Raymond Weil Launches 2012-2013 New Publicity Plan (August 24 Official Website Dynamics)

Raymond Weil, who loves music and is full of artistic appeal, is unique. In 2012, the brand intends to launch a wave of publicity programs focusing on new images, aiming to interpret the essence, elegant connotation and image of Raymond Weil from a different perspective. This publicity plan will showcase the watch inspired by the brand, with the sound of music slowly, these timepiece masterpieces also shined under the halo.
    Art and music have always been at the core of Raymond Weil. In the highly competitive watch industry, this Swiss watch company became the conductor of the Symphony Orchestra, launching famous watch series whose names are often reminiscent of excellent opera masters, passionate history and outstanding musical works It is they that inspire the brand. These names include: parsifal, nabucco, maestro, tango, and jasmine. This love of art and music has been passed down through the generations of the Raymond Weil family along with the brand’s watchmaking skills. In this publicity plan, Raymond Weil conveyed the brand’s passion for watchmaking and art through these beautiful and contrasting pictures. |

    The models shown in these pictures seem to be projected by a projector accompanied by melodious background music-highlighting the unique style of each series, as well as the tough and elegant design of the watch, perfect proportions and selected materials, Through this style of video, Raymond Weil pays his respects to the photographic works of the famous Harcourt studio in Paris. The brand’s bond that combines watchmaking, art, and music is also reflected in this advertising campaign: ‘Precision is the source of inspiration’. This is not just a simple slogan. It is the real theme of the brand. Find inspiration in the precision of the core, like artists, musicians, sculptors and painters, and constantly strive for excellence.
    In addition, Raymond Weil also hopes to pay tribute to great artists and their works through this new promotion, and also to Swiss traditional watchmaking. Great artists and their work have always touched our hearts and inspired us, and the foundation of the Raymond Weil family is deeply rooted in Swiss traditional watchmaking. The brand also uses a set that matches its image to show its exquisite timepieces: elegant, creative, integrating craftsmanship, cultural traditions and innovation.