everything playful and playful. 17 fascinating and colorful colors, plus 3 innovative play colors, let everyone who comes to sign in can get surprises. The new gameplay of color overlays creates endless possibilities, completely subverting the way lips are presented.

Richard Mille Sponsors Voiles De Saint Barth

The fourth edition of the Voiles de Saint Barth will officially begin on April 8th and become an important event in the Caribbean regatta. Since it was first held in 2010, the scale of the San Barto Regatta has continued to expand. With its magnificent voyages and sporty challenges, coupled with an intimate and cheerful atmosphere, it has become an annual event for sailing enthusiasts around the world.
Richard Mille has been a major partner of the company since its inception, and we are honored that this time is no exception. Richard Mille’s obvious preference for sailing can be seen from the several extraordinary watch series launched by the brand: such as the RM014 and RM015 Perini Navi nautical watches, and RM025 tourbillon chronograph diving watches, RM028 automatic winding Wristwatches, RM 028 Voiles de Saint Barth, and RM032 Flyback Chronograph Dive Watches.

RichardMille Limited RM028 VOILES DE ST BARTH Watch

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Richard Mille’s CEO of Europe, Peter Harrison, has entered the competition. Sailing enthusiast Peter Harrison will personally drive the Jolt 2 sailing boat designed by San Diego designer Reichel Pugh on April 8 to participate in the Spinnaker 1 and 2 events.
The 2013 regatta champion will receive a RM 028 titanium diving watch from Richard Mille. This ultra-high performance watch complies with the ISO 6425 diving watch standard, with a unidirectional rotating bezel, and is water resistant to 300 meters (30 ATM). The simple appearance of the lines and the 47 mm diameter case contain extremely high-end technology. The unique three-layer case and bezel structure guarantee perfect waterproof performance, and the lug design integrated into the case structure makes this device more mature. The skeleton automatic winding movement of RM 028 is equipped with a variable geometry automatic disc. This exclusive Richard Mille design is adjusted by two white gold blades to adjust the degree of automatic winding according to the wearer’s exercise habits.

2013 Watches And Miracles Hong Kong Watch And Clock Fair Masters New Products Summary

From September 25th to 28th, 2013, a watch art feast is about to be staged in Hong Kong, presenting a watch art feast for the majority of Asian high-end watch connoisseurs. Thirteen European classic watch brands will showcase their latest masterpieces in Hong Kong, which will include a series of cutting-edge, rare and precious and sought after works in the watch industry. The following watch home will bring you a new summary of celebrities in this exhibition.

Baume & Mercier Clayton Series 1892 Flying Tourbillon


Baume & Mercier Clayton Series 1892 Flying Tourbillon

Equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement (P591) made by Fleurier Valley Watch Factory and speed controlled by a flying tourbillon, this watch fully complies with the brand’s tradition of making fascinating and complex timepieces. Passing on the essence of Swiss watchmaking. Its high-quality finishes, ratchets of winding devices that draw inspiration from traditional pocket watches, the ‘Geneva ornamentation’ on the bridge, and the pearl round patterns on the machine are all assembled by the same watchmaker. The transparent sapphire crystal case back has a clear view. This watch, made in accordance with traditional craftsmanship, has been reinterpreted and perfectly integrated into modern style. Its power reserve is 50 hours. The silver-white dial with 18K red gold rivet-applied digital engraving and hour markers. Through the 9 o’clock window that is not covered by the bridge, you can enjoy the delicate flying tourbillon every minute. Rotate for a week.

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For the day, the Ling Ni series sun watch (model 10118) shines with infinite femininity and will surely become the focus of attention. Its delicate white mother-of-pearl dial is as bright as the sun on the summer coast. This model is set with 65 diamonds (total weight 0.34 carats) in a wave and sun pattern. These inlaid inlay patterns meander from the dial, and surround the bezel of this jewellery watch. The Sun Watch is delicate and detailed, with a pearl white calfskin strap. With its interchangeable strap design, it can also be replaced with the included polished satin-finished steel bracelet. This carefully crafted watch will accompany you every moment of your precious journey in life.


