The 125th Anniversary Of The Birth Of The Name Omega!

The Omega Museum in Biel, Switzerland, celebrates the brand’s glorious watchmaking history for more than a century. To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the birth of the name OMEGA, guests from all over the world relive the important historical moments in the history of brand development, including the legendary history of the birth of the brand name!

   Omega launches two new watches, including the 125th Anniversary of the Disciple Series, made of yellow 18K gold, with a red enamel dial and a red Burgundy leather strap, in the same color as the classic Omega brand Echo.

   At the same time, an updated version of the famous 19 makes the movement shine, reborn in the 21st century. Omega took the prototype 19-ring movement components from the museum collection, including the main splint, other splints, escapement systems and bimetal springs. The watchmakers will use these parts in the Omega Tourbillon Workshop to rebuild 19 new 19-calibre movements and carry them in the newly launched semi-hunting pocket watches.

   Before the brand name was officially named ‘OMEGA’, the young watchmaker Louis Brandt opened the company’s original watchmaking workshop in 1848. Nearly 50 years later, in 1894, his two sons, Louis, Paul, Brandt, and Cesar, invented a completely new type of watchmaking that revolutionized the watchmaking industry. Movement. This revolutionary and innovative 19-ring movement was manufactured with advanced machinery and industrial-scale production lines at the time. The 19th movement created a cutting-edge technology in the watchmaking industry. The Brandt brothers named it ‘Omega’, which means the watchmaking process of excellence. To commemorate this great achievement, the company was renamed ‘OMEGA’ in 1903.

   At the brand celebration in Bill, Switzerland, Omega Global President and CEO An Shiwen said: ‘We are proud to represent the classic brand name of ‘Omega’.’ Omega is the only watchmaking brand named after its own movement, which confirms the brand’s commitment to pursue precision. The brand has also enjoyed a good reputation in many fields, from the moon landing to the Olympic , 007 series of films to ocean exploration, continuously show the excellent performance of the watch. The anniversary of the Omega brand name is extraordinary and worth celebrating. ‘