Dazzling Starry Night Jaeger-lecoultre Tourbillon Masters Series Starry Watch

Jacques Supertraditional Tourbillon Master Series Starry Sky Watch (MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste) interprets time in a dazzling way. In order to fully display the astronomical characteristics of the watch, the orbital flying tourbillon displays the stellar time instead of the solar time, which is nearly four minutes shorter than the solar time. Therefore, when Sirius as a reference passes through the zenith, it will be displayed at noon time. The orbiting flying tourbillon runs synchronously with the stars and constellations, and performs a stellar dance with the dial.

The artisans of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory not only face the dual challenges of technology and aesthetics, but also how to present the fascinating astrology that astrologists see when they look up at the sky every night. The starry sky extends in a hemisphere arch above the watch, highlighting the sharp contrast between the dark night sky and the brilliant star.

In order to solve the problem, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory uses different craftsmanship and exerts various talents. The dial is made of royal blue gold sandstone with a color between indigo and the dark blue of the stormy sky, which is extremely mysterious. The lower part of the dial shows the month, which is decorated with a guilloché pattern and covered with translucent paint, which reproduces the depth of the universe. The time scale marks the rhythm of time flow in turn along the edge of the table. The bezel is also decorated with a guilloché pattern and inlaid with paint, showing a perfect and harmonious visual landscape. The MasterGrandeTraditionTourbillonCéleste superb traditional tourbillon starry sky watch uses a crystal case instead of the bezel, which is directly embedded in the bottom to make the field of vision more open. This dazzling watch brings the mysterious sky above the square inch of your wrist, making it within reach.

Technical parameters
Jaeger-LeCoultre 946 manual winding mechanical movement
334 parts
28,800 vibrations per hour
48 hours power reserve
Single barrel
35 gems
Thickness: 10.57 mm
Functions: hour and minute display, orbital flying tourbillon, astronomical chart, astrolabe, constellation chart, month and 24-hour display
Case: 18K white gold, diameter 42mm, water-resistant to 50 meters
Dial: carved on blue background, golden sandstone
Pointer: Princess-style pointer
Crown: 18K white gold
Strap: Alligator leather strap
Limited edition of 3 pieces
(Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)

Follow The ‘core’ Calmly, Unify With Feiyadian Series Light And Smart Watches At The 2016 Basel Watch Fair

Baselworld 2016, Fiyta launched a new vintage fashion watch series-India. Seals are intended to be imprinted. As we look back on the passing of years, there are always some beautiful old days that have passed through and become indelible imprints in life. These imprints are in the bottom of my heart, slow down at this moment, quietly taste the past years, and enjoy the beauty that time gives us. Among them, the light smart watch debuted as a special edition of the Indian series. The watch cooperates with YunOS, a smart operating system under the Alibaba Group, to provide YunOS-related services.

Between classic and modern, fashion and elegance coexist
   This watch inherits the vintage design and exquisite craftsmanship of the printed series. The white and yellowish dial is round and elegant, decorated with black digital studs, slender hands and steel blue seconds hands, highlighting the classic style of watch design. Under the retro feeling, the watch also combines modern design style, simple lines and atmospheric layout, and the round case highlights the beauty of modern touchable arcs. Whether it is rose gold or moonlight silver, it makes this watch It has both beauty and style, adding a calm and elegant temperament for you. The strap is made of Italian calfskin, which is comfortable and skin-friendly. It is available in black and brown. Different straps are used to give the watch different fashion styles. The retro flavor is interpreted by modern design, translating into a unique mood.

Follow the ‘core’ with ease
   As a light smart watch, a ‘smart’ core is hidden under the seemingly traditional appearance. The smart function allows you to remind and worry about the two places at any time without worry.
   Just define the message you want to watch. When the phone has unread messages, the watch can vibrate for a short time. At the same time, the second hand of the watch with the controllable hand movement quickly moves to the 12 o’clock position and remains stationary. Don’t worry about missing important news, let alone worry about being disturbed by complicated news. The watch is designed with two places by default, one is the local time (resident city time), and the other is the remote time. The remote time is updated with the mobile phone. The watch can switch to check the local time with one click. At different times, the two places have a ‘core’. In addition, the research and development of the watch is actively cooperating with YunOS, a smart operating system under the Alibaba Group. It is expected that when the watch is officially launched, the mobile payment function can be realized.
   The Indian series of light smart watches also have functions such as automatic time calibration, charging reminder, etc. to meet different aspects of life. Keep the original heart of your lifestyle, and enjoy the convenience and innovation of the intelligent age. You can calmly follow the ‘core’, say goodbye to the busy life, and enjoy your life with ease.
Fiyta, enjoy everything that time gives you
   For many years, Fiyta has provided Chinese astronauts with ground training and mission execution schedules, accompanied by astronauts to witness the feat of space exploration; in the ‘Extreme Series’, they joined hands with Chinese motorcycle teams to compete in the extreme rally on South America. In addition, Fiyta has also provided timing equipment for international sports events such as the Asian Winter Games and the Asian Sailing Championships. For six years in a row, Fiyta has entered Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the International Brands Hall. As the first international watch brand originated from China in this hall, Fiyta shines. Fiyta always believes that the true beauty comes from the accumulation of time. Watches not only record time, but also record everyone, whether it is going forward elegantly or actively exploring and enjoying everything that time gives you.
Configuration instructions
Movement: Fiyta smart quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Dial: white
Caseback: Sapphire glass
Strap: Italian calfskin
Water resistance: 30 meters
System service: YunOS, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group

