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    Rebellious Hublot Skull Bang Limited Table

    Laurent Picciotto & Skull Bang
    With a humorous and playful black atmosphere, this rebellious watch seems to remind us not to put too much pressure on ourselves. This amazing watch, any rock star wearing it will not look out of place, whether on stage or anywhere in the city.
    Hublot (Hublot) This eye-catching high-end watch perfectly combines two seemingly impossible elements, on the one hand, an elegant rebellious spirit, and on the other, remind us of the fragility of life and For a short time, we must grasp the depth of each moment …
    The entire Skull Bang watch is extremely black. The simple skull pattern on the all-black ceramic dial shows the source of inspiration for the watch. It is full of a cold atmosphere and also makes the watch a high collection. Value, this watch is limited to 100 pieces and numbered worldwide. Hublot designed this watch to commemorate the long-term cooperation between the well-known watch collector Laurent Picciotto, who has a close relationship with the Hublot brand.
    Hublot’s new Skull Bang limited edition watch
    Hublot’s new Skull Bang limited edition watch
    Well-known watch collector Laurent Picciotto
    Laurent Picciotto is a legendary leader in the watch industry. It was in 2007 that he opened Hublot’s first physical boutique in the world at 271 Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. The new Skull Bang watch will be Available at this store.

    Laurent Picciotto & Skull Bang

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    Master’s Masterpiece Vacheron Constantin 33059/000j-0000 Coin Watch

    As one of the oldest watchmaking brands in existence, Vacheron Constantin has a series of cultural and craftsmanship such as Malta, heritage, masters of art, historical masterpieces, and so on. Every detail embodies the wisdom and sweat of watchmakers, polishers, designers, and so on. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the value of handicrafts. Micro-manipulators like watches are naturally highly respected.
     The Vacheron Constantin master series draws on historical themes, blends modern handicrafts, perfectly combines watchmaking tradition with modern aesthetics, and displays extraordinary aesthetic, carving and enamel values. This 20 yuan gold hollow-out watch is inspired by a watch with a Frederick III head coin in 1888. This watch is hollowed out with a gold coin and equipped inside. It is the world-renowned ultra-thin caliber 1003, launched by Vacheron Constantin in 1955. Vacheron Constantin has also launched the Paul Boutros Free Coin Watch, which is a $ 20 double eagle gold coin watch with the head of Liberty. It also carries a 1003 movement with a thickness of only 1.64mm, but it does not use a hollow design. Therefore, the design of the Vacheron Constantin gold coin is not the first in recent years, and it has become popular for a while. This skeleton gold coin watch model 33059 / 000J-0000 is an outstanding representative of quality and skeleton craftsmanship.

     The Vacheron Constantin Masterpiece 20 Yuan Gold Coin Skeleton Watch is featured in the appearance that the entire case is made of two pieces of pink gold $ 20 gold coins, the front part is the head of the Statue of Liberty, and the back is the double eagle head. The whole With a thickness of 3.95 mm, it is a model of ultra-thin watches. Hollowing is a major feature of it. Hollowing requires a very high level of craftsmanship. First, the appearance layout is designed, and then excess metal is removed. Finally, the details need to be polished and treated. There are currently many brands who can master the watchmaking process. Not many, Vacheron Constantin is one of the best.
    The 20 Yuan gold coin watch is luxurious and exquisite. The cover of the Statue of Liberty is unique. The entire case is made of 18K yellow gold. The strap is a black square scale crocodile leather strap. This watch is more suitable for collection.
     The movement is the inner part of the watch and often becomes the soul of the watch. Vacheron Constantin’s 20 yuan gold coin skeleton watch uses a CAL.1003 SQ manual winding mechanical movement, where SQ stands for skeleton, so Cal.1003 SQ Only the hollow-out process is added on the basis of the 1003 movement. The Cal.1003 movement was developed in 1952. It was guided by VC and AP to design and provide economic support. JLC was responsible for production. At that time, Swiss brands had a very good willingness and atmosphere to cooperate sincerely. Jaeger-LeCoultre did not use it. This caliber, Cal.1003, was launched by Vacheron Constantin in 1955, while Cal.1003 SQ was produced by the brand in 1967 and is still in use today. The thickness is only 1.64 mm, which is currently the world’s thinnest. Movement.

