Song Chengxian Served As The Golden Horse’s Chief Ambassador ‘earl Piaget Ambassador’ Cum Ceremony Guest

Piaget, the world-renowned Swiss watch and jewelry brand, has spared no effort to support the art of cinema, and has been the chief cheer of the Golden Horse Awards for four consecutive years. Last year, Korean actress He Zhiyuan was invited by the brand and Golden Horse to serve as the chief tribute to Golden Horse’s “Earl of Piaget Ambassador” and ceremony awarding guests in Taiwan, leaving a charming presence at the Golden Horse event. This year, Piaget will invite Asian film stars Song Chengxian served as the chief ambassador of the 53rd Golden Horse ‘Earl of Piaget’. At the same time, he will be invited by Golden Horse to be the guest of honor on the evening of the 26th of this month, and work with the brand to offer support and encouragement to outstanding Chinese filmmakers.

Extraordinary extraordinary, Song Chengxian perfectly echoes Piaget’s pursuit of the ultimate spirit

   Song Chengxian possesses both male charm and acting ability, and has a surprisingly subversive explosive acting ability under his handsome appearance. As the first representative Korean wave star to lead the trend, Song Chengxian has been active in the Asian film industry for more than ten years. In recent years, he has been more active in reversing the public’s established impression of his handsome appearance, and has repeatedly focused on role performances that can break through himself; Song Chengxian He has repeatedly challenged various roles, has the courage to make breakthroughs, never limits himself, echoes the Golden Horse’s spirit of advancing with the times, and Piaget has broken the spirit of Guiyu, and has therefore been invited to be a star guest of this year’s Golden Horse Awards.

   In 2000, due to starring in the TV series ‘Blue Love and Death’ (aka Autumn Fairy Tales) that swept across Asia, Song Chengxian can be called the Korean ancestor and has maintained high popularity since his debut. In 2014, he won the Korean Blue Dragon Popularity Award for ‘Poison in the World’. In recent years, Song Chengxian has shown his career in the performing arts. He expanded his tentacles to the Chinese movie circle with ‘Third Love’ and achieved outstanding results.

   As the most representative star in Asia, Song Chengxian’s works are full of wonderful encounters with well-known transnational actors, from ‘Sunset Angel’ with Shu Qi, and ‘New Sixth Sense of Life and Death Love’ with Matsushima Nanako. The third charm of Liu Yifei’s co-operation has a fascinating charm in Asia. In addition, the leading role of the Korean-American-Chinese cooperative movie, ‘Big Bombing’, set against the backdrop of World War II, will be released next year, and the new drama ‘Shi Ren Tang, Diary of Light’ starring with Lee Young Ai will soon be broadcast. Out, attracted attention from all sides. This year, Song Chengxian is filming the film ‘Captain Jin Changxuan’, and for the first time tried the villain role, which once again confirmed his determination to break through himself.

   Song Chengxian’s interpretation and expectation of film art, as well as the courage to break through the self, Earl Piaget and Golden Horse specially invited him to be the 53rd Golden Horse chief’s commended ‘Earl Piaget Ambassador Piaget’ and the guest of honor at the ceremony. Show the charm of a gentleman of the new era.