Classical Reinterpretation Of F.P. Journe Big Calendar Moon Phase

F.P. JOURNE presents Nouvelle Octa Lune watches. Its time information is more readable, and the design of the calendar window is twice as large as the original. The new main dial and eccentric hour and minute dial are cast in 18K gold. The design of the eccentric time plate is larger than the original, and it is more legible. The hour numbers are made in relief and polished with diamond polishing tools. The main dial is also cast in gold. The large calendar display consists of two windows, set at 11:00, the power reserve display (120 hours, 5 days) is set at 9:00, and the moon phase display Set at 8:00.

F.P. JOURNE Nouvelle Octa Lune watch in red gold, the main dial and eccentric hour and minute dial are cast in 18K gold, equipped with one-way automatic winding, instant jump calendar display and three-stage crown function

Nouvelle Octa Lune is equipped with a 1300.3 self-winding movement. The movement is cast in 18K rose gold. The unique eccentric rotor is made of 22K gold and rotates in one direction, which can effectively power the watch. Nouvelle Octa Lune is available in platinum and 18K red gold. The case diameter is 40 or 42 mm, with a white or red gold dial, and a crocodile strap, platinum or red gold bracelet.

F.P. JOURNE Nouvelle Octa Lune watch in red gold, the main dial and eccentric hour and minute dial are cast in 18K gold, equipped with one-way automatic winding, instant jump calendar display and three-stage crown function

Hamilton Hamilton Free Spirit Of American Spirit

‘Without liberty, life is a misery’-This statement of freedom with American characteristics is beautifully etched on the belt of a free-spirited automatic mechanical watch . Recalling the late 19th century, Andrew Hamilton, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and one of the founders of Lancaster, Andrew Andrew. Hamilton HAMILTON shouted this famous saying to the world. To commemorate him, the Lancaster watch factory was renamed with his last name, and the Hamilton watch was born. The liberal watch design style and innovative watchmaking concept have continued from the beginning of the brand to the present day.

 HAMILTON Hamilton of Spirit of Liberty Auto

The Liberty Automaton is a masterpiece of the perfect fusion of Liberty American spirit and sophisticated Swiss craftsmanship. The watch’s case has exquisite and clean lines, with a 42mm large open face design, which has a full texture. The dial is simple in design, equipped with willow-shaped hands and slender drop-shaped scales, decorated with historic railroad tracks, a classic atmosphere; at 12 o’clock, the Hamilton-branded vintage emblem unique to the Liberty Series is printed. A hand-polished vintage leather strap brings together a nostalgic American charm. The watch is equipped with the 2014 new H10 Hamilton self-calibration, which has a power reserve of more than 3 days, allowing the watch to spend the weekend in an idle state. Through the sapphire mirror on the back of the case, the superb grinding process of spiral patterns and pearl patterns can be seen at a glance. The one-piece automatic tortoise is cut out, beautiful and individual. This watch with both design and connotation originates from history and interprets the present. It is an excellent wrist partner for the meticulous urban elite.

Introduction To The Breguet Classique Series 5717

As we all know, the traditional world time watch can be easily switched in 24 time zones around the world, so that the watch can quickly display the local time. However, for those who frequently travel to and from the two places, Breguet’s Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch at Baselworld 2011 seems to provide a more perfect solution.
 Just press the button once, the watch can switch to display the local time of two preset cities, which is very convenient for operation. More importantly, the watch can also switch the date, day / night, and city indications at the same time as the time is switched. If the user has preset the two cities of Paris and Sydney, and the watch is displayed at 4 o’clock on the 25th of Paris local time, just press the button at 1 o’clock and the watch will display Local time in Sydney, namely at 1am on the 26th. Correspondingly, the date display at the 12 o’clock position of the watch will switch to 26; the sun icon of the day and night display panel will change to the moon icon, and the hour hand will jump from 4 o’clock to 1 o’clock. For mechanical watches, it is really a gorgeous show.

