State Hermitage And Montblanc Sign Agreement

Economic downturn, some luxury brands have stepped forward to stimulate the economy by restoring local monuments, dedicated to safeguarding cultural heritage, and became an industry talk. Outside of Italy, there are also some big names that have been dedicated to the protection and promotion of culture and art, and Montblanc is one of them. In order to promote the development of global culture and art, the Montblanc Cultural Foundation founded the ‘Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award’ as early as 1992 to sponsor the development of culture and art and promote the development of culture and art.

 On June 27, 2013, General Manager Mikhail Piotrovsky and director Russia Anton A. Kuzin signed an agreement dedicated to the protection and development of cultural heritage.

 The Montblanc brand has the expertise and years of experience in designing and creating unique watches. Montblanc will assist the laboratory in repairing watches and music, including self-financed repairs of individual products. With decades of experience in watchmaking, Montblanc’s staff in charge of this project not only have superb watchmaking skills, of course, the smooth progress of repair work in addition to this is also due to the museum’s use of some watch mechanical parts Well kept.

 Montblanc also provided professional equipment for this operation. Of course, this external event can also make more people visit and understand the entire process, and feel the importance of protecting cultural heritage.

 The signing of this agreement is a long-term act for Montblanc, and such activities are also committed to promoting the development of recent artists and can give them more opportunities.

 The first project in this event was the restoration of ‘Chesmenskaya chernilnitsa.’ By the Montblanc brand. Of course, choosing ‘Chesmenskaya chernilnitsa.’ Is not just a random one.