Vacheron Constantin Heritage Classic 14 Day Tourbillon Watch

In order to make the extremely rare complication tourbillon device in watchmaking technology radiate more dazzling light, Vacheron Constantin has chosen the most unique and unforgettable way to show the technology and unique know-how: Although it requires Only the best watchmaking skills can be made, but the power to conquer the masses comes from its essence-namely performance and beauty. It uses a purely shaped, low-key case with a highly complex movement. The new heritage of the classic 14-day tourbillon watch is not only the epitome of the ultimate watchmaking art, it is also unique because of the special time and space-the newly revised Geneva Code of Quality Imprint is now not only regulating the movement itself, but also the entire The performance of the watch (the movement and the case, meaning the watch) is included in the specification. This quality label, which has been in operation for 125 years, adopts a larger standard, representing itself once again sublimation and a response to customers’ high expectations.

     Vacheron Constantin has been very experienced in making tourbillon movements. Often, the tourbillon device is installed on the same movement with other rare and rare complications in the watch world. It represents the original Geneva watchmaking heritage of Vacheron Constantin. The tourbillon produced has always been Demonstrating outstanding professional qualities and unparalleled courage, this time Vacheron Constantin chose a new way to show the beauty of the tourbillon, trying to develop a movement with pure appearance and unlimited functions like the case, and the technology of the tourbillon The essence is fully manifested, moving towards an unprecedented state. Vacheron Constantin brought together the movement designer and watchmaker to develop this new manual winding mechanical tourbillon movement, Calibre 2260, and at the same time gave it a 14-day energy storage time. The capability has long been beyond the practical scope, and all the oscillation-related precision components in the tourbillon device are designed to show unparalleled accuracy and long-term stability. In order to accumulate the elasticity for up to 14 days, the new Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260 uses a total of four barrels, which are arranged in pairs. It works synchronously, tightening and relaxing at the same time, so the rotation rate is only a single. One quarter of the barrel configuration, the barrel length used by the four barrels adds up to 2.2 meters, and each barrel can rotate 13 turns from the loosest to the full chain! These are all installed in a 12¾-litre (approximately 29.10 mm) movement! In addition to long-term energy storage, multiple barrels can better ensure the stability of the movement after long-term use.

     The design of Calibre 2260 is different from the past. It consists of 231 parts, and the main board is a two-chip structure. The two main boards constitute the main structure (in the past, Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon movement used three more boards). The larger the board area, the more fully the Vacheron Constantin’s polishing technology can be displayed, like an entire one. The movement is decorated with the typical Côtes de Genève; the two-piece plate configuration means that the production must follow a higher precision, and it also means that the watchmaker must face greater challenges when assembling. The tourbillon cage adopts the brand’s inherent Maltese cross shape. It is also the best showcase for sophisticated polishing techniques. Extremely rare interior angles can be seen. Of course, all of the guide angles follow the brand’s usual insistence. Sanded by hand. Just a cylindrical tourbillon plate, to meet Vacheron Constantin’s standards, it takes 11 hours of manual polishing process.

     Except for the tourbillon with an independent small second hand at six o’clock, the hour and minute hands of Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260 are arranged slightly off-center, and the energy-storing indicator’s rotation range on the 14th is 280 ° in order to obtain the ideal The readability, the energy storage indicator in the twelve o’clock direction, and the minute scale on the outer ring of the opal dial are inspired by several antique pocket watches made by Vacheron Constantin. The new heritage classic 14th tourbillon watch faithfully reflects the design concept of this series of watches, that is, it builds the pure and strict standards of the series. The slim bezel and the joint of the ring body are slightly concave. Slot, screw-in case back with sapphire crystal, multi-faceted hour markers (two at twelve o’clock), crown-shaped hands made of 5N rose gold, following the brand’s traditional protein dial A variety of surface decoration: These subtle and ingenious decorative elements have jointly shaped the classic series. Vacheron Constantin’s ability to blend ancient and modern aesthetic elements without revealing it is all here.

Compliant with the new Geneva Premium Marking Code
     The Geneva Quality Seal ‘Poinçon de Genève’, issued by the General Assembly of the Province of Geneva in 1886, is an official stamp that guarantees the origin, quality of craftsmanship, durability and professionalism. It has been in operation for 125 years, and the seal is facing major Transformation, especially taking into account the latest technology and watchmaking materials developed by the watch industry. In 2012, this mark is no longer only on the movement itself, but watch is regarded as the object of the mark. The production of components and the complete process of making a watch from scratch are considered as the main body of certification, and an independent and officially supported institution must lead the systematic and stricter supervision process. When a movement complies with the specifications established by the Geneva Quality Mark, it must also undergo a period of testing before leaving the factory to confirm that the production process also complies with the specifications. The main purpose of testing is to confirm that the assembly, adjustment, and casing of the watch are performed in Geneva, and that the quality of the components and the movement assembly meets the standards. The inspection of the watch is now part of the imprint specifications. All product technical characteristics, such as the waterproof performance and energy storage time of the watch, must be cross-confirmed and regularly inspected by the competent authority of Geneva Imprint and the brand. Finally, in terms of accuracy, watches must pass the simulation test before they can get the mark. The competent authority of Geneva Quality Marks will lead a seven-day accuracy test to ensure that the watch does not have an error of more than one minute within a week. These elements not only ensure the high quality of the timepieces, but also the certified neutral character.