The Ling Ni series quiet night watch (model 10119) is made of satin-polished stainless steel. The bright moon above the starry sky is dreamy, and it is the best match for attending elegant dinners. As a unique symbol of feminine femininity, the moon is perfectly displayed in the large window of the dial in the form of moon phases. The dial made of deep blue mother-of-pearl is subtly transformed into the sky, and the hand-marked or hand-riveted hour markers are densely covered. The inlaid diamonds fill each other in this vast sea of ​​stars, stretching to the bezel like a big wave. A total of 83 diamonds (0.33 carat total weight) set in this treasure, noble and gorgeous, equipped with a dark blue silk satin strap, elegant charm. The unique and convenient interchangeable strap design of the Lingni series allows women who seek the ultimate beauty and life to change the satin strap with the polished satin-finished steel bracelet at will.

For more watch details, please click: baume / 20432.html

Friends Of Zenith Watch Brands Visited The Watch Factory In 2014

Zenith, guided by the stars, takes the sky to the highest point, and has been loyal to the brand concept for nearly a century and a half since its establishment, adheres to its unique authentic quality, and insists on illuminating the advanced system with the star of excellence. Table sky. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the watch brand, we cordially invited five outstanding brand friends who have crossed the fields of art, technology, media and other fields. Since the birth of Zenith, Leroc, Switzerland has begun a visit to follow the stars and embrace the dream. While exploring the essence of the brand, feel its boldness and unique quality. The five best friends of the brand are outstanding in their respective fields, but never stop at the achievements they have already achieved. They are fearless and clinging to their dreams. This coincides with the brand spirit of Zenith.

 Friends of Zenith at the watch factory

 In March 2014, the town of Lillak in the Jura Valley ushered in an unusual group of visitors, Zenith brand friends, film star Hu Ge, the first Chinese female entrepreneur to enter space flight, Li Qingqing, IPCN International Media CEO Yang Yuancao, Lenovo Group Vice President Wei Jianglei and Baidu Group Vice President Li Mingyuan and his party accompanied by Zenith Global President Jean-Frederic Dufour to renovate Lishi Watch Factory.

 As the only Swiss watch factory still standing in its place for nearly a century and a half, Zenith has taken inspiration from history and is loyal to the heritage of watchmaking. Five brand friends walked through the time corridor to observe the polishing of the components of the legendary chronograph movement El Primero and the processing of various highly complex processes, and to understand the details of watchmaking including decoration and assembly and the amazing steps required by these steps. Patience and professionalism all reflect Zenith’s passion for creating great timepieces. Visiting the scene, Wei Jianglei said with emotion: ‘Zhenlishi has inherited a century and a half of watchmaking skills, and continues to develop the most advanced technology. It is a perfect combination of inheritance and innovation. All this is respectable.’

 Friends of Zenith at the watch factory

 In the subsequent Baselworld watch exhibition, the live display of Zenith’s representative models for almost a century and a half since the beginning of the 20th century impressed the friends of the brands and marveled at the inheritance of the craftsmanship and the incomparable behind it. Innovative courage, brand friend Hu Ge said sincerely: ‘Zhen Lishi perfectly interprets the three most important elements of a watch: precision, heritage and innovation. It is the best choice for watch collectors. I ca n’t help but look forward to the brand The 150th anniversary will bring surprises. ‘

 Zenith, as a pioneer in the unexplored field, has participated in many great adventures in human history, from Louis Breleio’s leap to the English Channel, Gandhi’s peaceful struggle for Indian independence, and company with Felix Bouga Turner completed the legendary skydiving and so on. Those who dare to explore often carry great energy. Zenith cooperates with five brand friends to embody the bold pursuit of freedom and dreams, together seek the guiding stars in their hearts, and present the best timepieces.

Friends of Zenith
Zenith, pioneering spirit from 1865
Founded in Switzerland in 1865, with a long history of 148 years, it is one of the four true Swiss watchmakers.
☆ Brand Value-Orthodox, Fearless, Pleasant
☆ Inventor of high frequency automatic chronograph
☆ So far, it has won 2,333 Swiss Observatory time measurement awards and 1,425 independent timekeeping awards, enjoying the reputation of a true watchmaking expert
☆ The EI Primero chronograph movement, born in 1969, can be called the world’s most accurate and highest frequency automatic chronograph movement, 36,000 revolutions per hour, the time is accurate to 1/10 seconds, and the stored energy value exceeds 50 hours
☆ 297 patents, 180 classic movement types, and more than 600 movement styles have been developed from this
Sincerely invite you to visit the Zenith store and appreciate the full range of Zenith watches:
Shanghai Nanjing West Road Store
Address: 1071 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Phone: (021) 5204-2886
Wuhan International Plaza Store
Address: C16, Wuhan International Plaza, 690 Jiefang Avenue, Wuhan
Phone: (027) 8551-3668