     Vacheron Constantin’s 20 yuan gold coin skeleton watch belongs to the master of art series. The master of art has always represented the thinking and challenges of art itself, watchmaking concepts and top craftsmanship. Its appearance is exquisite and charming. The relief engraving of the double eagle and the Statue of Liberty makes the watch more special, which adds a lot to its commemorative significance. Its characteristics are: first, the 20 yuan gold coin is cut into two parts, which are used as the two parts of the watch case; second, the ultra-thin Cal.1003 SQ skeleton movement is used, which can be completely hidden in the gold coins.
    The quotation of this watch is 636,000 yuan. Such an extremely high price has discouraged many watch friends, but at the same time it has also shown its high technological value.
    Watch details: vacheron / 7906 /

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    Three Exquisite Ladies Watches Recommended

    Today’s watches are not only as simple as a practical time tool, but also as an accessory to decorate the wrist. Regardless, the fine looks and superior performance can only get noticed. Today’s Watch House recommends three exquisite ladies’ watches to bring convenience to women while adding a beautiful look to the wrist.
    Bvlgari SERPENTI 102530 SP35C7SDS.1T / L watch

    Watch price: RMB 63000
    Case diameter: 35 mm
    Movement type: Quartz
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Watch details:
    Watch price: ¥ 60000
    Case diameter: 34 mm
    Case thickness: 9.65 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery

    Case material: Stainless steel / 18k rose gold
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details:
    Model: 425.
    Watch price: ¥ 61200
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case diameter: 34 mm
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Watch details: omega / 43127 /
    Watch Reviews: The Omega Disc Flying Series is one of the earliest Omega watches specifically designed for women. This watch is made of stainless steel and has a round case with an automatic mechanical movement inside. The watch’s black mother-of-pearl dial is gorgeous, set with diamond hour markers, center hands, and an oval date display window at three o’clock. The watch is paired with a chic strap made of stainless steel. The watch is also water-resistant to 100 meters. Beautiful and exquisite watches, gorgeous and stylish.
    Summary: All three watches have exquisite looks, and each is a classic collection belonging to its own brand. The watch is exquisite and beautiful, its performance is stable, and its display is simple and clear, allowing the wearer to lift the wrist to get time information. Wearing such an exquisite watch on the wrist allows it to bloom beautifully on the wrist, making the wearer more fashionable and elegant.

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    If You Want To Make Money For A Woman, You Have To Spend So Much Energy!

