Ten Things You Did Not Know About Bell & Ross Br 01

The most brilliant successes are often susceptible to the most painful Waterloo, so many people in the past predicted that BR 01-Bell & Ross’s most outstanding marketing strategy-will also be like the fleeting meteor, In the sky of watchmaking, it flashed.
   The pace of time never ceases. Over the years, once questioners have to admit that BR 01 has found a long-term strategy in the watchmaking industry and has achieved rare outstanding achievements in the industry. However, there are still some secrets hidden in the series. In this article, we will tell you about ten things you (probably) don’t know about Bell & Ross BR 01.
1. At the beginning of its introduction, BR 01 was not a watch, but a concept
   The original BR 01 was a modular watchmaking concept-when it was commercialized with some components, it could be either a watch, or a pocket watch or a clock. However, these concepts soon merged into a pure watch.
BR 01-92

2.Avant-garde case architecture
   Unlike most modern models, the bottom of the BR 01 case is riveted with screws. Instead, you can view and assemble by removing the four screws on the bezel. These four screws are set for real mechanical construction use, rather than purely aesthetic considerations. For Bell & Ross, ensuring the technical continuity of the BR 01 series is vital.
3. Rich up to 150 variations
   As many as 150 versions have changed in 10 years and are still evolving. This number is considerable. It reflects the unique marketing strategy of Bell & Ross: For many brands, the continuity and stability (of watches) are the key to marketing and promotion. Bell & Ross’s choice is just the opposite, but in terms of customer recognition and loyalty In other words, the effect is the same or even better, which is enviable. The release of more than 150 versions in 10 years means that a new version comes out every 15 working days.

BR 01-92

4. Mr. Ralph Lauren’s Personality Choice
   In 2005, Mr. Ralph Lauren personally chose BR 01 as a special accessory, and appeared on the Black Label sports fashion series with a fashion model. Four years later (2009), Ralph Lauren launched his first watch collection, with the same emphasis on black elements.
5. From stainless steel (very cold) to PVD coating (popular first choice)
   Steel is widely used and inexpensive, so it can be said that it is a universal choice for new models, but early watch fans obviously prefer the black PVD coating version (still the best-selling model to this day). In retrospect, the latter is ultimately more loyal to the source of inspiration-aviation design codes.

BR 01 Red Radar

6. Look for the red skull
   BR 01 Skull and BR 01 Red Radar are the two most sought-after versions of collectors. The subsequent release of limited editions such as Airborne, Skull & Crossbones, bronze, gem setting and luminous has further promoted this crazy hobby growth of. Bell & Ross recently launched the new BR-X1 Red Radar flagship watch, limited to 50 pieces and priced at 17,000 Euros.
7. Unique Rare Style
   The rarest and rarest of the BR 01 series is the tourbillon, of which only 18 Phantom versions are available for 113,000 euros. At the 2013 Only Watch Charity Auction (the third participation of Bell & Ross), the brand donated a set of six unique Flight Instrument Collection Orange watches, which were finally sold for 32,000 Euros.

Bell & Ross Only Watch 2013 Charity Auction Special

8. Which country has the most Bellace collectors?
   United States! There are currently about 50 people.
9. Foundation for success: two ETA movements
   The success of the BR 01 series is based almost entirely on two ETA (Swatch Group) movements: 2892 and 2894. The latter is an additional timing module based on the 2892.
BR-X1 Tourbillon strap

10.The future of BR 01 straps?
   Most of the BR 01 series watches are equipped with leather or rubber straps, and four canvas straps have been introduced from the BR 03 series. Today, the BR-X1 Tourbillon watch offers a third option: leather trim with rubber as the main body. So, is this the future of the BR 01 strap?