Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Retrograde Watch Let Time Go Back

Does everyone have a dream in mind: to make time go back? With Vacheron Constantin retrograde watches, we can enjoy this visual thrill. One of the special features of a watch is the retrograde movement, which creates an interesting way of running time. When the pointer went to the end of the fan-shaped display panel, it jumped back to the original point in no time. The moment of the leap just proved the mystery of the retrograde, making the time reverse and starting again.
   The retrograde watch breaks through the regular time display mode and runs back and forth in a fan-shaped trajectory. When the indicated scale is full, the hands will instantly return to the starting point of the scale and repeat the new process. It is not difficult to recognize a watch with a retrograde function. If you see the scale of the fan surface, the radian is less than 180 degrees, typically between 120 and 150 degrees, and the axis of the pointer is generally made on the edge of the dial. , Then it is most likely the display of the reverse function on the dial.
Unruly retrograde
   Turning round and round is our most basic impression of a watch. Retrograde has now developed to the point where it can do everything. No matter the second hand, minute hand, hour, date, or even moon phase profit and loss may be displayed in retrograde. The easiest to show the beauty of retrograde is the 30-second double retrograde function, which means that two 30-second retrograde hands complete the 1-minute operation. And watch design masters are very keen to combine different retrograde functions on the same dial to create a more interesting way of running time.
   In the face of this unconventional retrograde device, people who follow the rules think it is the left-hand side; while watchers appreciate its design philosophy beyond traditional norms, the flyback of the pointer adds a lot of fun.
Rebound makes space free
   In fact, the reason for the retrograde table is not simply to satisfy people’s spiritual desire to ‘back to the past’. If this device is not used, all hands will have to be on a rotating shaft, and the size of many watches will increase significantly. Since the retrograde design, the design space of the watch has been greatly released.
   However, retrograde devices also cause some problems. First, a watch with a retrograde function has a very large number of internal impacts. In terms of 30-second retrograde, within a day, the mechanical structure in the watch must withstand 2880 bounce-back actions. The components of the retrograde mechanism in the movement are subjected to frequent and huge forces. Secondly, the return of the retrograde table also takes time. This insignificant amount of time is accumulated for a long time and it will also cause errors.
   Of course, these two issues are simply clouds in the eyes of watchmakers. By using a more excellent metal material and reducing the kinetic energy of the impact, the problem of metal fatigue can be solved well. And the error is simpler-the time of instant reply is definite, then you only need to calculate the time of each instant reply, and then modify it in the design. Therefore, what the master really cares about is how to achieve more gorgeousness in a limited space through retrograde.