    But 10 years ago, female consumers went to watch shops and wanted to buy a watch for themselves. There were really few options. At that time, the female watch was more like a male watch’s vassal. The size was reduced by one circle, set with some diamond jewelry, and replaced with a colored strap. It should be a female watch. Of course, some jewellery or fashion brands will launch women’s watches, but they are often equipped with quartz movements. Maybe the men’s watch market is gradually saturated, maybe more and more women are economically independent and their strength cannot be underestimated. In recent years, many brands have gradually pointed their finger at the female market with huge consumption potential, and have launched women-only series, Developed an exclusive mechanical movement, which made women more abundant in the choice of mechanical watches, and independent of the men’s watch series, the court resisted. Of course, no matter how obsessed with mechanical movement women, the first factor to consider when choosing a mechanical watch is ‘beauty’. In appearance, let yourself be tempted at first glance, and then put it down. Therefore, when designing women’s watches, brands naturally need to spend more ingenuity and use unique styles to attract women to pay. Now let’s admire a few special mechanical female watches, and see if you can’t resist these beautiful time appearances? The queen’s golden goose egg Breguet has a female watch series called ‘Reine de Naples’. Who is the Queen of Naples? She was the sister of the famous French emperor Napoleon, and her husband was the ruler of the Kingdom of Naples from 1808 to 1815. It was also during that period that she collected about 34 Breguet timepieces and became Breguet’s super VIP. Breguet was commissioned by the queen in 1810, received a reward in 1811, and delivered a revolutionary timepiece in 1812-an ultra-thin goose egg-shaped case with a minute repeater function and a thermometer, And a gold-woven strap was worn on the wrist, which also contributed to the birth of the first ‘watch’ in history. How this watch looks like is no longer available, but in the Breguet Museum located in Paris’s Fontaine Place, precious archives of this history are still kept. 190 years later, in 2002, Breguet used this history as a prototype to launch the Queen of Naples series specially made for women. The goose-shaped case became the biggest feature. The hours and minutes hands are eccentric, the crown is set at 4 o’clock, and the lugs attached to the strap below the case are also very distinctive. Functionally, in addition to the simplest hour and minute display, complex models such as moon phases, spring resonating, day and night display, and power reserve display have also been developed. Coupled with different sizes, materials, carved decoration, gem inlaid, strap bracelet … a very rich choice. This year’s Basel Watch Fair had media interviews with Breguet executives. The brand stated that Breguet’s women’s watches accounted for 40% of total sales in 2017, and the best-selling of them was the Queen of Naples. For this reason, the Queen of Naples can be described as a real ‘goose with golden eggs’ by Breguet. Chopard’s active diamonds are very distinctive. Many women know Chopard from the diamonds that are constantly flying and spinning. This has a history. In 1976, Chopard’s then designer Ronald Kurowski was fascinated by a waterfall walking in the Black Forest. The splashing water droplets reflected the sun and sparkled with colorful rainbows, which inspired his wonder Think: For the diamond to shine endlessly, it must be free from the shackles of the setting and move freely. The concept of Happy Diamonds was born from this. However, the first Happy Diamonds launched 42 years ago was a men’s watch, with a large pillow-shaped case, and black diamonds on the dial. This watch also won the Baden-Baden Golden Rose Award that year. By 1993, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele made a novel combination of two seemingly different materials, stainless steel and diamond, and launched the Happy Sport sports watch for women. The modern design was daring and uninhibited at that time, and soon became the brand’s best-selling style. But in the past, this series was equipped with quartz movements. In 2013, 20 years later, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Happy Sport series, it was first equipped with a mechanical movement. The Happy Sport series with mechanical movement is available in 30mm and 36mm sizes. In addition to the basic three-pin, there are also high-end jewelry, tourbillon, professional diving and other styles. This year, Chopard celebrates the 25th anniversary of the collection with many new models. Looking at the revolving diamonds that are rejoicing and exhilarating on the disk is indeed very happy. Shall we dance? I once interviewed Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior’s high jewelry department. I asked her a question. What is the DNA of Dior’s watch? Her answer impressed me: ‘The ultimate feminine charm!’ When I see Dior’s Grand Bal dress ball watch, it feels so. In 2011, Dior launched the brand’s fifth watch series Dior Ⅷ, the series named 8, because 8 is the lucky number of the founder Mr. Dior. On October 8, 1946, Dior’s Haute Couture Workshop was established. Since 1947, Dior’s fashion headquarters has been located on Montaigne Avenue in the 8th district of Paris. 8), even Dior’s flagship store of fine jewelry and watches is also located at 8 Fangdeng Plaza. His Majesty Dior has many sub-series, the most dazzling of which is Grand Bal, which features a mechanical movement flip, and the self-winding oscillating weight placed on the back of the watch is presented on the dial, shaking with the wrist The pendulum is constantly rotating, just like the elegant lady wearing a high-end custom dress in the ball is spinning and dancing, attracting all the admirers’ greedy eyes. And in order for this skirt to show its gorgeous beauty to the greatest extent, this oscillating weight is decorated with various techniques, or inlaid with bright diamonds, or with bright feathers and butterflies. Wing stitching, or cut out like tulle lace, or carved with mother-of-pearl. Sometimes it is created into a deep and mysterious starry sky, sometimes it is a sparkling wave, sometimes it is a garden with flowers, sometimes it is pure geometric shapes … This series that pays tribute to haute couture makes us really understand what is called ‘ ‘Closure feathers.’ Reunion is beautiful and full of bloom. It is also Jaquet Droz that has a deep affection for the Arabic numeral 8. Since the birth of the Grande Second Series, the 8-character dial composed of two rings has become a brand logo, and it is updated every year , Release many innovative new products. This year, 2018 coincides with the 280th anniversary of Jacques Dro, and the products about 8 are naturally diverse and exquisite. However, the previous 8 is mostly used for men’s watches. Until the launch of the Lady 8 series in 2013, the 8 was first applied to women’s watches. However, this time the image of 8 does not appear on the dial, but it is very ingenious to show two round bezels of different sizes, with beautiful and elegant lines. The lower bezel is a time-division dial, and the upper bezel echoes the material of the lower dial. It is a rotatable ball, which coincides with the infinity and symbolism of the 8 symbol, making the flow of time seem more gentle. In addition to its unique shape, as a high-end jewelry watch series, the use of disc material is also unique, including aventurite, sunstone, black zircon, mother-of-pearl, pavé diamonds, etc. The earliest launch of the elegant 8 series watch used a 35 mm diameter case, and the mechanical movement provided sincerely provided a 68-hour power reserve, which is a relatively long power in the female watch. However, this year’s Basel Watch Fair introduced a small size Lady 8 Petite watch with a diameter of 25 mm, which also carries a mechanical movement, but because of its small size, there is one less barrel and only 38 hours of power reserve. It is worth mentioning that this series also has a watch with an automatic mechanism. The ball on the top becomes a lotus that can be automatically turned on and off. When the position button at 2 is pressed, the lotus will slowly bloom, exposing diamond Flower heart, and then gradually closed again after a few seconds. With such a watch, which lady’s heart will not bloom with it? The delicate and delicate hand is telling a story. The story in Athens is a bit sad. In the beginning of the century, in 2002, Ms. Cai Aihua Schneider asked Rolf W. Schnyder, then the husband of the president and chief executive of Athens, to create a special watch for herself-during operation, Doesn’t hurt the beautiful nails that have been applied with Cardan. In 2013, this watch was finally released, but her husband died in April 2011, and the board of directors announced that Ms. Cai Aihua took over as the brand’s chairman. When adjusting the time and date of an ordinary wristwatch, the crown is often pulled out, and this action often scratches and breaks the beautiful nails that women have trimmed. This watch fully takes into consideration the female consumer’s annoyance. There is a button at the 4 o’clock position of the case. After pressing it, the pointer at the 3 o’clock position will point to the symbol representing the winding, adjusting the date, and setting the time. Each operation afterwards is as simple as turning the crown forward or backward, without pulling the crown out. The watch series is called Jade and its Chinese translation is ‘Jade Linglong’. The shape of the case is slightly narrow from top to bottom, wide from left to right, and oval. The most interesting is the 4 pointed lugs, which are like cat’s ears, very cute. The brand also set the watch with diamonds, emeralds, emeralds and other precious stones, revealing a smart oriental charm. However, since last year, this series of watches have been modified, eliminating the cat ears, simplifying the shell shape into an oval shape, and incorporating it into the Classico , gold series. The dial also adds a diamond-shaped round curve. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, five new watches were replaced with three-hand movements, and even the patented design without pulling out the crown was cancelled and renamed the ‘Classic Jade Delicate Series’. With the full acquisition of the Athens watch by Kering in July 2014, and the replacement of the Jade Linglong series, this love story about the Schneiders can only be suspended and remembered in time. . So gentle and powerful Omega launched the new Ladymatic series of women’s watches in October 2010, recreating the brand’s legendary model born in 1955-the series name Lady + Matic (Ladies + Automatic) The first self-winding watch designed for women, equipped with the smallest self-winding mechanical movement in the brand’s history. The new watch has a 34 mm diameter case, which is perfect for women’s slender wrists. The case is made of red gold, gold or stainless steel, the bezel is polished or set with diamonds, the dial is made of mother-of-pearl or black, blue, brown, and white lacquer. It is equipped with a bracelet or various alligator straps. . There is also a finishing touch on the design. Turn the watch sideways, and you will find that the side of the case is hollow. Through the hollow case, you can see that the interior is decorated with ceramic rings that echo the color of the dial. The mother-of-pearl dial exudes a lustrous luster. If it is a lacquered dial, it has the sun rays radiating from the center to the surroundings, plus 11 diamond hour markers, showing the ‘goddess’ temperament. It is worth mentioning that the 8520/8521 coaxial movement equipped with the watch is equipped with a coaxial escapement system born in 1999 and a silicon balance spring. Innovative structure and material use make the watch to greatly reduce the wear and tear of parts during operation, and to resist the impact of external vibration and magnetic field environment. As a result, Ladymatic Women’s Watches have been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), ensuring accurate travel time. Finally, the waterproof depth reached 100 meters. The appearance is soft and delicate, and the inner core is strong and sturdy. This is really a gentle and powerful watch. Modern women are like that!

