To Pay Tribute To The Tactical Instructor Of The Fighter Pilot Iwc Pilot Series Top Gun Chronograph Watch Tasting

Pilot’s Watch has always been known for its excellent quality, durable quality, and exquisite appearance. It is a watch model loved by watch friends. Speaking of TOP GUN, the first thing many people think of is Tom Cruise’s 1986 film “Top Gun Ling Gun”. In fact, the real origin of the name is the “fighter instructor of fighter tactics provided by the US Navy Fighter Defense School. ‘Special Training Course (Top Gun). In 2007, the watch named ‘TOP GUN Navy Air Force’ joined the IWC pilot watch series. Its name is derived from the legendary special training course ‘Top Gun’ for fighter pilots. The series, once launched, has won widespread praise. In 2016, IWC added another masterpiece to the Top gun series, which is the pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force MIRAMAR chronograph watch. (Model: IW3890002)

 Beginning makes extraordinary

   Stills of Zhou Xun’s promotional video

   ‘Did it change you, or did you want to create a brand new self?’ This is the classic discourse that Zhou Xun said in the IWC promo. From the little fox demon Jonah in the original Tomb Barren, to the dream-seeking Sun Na in the classic song and dance drama ‘If Love’, to the thousands of fox demon Xiao Wei in ‘Painted Skin’ and other classic characters all the way, With her outstanding acting skills, she has received numerous praises, and has performed many popular roles with 25 years of performance. In the promotional video, she compares her 25 years of work and life to flying. Every time she opens her eyes, she must return to her original heart and face the challenge of a new role. Like a full-fledged pilot, she has just landed after the combat mission. The new mission requires her to take off. Some people say that they can play well if they forget themselves, but Zhou Xun believes that each different ‘her’ is a brand new self.

   This original power also coincided with the pilot’s watch. In 1936, IWC and the sky became associated with the launch of the first ‘pilot’s watch.’ In the following 80 years, IWC has always been committed to making the purest pilot watches. In 2016, IWC launched a series of masterpieces of orthodox and elegant timepieces with the theme of ‘Beginning to Create Extraordinary’, and continued to write a new chapter in Sky Legend. The pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR chronograph watch is one of its classic representatives.

Tribute to ‘Fighter Tactical Instructor’

   Watch illustration
   This is a huge change from the same watch from the previous year. The diameter of the watch case is reduced by 2 mm, and the dial design has been slightly adjusted. The combination of black cockpit design and attractive materials exudes a strong military style, highlighting the charm and style of the TOP GUN navy air combat unit.

Case back display

   On the bottom of the table, the logo of the Top Gun navy air combat unit is engraved, which is more restrained than the colored logo. At the same time, it has the protection of soft iron inner shell to effectively resist the interference of magnetic field.

    Watch dial display
    The dial design inspired by the historic precision navigation watch has a strong sense of sight in the aircraft cockpit.

Legacy classic sports strap with embossed green calfskin

Watch strap display

   Since the advent of the Mark 11 watch equipped with the green nylon strap IWC, IWC has continued the process of embossing the green nylon strap on some models, also known as the ‘Nato strap’. It can be said that the brand features One of the highlights.

Strap side display

   This watch’s new calfskin strap inherits classic skills while meeting today’s high standards of quality and aesthetics. Compared with the nylon material strap, the calf leather strap has the advantages of higher shape stability and more comfortable wearing. With stainless steel folding buckle, it is easy to wear and not easy to loose.

Watch dial display

   The ceramic case of the 44 mm diameter watch is soft and stable. Lighter, more scratch-resistant and more corrosion-resistant than a stainless steel case. The atmosphere and toughness of the watch have been perfectly interpreted.

Watch dial display

   On the smoky dial, the avant-garde red hour ring and the minute minute circle on the outside break the traditional display, highlighting the unique style of the watch and increasing readability. With a single weight date display, the dial design is clearer and brighter. The chronograph record between 1 minute and 12 hours is displayed on a separate small dial at the ’12 o’clock’ position. The timing and reading methods are simple and convenient. The central chronograph second hand measures time within one minute. Equipped with flyback function, press the reset button, the chronograph hands can be reset to zero instantly, and a new round of timing can be started immediately.

Lug display

   Naturally curved lugs, polished black ceramic case exudes luster, very beautiful.

Watch display in dark environment

   The hour and minute hands and the 3, 6, 9, and 12 time scales have fluorescent displays to accurately grasp the time even in darker environments.

    Dial display
   Equipped with 89361 automatic movement, accurate timing. Provides a 68-hour power reserve after full winding, with excellent battery life.

Watch overall display

Summary: inheritance, innovation, sophisticated craftsmanship, rigorous watchmaking attitude, plus elements of the US Navy Air Combat Team, constitute such a beautiful, domineering, tough style of the IWC pilot series TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force MIRAMAR chronograph watch, like the tough pilot watch, and those who like military elements can consider starting this watch. Watch price: ¥ 85200