Recommended Omega Constellation Dual Eagle Chronograph

Omega watches have a very wide popularity in the watch circle. In recent years, Omega watch sales have been at the forefront of major watch brands, which shows the Omega watches to a certain extent. Excellent quality and its brand value. Constellation series is the most important series of Omega. It used to rank first among the four series of Omega with its outstanding appearance and performance design.
 The chronograph models under the Constellation series have received an extra nickname ‘Double Eagle’ because of Omega’s strong support for golf. Let’s review a 44mm four dial introduced at the Baselworld 2010. The serial number of the Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chronograph is, and the official price is 62,100 yuan. At present, there is also a red and gold version of the same style. The product serial number is only changed to 62 in the second field, and the official offer has been increased to 214.2 thousand.

 The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case is integrated with the lugs, and the oblique cross-section design adds a touch of toughness to the overall soft curve. The supporting claws, case and lugs are all treated with brushed satin finish, which further enhances the austere technological atmosphere. The best thing is that an aluminum black bezel on the black background is embedded in the case. The bezel is decorated with a 60-second Arabic character scale, and the appearance is very high. The dial is black and checked, reminiscent of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak. The chronograph scale is accurate to 1/4 second, and the scale circle is white on a black background. The hour markers, hands, day calendar window, and brand logo are all made of 18k white gold, and the hour markers and hands are covered with a luminous coating. The crown, timing button and strap are made of black rubber, and the crown is engraved with a red Omega Greek letter logo. This dark red is used as an embellishment and is also used many times in key parts of the chronograph hand and small dial.
 The four small dials are divided into two groups, placed symmetrically at nine and three o’clock, and the two small dials on each side have a certain overlap. ‘Double Eagle’ in golf means less than par, which is equivalent to a four-shot hole hit, which is very, very difficult to achieve, one shot higher than the ‘Eagle Ball’ requirements. The brand probably also reflects the ‘Double Eagle’ concept through four small dials (but it looks more like two owls). It is worth mentioning that the small seconds dial hand is painted with luminous light, and watching her diligently rotate in the dark, she can truly understand what is dynamic.

 Functionally, this constellation double eagle realizes the date display at 6 o’clock, the day of the week displayed at 12 o’clock, and the 1/4 second accurate timing function through the chronograph hand and three cumulative chronograph dials. Except for the small seconds at 9 o’clock, left to right are 7-day, 12-hour, and 30-minute cumulative timing indication functions. 7 days seems to be enough to play 5 or 6 36-hole golf. Super senior golfers should also be happy. At the same time, it seems that this set of timers is used to record long distance car rally.
 The movement uses a self-winding coaxial chronograph movement 3890, with a power reserve of 52 hours, but what other sports can be used to automatically wind the movement like golf, whether it is walking or swinging? There should be no need to worry about motivation under normal circumstances. This movement not only passed the COSC certification, but also carried out a certain Geneva ripple treatment on the automatic top and bridge.
 This watch is exquisite in workmanship, wonderful in design, and exquisite in function. Personally, it is an amazing boutique. Golf is in the ascendant in our country, and not many watches really fit the theme of golf. This combination of four small dials and a total of seven days, 12 hours and 31 minutes and the overall ‘double eagle’ concept design, I believe most golf lovers will love her.
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