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    Movado Ruihong Mechanical Series Couple Pair Table

    The Movado Ruihong series couples watch is no longer a pure size change of the same model, but strives to seek common characteristics in details, and will creatively subvert the concept of the watch. The men’s watch is a Calendomatic steel band watch that shined at the Basel watch exhibition this year. The pure black dial with silver concave dots, crown prince hands and red lettering is unique and eye-catching. Through the translucent flat sapphire crystal, the date display window at 6 o’clock is clearly visible; through the transparent sapphire crystal back cover, you can see the red ‘M’ automatic dial. The women’s Ruihong Museum automatic diamond watch is a representative of modernism. The simple round dial is set with 78 diamonds, the black museum dial is decorated with red lettering, the pure stainless steel bracelet with a butterfly buckle, the gentle and gentle and simple and stable design style will match the two watches with each other, just like two An intimate lover, there must be a highly fitting aura behind the unique personality, closely connecting them.
    Movado watch for men:
    Movement: ETA caliber 2824-2 self-winding mechanical movement; 39-hour power reserve; specially designed red ‘M’ automatic disc.
    Dial: Black Museum museum dial with rotating ring date display; clear date display window at 6 o’clock; silver crown prince hands; classic sun pit design at 12 o’clock; red lettering.
    Case: Pure stainless steel case. Flat anti-wear sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters.
    Strap: Pure stainless steel strap with 7 rows of highly polished links; push-button folding buckle.
    Size: 42 mm
    Model: 0606284
    Movado for women:
    Movement: ETA2671 self-winding movement set with 25 gems, specially designed automatic dial with Movado red ‘M’ logo.
    Dial: black museum dial, crown prince hands, classic ‘sun’ pit design at 12 o’clock, red lettering.
    Case: Pure stainless steel case, bezel set with 78 diamonds (0.431 ct), flat scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and back, water-resistant to 30 meters.
    Bracelet: Pure stainless steel bracelet with push-button folding clasp.
    Size: 26 mm
    Model: 0606289

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    The ‘technical Content’ Of Rolex Women’s Watches Is Higher Than That Of Men’s Watches?