 In addition, the watch’s calendar display is also very interesting. Unlike the instant-jump calendar window sought after by the industry, this 5717 uses a continuously rotating calendar dial, the calendar number will gradually enter the calendar window from the left, and then gradually fade out from the right. In order to avoid the confusion caused by the readings, Breguet equipped them with a pointer hidden under the dial to frame the current date. The pointer will jump from the right side of the calendar window to the left side at the end of the day to frame a new date.

 The new Hora Mundi watch is equipped with a 5717 self-winding mechanical movement, which is based on the Calibre 777 with a silicon escapement so that it can be fitted into additional models. Four patents have been applied to the form during the design process. The first item is a timer consisting of two time zone devices, the second item shows the time zone on demand through the main pointer, and the third item is a programmable and reprogrammable mechanical memory wheel for the timer; the last item is by dragging The handle shows a temporary size device.
 In terms of decoration and case, the case with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.55 mm is made of 18k yellow gold or 950 platinum and has a water resistance of 30 meters. The pointer uses the famous Breguet needle. The periphery of the dial is a circle with Roman numerals, silver-plated and satin-finished, and the edges are hand-engraved rose gold or platinum time markers.

 The center of the dial shows the earth pattern. There are three dial patterns to choose from: Europe and Africa, Asia Pacific or the Americas. The ‘Wave’ pattern in the ocean was created by inscription and hand-carving. The marine part is treated with multiple layers of lacquer, while the mainland is polished. On the day / night indicator, the sky is made of lapis lazuli containing pyrite inclusions, which look like tiny gold spots to express the stars. The sun is made of gold, while the moon is rhodium-plated gold. The caseback engraved with the Breguet name and serial number is made of silver-plated 18k yellow gold and is fully hand-carved.

New Transparent Material After Sapphire Hublot Hublot Blends Emeralds Into The Wrist

HUBLOT, a well-known Swiss watch brand, has invested heavily in the industrialization of sapphire, successfully conquering this extremely difficult-to-process material, and creating a variety of colors of sapphire (transparent, black, yellow , Blue and red) to achieve mass production to meet the needs of different models. Given that emerald color cannot be completed in this material, Hublot has now explored a new path. Hublot uses innovative materials that have never been used in the watchmaking industry to create a case, and launches a new MP-11 model that combines extraordinary technology and modern design. The SAXEM material is turquoise and green, which is comparable to Zhenpin Jade. Its wear resistance and gloss are comparable to diamonds. Inside this fully transparent case is a factory-manufactured hand-wound skeletonized movement. Seven tandem barrels provide a power reserve of up to 14 days. Every detail is clearly shown through the dial.

Green SAXEM material creates new color for BIGBANGMP-11 watch

  This new BigBangMP-11 watch once again confirms Hublot’s strong innovation ability in scientific research and development and design aesthetics. Through the search for advanced materials in high-tech applications, especially in the satellite field, combined with the self-made movements of watch factories with a history-recorded level, Hublot is re-interpreting the concept of ‘art of fusion’. ——Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Hublot

  Hublot has once again demonstrated its position as an innovative leader in watch manufacturing. Following the introduction of 3D carbon fiber and transparent sapphire case on the previous MP-11 watch, a new high-tech material has been applied to the watch for the first time. The case is manufactured. The full name of this SAXEM material is sapphire alumina and rare earth minerals (SapphireAluminiumoXideandrareEarthMineral). In order to present a unique green hue, transparency and gloss, Hublot Watch Factory, the master of fusion, mixes rare earth elements such as thorium, thorium and chromium with alumina, the basic component of sapphire. The resulting material is harder than jadeite, which is soft and difficult to sand, and more shiny than sapphire. In addition, SAXEM material also has other advantages, such as the hardness of the material to enhance the stability of the grinding process, while the cubic crystal structure allows the watch to show the same color and saturation from any angle. The overall polished green SAXEM is in sharp contrast to the six H-shaped polished and microblasted titanium screws on the bezel and the black titanium-coated rubber crown.
High-performance machinery


