Swatch’s True Love Online Vote For Favorite Design To Create A New Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center Special Watch

For the first time ever, Swatch invites fans to vote online. The brand loves the special watch design of Swatch Peace Art Center. In early 2018, nine Swatch artistes were invited to participate in watch design and presented their works on the Swatch e-commerce platform for fans to vote. So far, the work of Chinese artist Han Feng has become the most popular design. As a favorite choice of Swatch fans around the world, this work draws inspiration from traditional Chinese ink painting and has become a special watch of the new Swatch Peace Art Center.

  This time, the new Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center’s special watch ‘Eternal Landscape’ continued his expression in the work ‘Painting Tree · Pine’ and presented the ‘Pine Tree’ in Chinese ink painting on the dial. Pay tribute to the traditional landscape painting art shown in the Mustard Garden Painting Book, first published in China in 1679.

  Not only that, the “Eternal Landscape” watch tells a fascinating story of Swatch and art. In order to celebrate the grand opening of the Swatch Tmall flagship store, and also allow Swatch’s resident artists to truly integrate into the resident artist project, Swatch selected 9 of the more than 250 artists received by the resident project so far and invited them. Design this special watch. Online voting opened early last year, and Swatch fans can vote for their favorite designs from the works of nine artists. On January 12th, on the day of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day, the favorite choice was officially announced by Mr. CarloGiordanetti, Swatch’s global creative director. At present, this ‘eternal landscape’ watch has been launched in the Swatch Tmall flagship store and the Swatch Peace Art Hotel flagship store in Shanghai.

  Swatch fans said that the design of this Chinese style ‘eternal landscape’ watch is very intriguing: the radial pine needles and winding tree trunks between the dials constitute a vivid traditional Chinese garden landscape. From ancient rice paper to modern Swatch canvas on the wrist, the traditional style of elegant pine trees still shines charmingly. The artist tries to symbolize the change of the times with the change of the carrier and show the eternal charm of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese artist Han Feng participated in the resident artist project at the Swatch Peace Art Center from December 2016 to June 2017. During this time, he continued to create a series of works in the ‘Bloom in the Distance’, which elaborated the trace back to the traditional Chinese spirit and the feelings about society.