    It is not too late to get to the topic. Let’s not talk about the market today. I want to tell my brothers a purely “technical issue” and explain the “strange” phenomenon in a Rolex watch. Some of the technologies in Rolex women’s watches are more advanced than men’s watches?

    The Rolex 28mm Women’s Diary Women’s Watch is the first to use Rolex’s latest silicon hairspring technology.
    The technical configuration of Rolex men’s and women’s watches is different.

       As we all know, the current movement of Rolex watches is as follows:
       Rolex men’s watches currently use 3135 series movements and new 3235 series movements (for various branch models, I use 3135/3235 for all).
       Rolex small size women’s watch (some models), currently using the 2236 movement.

    Rolex Caliber 3135

    Rolex’s new 3235 movement

    2236 movement used by Rolex women’s watches.

       Rolex uses the Parachrom hairspring in the men’s watch 3135/3235, which is what we usually call the ‘blue niobium’ hairspring; Rolex uses the new Syloxi silicon hairspring in the small-size women’s watch 2236 Started). Rolex men’s and women’s watches are different. Women’s watches are new silicon hairsprings.
       At that time, in 2014, Rolex used new silicon hairsprings on small-sized women’s watches, but men’s watches have always used Rolex’s signature blue niobium hairsprings. I wonder, what does Rolex mean? Blue niobium hairspring is very good, why do you want to produce silicon hairspring? The result is a silicon hairspring, why only use it on female watches? Who is the blue niobium spring for men’s watches and the silicon spring for women’s watches? In recent years, I have seen more and more things, and I can almost answer these questions.
    First of all, the Rolex Blue Niobium Gossamer is really good.
       At present, the hairspring of general watches uses Nivarox alloy hairspring. In Chinese, it is Nivarox alloy. A large number of watches on the market use this alloy hairspring. This Nivarox alloy hairspring is actually okay, its antimagnetic ability and anti-temperature change ability are ok, and it can be dealt with in general living environment. But it is just okay, because Nivarox alloy hairspring has a loophole, that is, this alloy still contains a small amount of iron. Iron is susceptible to magnetism, so Nivarox alloy hairspring cannot resist too strong magnetic field. So this is why, some brother’s watches are magnetized when they are worn, and they are not allowed to leave.

    Rolex’s iconic Parachrom blue niobium balance spring.

       In order to solve this problem, Rolex developed the exclusive Parachrom blue niobium balance spring in 2000, which is characterized by anti-magnetic and anti-vibration. Rolex blue niobium hairspring is made of niobium zirconium alloy (because it is blue, it is commonly called blue niobium hairspring). Let’s put it plainly, there is no iron in Rolex blue niobium balance springs. Because there is no iron, blue niobium hairsprings are not afraid of magnetic fields. Even if it is not a special anti-magnetic lightning pin, the general Rolex has a strong anti-magnetic ability. Omega 15000 Gauss uses silicon hairsprings, so Rolex blue niobium hairsprings, like Omega silicon hairsprings, are antimagnetic.
    Since the Rolex blue niobium hairspring is so bullish, why do they still produce silicon hairsprings?
       In recent years, because silicon springs have the advantage of anti-magnetic, so many watches have changed silicon springs, even Tissot, Mido silicon springs. The performance of the Rolex blue niobium hairspring is very good, and the result is a silicon hairspring. Not only I wonder about this, but players around the world are wondering, it is simply an ‘unsolved mystery’. Until, some players in Rolex’s official statement on the new Syloxi silicon hairspring obtained key information, explaining the role of Rolex silicon hairspring.

    Rolex’s new Syloxi silicon hairspring, please pay attention to the small holes on both sides of the hairspring. The two small holes are used to fix the hairspring.

       The Rolex blue niobium balance spring has good performance, anti-magnetic and anti-vibration, but there is a small problem, that is, ‘the curve is not flat enough and not symmetrical enough’. Because, like blue niobium hairsprings, Nivarox hairsprings, these alloy hairsprings need to fix one end of the hairspring to a ‘clip’ (outer post of the hairspring, which can be easily seen from the figure). Therefore, the hairspring’s curve cannot be ‘fully symmetrical and completely flat.’ If he is asymmetric, it may affect the accuracy of travel time (the professional point is that it will affect isochronism).

