Seeing Fresh And Goodbye Chopard Liu Tao, China’s Best Friend Of The Brand, Leads The New Style Of Summer Fashion

Lian Yufang goes with the spring, and it’s clear that the summer has reached the end of the day, and the gentle lingering of the spring day fades away. The midsummer is like a vibrant picture scroll, which invites people to explore the colorful world. The deep blue sea and pure white clouds … Chopard, under the dynamic interpretation of Liu Tao, a brand friend, releases the calm and elegant style charm of modern women, and also uses the theme of ‘happiness’ as a pen to trace the sky and sea. The summer landscape is unintentionally showing a fresh and casual summer spirit.

Chopard Happy Ocean

   She is easy and casual, she is free to follow her heart, and sometimes seeks herself in challenges, and often lives in peace. As Liu Tao explained, the simplest dress radiates endless confidence on her. The white shirt is paired with jeans with a sophisticated yet elegant look. The same color of Chopard Happy Ocean watches and Happy Dreams jewellery sets the finishing touch for her overall dressing. It combines sports and leisure elements with a fresh and romantic style. Female leisurely summer style.

Chopard Happy Dreams earrings, necklaces and rings

   The mysterious and vast sea in the midsummer evokes the infinite desire of modern women to get close to nature. The Chopard Happy Ocean series watch on Liu Tao’s wrist gives it a firm power to explore. The azure blue dial is intended for the deep and secluded ocean, and the white minute hands are dotted with turquoise or rose red, which can fluoresce at night or in the dark deep sea. The hour and hour markers flash blue, and all indications required for diving glow green. Five round brilliant-cut diamonds, like bubbles or shining fish, roam freely in the charming waters, matching the free will and lightness of the sea. Chopard Happy Ocean series watches have superb aesthetic design, water-resistant depth up to 300 meters also demonstrates its excellent technical performance, making modern women a great partner for summer travel.

   The symbol of summer is in addition to the endless sea, the vast and bright sky, the blue sky and white clouds gently blending with each other, reflecting the clear and peaceful broad-mindedness of modern women, accompanied by Chopard Chopard, telling the leisurely pursuit of happiness all the time, and Happiness is also the original intention of Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series. The Happy Dreams jewellery from the Happy Diamonds collection draws inspiration from the gentle clouds and fantasy dreams. The intertwined circles and plump and rounded curves merge into one, presenting a wonderful dreamlike mood; the brilliance and freedom are free The diamonds are full of fun, praising the joyful mood of vitality. Chopard Happy Dreams necklaces and earrings inlaid with sapphire and mother-of-pearl are more light and elegant in the gradient dark blue tone, which adds a sense of fashion to the overall look. It also intersects with Chopard Happy Ocean series watches on Liu Tao’s wrist. In response, the image of modern women’s freedom, lightness and joy is fully displayed.

   Minimalist style blooms with elegance and magnificence, and embellishes the casual style. Chopard and the brand’s best friend Liu Tao have selected the best style works in this summer, creating modern and exquisite fashion dresses for modern women, and accompanying them to collect more during the journey Shen Ming happy wonderful memories.