Tissot Congratulates Her Success With The New Danica Patrick Limited Edition Watch

The right attitude and determination drove Danica Patrick to become the first woman in the history of motor racing to win in the US Open Wheel Motorsport. She drove the Japan 300 to win her victory.
Tissot Swiss watches are proud of their image ambassador Danica Patrick’s victory in driving her record-setting IndyCar®, and her current overall ranking has risen to third place. Danica has been the face of Tissot since 2005. Her personality and accomplishments complement Tissot. She is the perfect embodiment of the achievements of the Swiss watch brand, and she represents the full fusion of complexity, sportiness and fashion. Tissot takes this charming woman as the brand’s first American image ambassador and is proud of the ‘face’ of the brand’s products.

Partnering with sports has always been an integral part of Tissot’s DNA pedigree, and he has been the timer for several world-class sports events for decades. Working with dynamic athletes like Danica Patrick also adds to the brand’s dynamic character, emphasizing the brand’s values ​​for precision and performance.
‘Tissot is extremely proud of our extraordinary image ambassador. This is the first woman to win in the US Open Wheel Motorsport. For Tissot, Danica Patrick perfectly matches the value of our brand. It is innovation, the pursuit of excellence and exceeding the limits. We believe that she is a real wealth for our brand and an example for many young people in the world. ‘Tissot President François Thiébaud said.

Danica’s great achievements and talents in the fashion industry deserve a special watch for her. Tissot will launch a new PRC 100 Danica Patrick limited edition. Her new watch is precise, bold and classic-reflecting the key elements of IndyCar® in the competition. This chronograph watch has a dynamic appearance that will brighten women’s wrists. The sparkling Top Wesselton diamonds arranged in a cone surround the fritillary dial in the angular case. The back of the case is engraved with Danica’s signature and limited edition. The serial number of the edition, with this watch can choose stainless steel strap or white rubber strap. This watch is the perfect choice for any woman who wants to combine style and sportiness.
Source: Tissot