    It can be easily seen from the comparison that only one side of the Rolex blue niobium hairspring is fixed on the ‘clip’, and the Syloxi silicon hairspring is fixed at the same time through both sides of the small hole, so the Syloxi silicon hairspring is completely symmetrical and flat.

       The silicon hairspring is made by ‘one-piece molding’ by chemical method, and the curve is particularly flat and symmetrical. On both sides of the Rolex silicon hairspring, there is a symmetrical ‘small hole’. These two ‘holes’ are used to fix the silicon hairspring, and the left and right sides are fixed. It is fixed on the Rolex movement’s iconic cross balance plate. It is symmetrical (the blue niobium hairspring has only one side fixed and cannot be symmetrical). This design of Syloxi silicon hairspring is a patent of Rolex. Silicon springs of other brands of watches do not have this technology. Therefore, Rolex’s new Syloxi silicon hairspring is flatter than blue niobium hairspring and more symmetrical than blue niobium hairspring, which is good for ensuring the accuracy of watch movement (professional point is to reduce the influence of gravity on the hairspring).
       In addition, the brothers take a closer look and can see that the curves of Rolex Syloxi silicon springs are different in thickness and spacing from the inside to the outside. These are all researched and calculated. Conventional alloy hairsprings, including Rolex’s own blue niobium hairsprings, are unattainable.
    Rolex silicon hairspring is so powerful, why only use it on women’s watches?
       There is nothing perfect in this world. One problem with silicon hairsprings is that they cannot be repaired or adjusted. If there is a problem, they can only be replaced. Silicon gossamer is plain, just like 3D printing, integrated into one, and it is the finished product. Unlike alloy hairsprings, they can be adjusted and repaired.

    At present Rolex’s new Syloxi silicon hairspring is mainly used on 28mm women’s diary ladies watches.

       The reality now is that Rolex’s new Syloxi silicon hairspring performs better than Rolex’s blue niobium hairspring. The Rolex 2236 movement for women’s watches, because the movement is small, the smaller the movement is not easy to get accurate, so the new Syloxi silicon hairspring is used on the small size women’s watch 2236 movement, which enhances the anti-magnetic of Rolex women’s watches , Shock resistance and accuracy.

    Including Rolex DD, Rolex men’s watches use blue niobium hairsprings.

       A large part of the Rolex men’s watches are professional watches, sports watches, Daytona, Water Ghost, Explore Two, Lightning Needle, Yacht or something. Sports watch is to be durable. In terms of resistance to manufacturing, the blue niobium balance spring is an alloy balance spring, which is easy to maintain. For these watches, the 3135/3235 series movements have large movements and thick movements, which have advantages over small women’s movements. Easy high. Therefore, Rolex men’s watches are currently using blue niobium hairspring.
       Of course, Rolex’s use of the new Syloxi silicon hairspring on small-scale women’s watches is also a test of Syloxi silicon hairspring. Many people speculate that once Rolex believes that the Syloxi hairspring has passed the test of time, it will be used in men’s watches.
    Which Rolex watches use the new Syloxi silicon spring?

    Rolex’s 28mm women’s log type has been equipped with the new Syloxi silicon balance spring (calibre 2236).

       Brothers, please note that not all Rolex watches use the new Syloxi silicon spring (2236 movement). Rolex now uses the new Syloxi silicon balance spring (calibre 2236). There are mainly two watches. One is the Rolex women’s log type. Note that it is a 28 mm women’s log type. One is a 37 mm small yacht. No other watches, brothers and sisters, please pay attention to the distinction.

    The Rolex 37mm yacht also uses the new Syloxi silicon spring (calibre 2236).

       2236 is a women’s watch movement, which is very reasonable for 28mm women’s diary. However, the 37 mm yacht uses 2236 movement, I think this is very interesting. In general, 37 mm is the size of a men’s watch, but the 37’s yacht uses a 2236 movement only used by Rolex women’s watches, does this suggest that Rolex defines the 37’s yacht as a ‘women’s watch’?

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    Gp Girard Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. Won The Timezone ‘2013 Watch Of The Year’ Award

    La Chaux-de-Fonds (March 5, 2014)-Girard-Perregaux, a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer, won the ‘2013 Watch of the Year’ award from www.timezone.com The watch enthusiast online community awarded this prize to Girard-Perregaux for its revolutionary constant-force escapement watch.

       This is another famous award for the constant-power escapement watch following the Aiguille d’ Or award at the 2013 “Prix d’ Horlogerie de Genève”. It is also a practical proof of Girard-Perregaux watchmaking tradition, superb craftsmanship and innovative ability.

