The Venice International Film Festival Sponsored By Jaeger-lecoultre Closes (September 5th Official Website News)

If the most memorable scene of the film festival is undoubtedly the long-awaited Golden Lion Awards ceremony. What could be more satisfying for an actor or director than being praised for his talent?

   Jaeger-LeCoultre will once again reward each winner of the 69th Venice Film Festival this year with a personalized Reverso flip watch. The chic watch is engraved with the symbol of the city of water-the lion, with the ’69th Venice Film Festival ‘.

   At the closing ceremony of the Palazzo del Cinema, South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk won the world-renowned Golden Lion Award for ‘Pieta’. Israeli actress Hadas Yaron won Best Actress for ‘Lemale Et Ha’Chalal’, and Best Actor Laureate was awarded by Philip Seymour Hoffman for ‘Master’ (The Master) Pick it up.