       Michele Sofisti, CEO of Sowind Group and GP Girard Perregaux, said: ‘We are honored to receive this award. This award was awarded to our constant-power escapement watches by global watch enthusiasts. Positive meaning is more important to us. ‘

       TimeZone Managing Director William Massena said: ‘We are very pleased that the Girard-Perregaux Constant Power Escapement Wristwatch has won our ‘TimeZone Watch of the Year Award’. It represents the common ground of our global watch lovers Love; the design is inspired by the extensive and profound traditional top luxury watches, the constant power escapement is a groundbreaking watch. ‘
    Girard Perregaux Constant Power Escapement

       Inheriting the revolutionary concept of true royal ancestry with constant power. A breakthrough in the field of precision timing using the new escapement system construction and design (3 different patents).

       Unprecedented accuracy: The constant power (constant amplitude and constant rate) generated by the oscillator successfully overcomes the problem of power attenuation in traditional mechanical watches.
       Avant-garde materials and advanced technology. Using 14 micron elastic silicon hairspring-the diameter is a necessary component of one sixth of the diameter of human hair.
       Innovative dual spring barrel (patent pending) with long power reserve and linear power reserve display. Clockwork drum spring with a total length of 3 meters.
       Inspired by Girard-Perregaux’s traditional gorgeous, avant-garde design.

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    Don Chopin Donates To The Monaco Anti-neuromuscular Disease Association With A Unique And Precise Timepiece Designed Jointly With Jacky Ickx

    Chopard actively participated in the OnlyWatch charity auction for the sixth time, and donated an extraordinary timepiece creation that pays tribute to the racing world: Superfast8HzPowerControlPorsche919OnlyWatch2017. This remarkable orphan with a high-vibration movement was specially designed for the OnlyWatch auction and also celebrates the outstanding racer JackyIckx. Chopard chose to join the racing legend and the ambassador of the Geneva watchmaking family to create this watch with him in order to raise medical research funds to fight against Qiu Xin’s muscular dystrophy. Therefore, this timepiece reflects the values ​​shared by JackyIckx, Porsche Motors and Chopard: a love for racing, perfection and precision.

       Design inspiration from racing world

       Chopard’s Superfast8Hz PowerControlPorsche919OnlyWatch2017 reflects the seamless cooperation between the two major brands, combining Chopard’s outstanding watchmaking skills with the superb technology of Porsche Motors. We can clearly see the DNA of the Porsche 919 Hybrid from this race chronograph. The 45mm case of the bold and magnificent case allows the racer to enjoy perfect clarity and legibility. This titanium watch not only provides the most rugged performance, but is also compatible with lightweight characteristics. These two advantages are crucial for the racing world. Titanium’s shock-resistant and scratch-resistant durability is also the ideal material for timepieces that have to face the severe test of endurance racing. In the design of the dial, the time-marking design that shows the spirit of racing, with two new hands with faceted and hollow details, the pointer tip is covered with Super-Luminova luminous coating, allowing the wearer to quickly and intuitively read day and night Time; the top of the second hand is embellished with a delicate eye-catching red dot, which is particularly outstanding on the night blue dial.
       JackyIckx: The champion driver with a big breast
       This big-minded and versatile racing champion, an important figure in the racing world, and a close friend of Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, he has won numerous races victory. For example, he won six times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, so he was named ‘Mr. Le Mans’. The dial of the Chopard Superfast 8Hz PowerControlPorsche919OnlyWatch2017 uses night blue, because this is the legendary representative color of his helmet, and another characteristic element of him is clearly visible at the six o’clock position, which is also marked next to the driver’s lucky number ’20’ The number of Porsche 936 cars, because this champion is driving this car in the 1976 Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.

       High-frequency movement certified by precision timepieces
       In terms of movement, the Chopard Superfast 8Hz PowerControlPorsche919OnlyWatch2017 is driven by a self-made 01.11-M movement. This movement can be seen at a glance through the sapphire crystal back cover and has a 60-hour power reserve function. The skeleton rotor design of the movement follows the most representative engine finishing features of the Superfast series. The fine workmanship of the bridge is like a vent that allows the ultra-high-performance engine to breathe. This exclusive movement operates at a high frequency of 8 Hz, replacing the traditional 4 Hz frequency. The extremely high vibration frequency enables the movement to achieve more precise performance, and if it encounters shock or vibration conditions, as is often the case on the track, the movement can also re-run more accurately. 01.11-M movement with silicon escapement. And this is also a movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory’s Precision Timepiece (COSC). It is extremely rare to obtain this certification for a high-frequency movement equipped with 8 Hz, but it has also witnessed Chopard is determined to go hand in hand with the strictest precision timing certification system.

       Chopard and OnlyWatch auction, long-term support and investment
       The OnlyWatch auction is recognized as the world’s most important charity auction event in the world. This year’s 7th auction will be held in Geneva on November 11th. This event is hosted by Christie’s Christie’s auctioneer. Forty of the most important watch manufacturers will each donate a unique timepiece, created specifically for charity auctions, and the auction proceeds will be fully attributed to the Monaco Anti-Neuromuscular Disease Association to help fight Juchen’s muscular dystrophy Is funded by the Medical Research Organization of Canada because 250,000 children, adolescents, and young people worldwide suffer from this genetic neuromuscular disease, which gradually degrades and atrophizes the entire body’s muscles. Therefore, Chopard has long supported and actively participated in auction activities.
       Chopard Superfast 8Hz PowerControlPorsche919OnlyWatch2017 technical specifications
       Case: Bead-blasted titanium, Total diameter: 45.00 mm, Thickness: 12.4 mm, Water resistance: 100 meters, Screw-down stainless steel crown with tongue and shoulder: 8 mm, Covered with matte black rubber mold, Anti-glare sapphire crystal, transparent cover printed with ‘OnlyWatch’, engraved lacquered titanium bezel, fixed with 8 PVD blackened stainless steel screws, movement: automatic winding movement, Chopard01.11-M; Number of parts: 254, total diameter 28.8 mm, number of gems 37, rubies, power reserve 60 hours, vibration frequency 57600 times per hour (8Hz), Swiss Official Observatory Accredited Chronometer (COSC); dial and hands: matte blue Color dial with red and white padding inner bezel, second and quarter-second pad printing display, rhodium-plated hollow hour and minute hands, superluminous coating, red-plated rhodium-plated seconds hand, rhodium-plated Barton-type power reserve indicator hands, rhodium-plated hour markers coated with SuperLuminova luminous coating; functions and displays: hour, minute and central seconds display, quarter-second display, calendar display at 3 o’clock, power at 9 o’clock Display memory; strap with clasp: blue integrated leather strap, titanium folding clasp microbead blasting; Model: 168593-3002- only Pierre.

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    Thin, Light And Comfortable Without Burden

    Ultra-thin watches have been sought after since the 1950s and 1960s. Many brands have made attempts at ultra-thin movements and continue to explore in the thin field. Watchmaker craftsmanship is the ultimate choice for comfort. Today I recommend three ultra-thin watches for everyone to experience the delicate touch brought by the watch.
    Piaget Altiplano series G0A43120

    Product model: G0A43120
    Domestic public price: 215,000
    Watch diameter: 41 mm
    Case thickness: 4.3 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: 910P
    Power reserve: 50 hours
    Watch details: BGO40C14TLXTAUTO

    Product Model: 102711 BGO40C14TLXTAUTO
    Domestic public price: ¥ 100000
    Watch diameter: 40 mm
    Case thickness: 5.15 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Caliber BVL 138
    Power reserve: 60 hours
    Watch details: BVL 138 movement, power reserve up to 60 hours.
    Summary: A watch that is too thick will inevitably be a little cumbersome, and an ultra-thin watch can be easily hidden in the cuff no matter how it is matched, and it will not cause unnecessary awkwardness. It fits more easily on the wrist without pressing your hands, which shows that the wearer is clean and tidy and very elegant. But it is worth noting that ultra-thin watches are good but fragile, so they must be carefully maintained.

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    Within One Hundred Thousand, Three Classic Steel Top Watches Recommended

    Steel watch should be the most common watch, because steel watch should be the most cost-effective material, whether it is sturdy and durable, or aesthetically, it can be said that it has reached a balance point . Today’s Watch House is to recommend three watches made of steel for everyone. The big brands with prices under 100,000 are also very popular styles.
    Rolex Greenwich II Series 116710BLNR-78200 Watch

    Domestic public price: RMB 69300
    Watch diameter: 40 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 904L stainless steel
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Watch details: 64000
    Watch diameter: 39.6 mm
    Watch thickness: 11.7 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 50 meters
    Watch details: 98000
    Watch diameter: 42.3 mm
    Watch thickness: 14 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Watch details: iwc / 6097 /
    Watch Reviews: This is a classic IWC Portuguese 7-day chain watch. The watch is designed with a diameter of 42.3 mm and is made of a stainless steel case with a blue alligator strap. The watch is equipped with a self-made cal.51011 self-winding movement produced by IWC, which can provide 168 hours of power reserve when fully wound, which is a full seven days, which is also the origin of the seven names of IWC Portugal.

    Summary: The three watches recommended for you today are all very popular styles. As long as you are a friend who is concerned about watches, you will surely know these watches. Even those who do not care about watches will surely know most of them. All three brands are premium watch brands. From the watch brand to the watch itself, this is a good choice.