  Under the blessing of innovation and strong power, the BigBang MP-11 watch is equipped with a hand-wound skeleton movement, with a power reserve of up to 2 weeks. All this is due to Hublot’s own spectacular movement architecture, 7 horizontal in-line springs, which control the thickness of the movement to a reasonable 10.92 mm. Another technical breakthrough is that the power transmission adopts a worm-type helical gear transmission mechanism, which is extremely rare in the watchmaking industry, and 90 degrees vertical. The balance wheel design at the 2 o’clock position on the side of the dial forms a harmonious symmetry with the helical gear at the 10 o’clock position. The Hublot Manufacture Calibre HUB9011, which contains 270 components, features a new patented index assembly system, as well as a silicon escapement and other black components. The in-line drum time display is located on the left side of the seven tandem springs, visually connected to the ‘DAYPOWERRESERVE’ inscription on the sapphire mirror. The hour / minute hands and hour markers of the dial are coated with green luminous coating for easy reading of time. The sapphire mirror is anti-reflective and the green SAXEM bezel is raised in a roller shape, which magnifies the power reserve display.
Limited collection of 20 pieces

  The BigBangMP-11 Green SAXEM watch can be wound by manually turning the crown with a worm-like nostalgic embossed helical gear or by using electric Torx stylus inspired by racing. The black twill rubber strap echoes the crown design. This ingenious fusion of technology and material innovation is limited to 20 pieces and is specially designed for connoisseurs.
Big Bang MP-11 Green SAXEM Watch
Technical Parameters

serial number
911.JG.0129.RX-Limited collection of 20 pieces
Black Matte Dial
Black intarsia scale with green luminous coating
Polished green SAXEM
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 14.40 mm
Water resistance: 3ATM (30 meters)
HUB9011: Homemade hand-winding skeletonized movement with 7 barrels and power reserve display coupled in series
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 rpm)
Power reserve: 14th
Number of components: 270
Jewels: 39
Case back
Polished green SAXEM, engraved ‘LIMITED EDITION’ and limited serial number ‘XXX / 20’
Strap and buckle
Black engraved rubber strap
Black ceramic and black titanium plated folding clasp
Polished green SAXEM
Includes 6 H-shaped polished and microblasted titanium screws
HK $ 953,300 / MOP 981,900 / RMB 843,600 / TWD 3,924,000

Earl Garden Party Garden Party Theme Watch

The Earl entered the palace of fine jewelry more than 50 years ago. Since then the earl is not just a surname, but a synonym for in-depth professional knowledge. The fascinating watches and accessories are all craftsmanship that has taken hundreds of hours of artisan craftsmanship, and probably only in this way can it live up to the reputation of PIAGET. Whenever we look back on the count’s more than 130 years of history, there is a kind of enthusiasm condensed in jewellery and time, that breath is moving. Limelight Garden Party series diamond wreath theme necklace
18K white gold necklace set with 468 round diamonds (approximately 43.62 carats) and 40 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 25.25 carats)
Ref. G37LE400
RMB pricing: 6,651,700
Limelight Garden Party series diamond wreath theme earrings ai
耳环 18K white gold earrings set with 90 round diamonds (approximately 5.55 carats) and 12 marquise-cut diamonds (approximately 5.63 carats)
Ref. G38LF200
RMB pricing: 1,140,300
Limelight Garden Party Diamond Wreath Theme Watch
18K white gold watch set with 34 round diamonds (approximately 2.2 carats) and 10 marquise-cut diamonds (approx. 4.8 carats). The dial is paved with 76 round diamonds (approximately 0.3 carats). Piaget 56P quartz movement, 18K white gold folding buckle set with 44 round diamonds (approx. 0.2 carat), with black silk strap
Ref. G0A36165
RMB pricing: 2,495,200
Limelight Garden Party series floral bloom theme necklace
18K white gold necklace set with 929 round diamonds (approximately 28.8 carats), 9 round-cut brilliant red sapphires (approximately 0.25 carats), 3 drop-shaped tourmaline (approximately 40.22 carats), 3 Cut red tourmaline (approximately 0.45 carat), single oval cut red tourmaline (approximately 1.35 carat), 3 carved white chalcedony (approximately 62.59 carat) and 9 pearls ( (Approximately 43 carats)
Ref. G37LE200
RMB pricing: 3,135,900
Limelight Garden Party series floral bloom theme earrings
18K white gold earrings set with round diamonds, pink opal, pink sapphire, white chalcedony and white pearls.
Ref. G38LF500
无 No RMB pricing for the time being
Limelight Garden Party Collection Floral Mystery Watch
18K white gold watch set with round diamonds (approximately 1.5 carats) and pink sapphires (approximately 0.2 carats)
Earl 56P quartz movement
Ref. G0A36170
RMB pricing: 399,200
Limelight Garden Party series floral bloom theme necklace
18K white gold necklace set with 623 round diamonds (approximately 39.84 carats) and 13 pear-cut diamonds (approximately 9.25 carats)
Ref. G37LE500
RMB pricing: 3,991,100
Limelight Garden Party series floral bloom theme earrings
18K white gold earrings set with 218 round diamonds (approximately 9.89 carats) and 14 pear-cut diamonds (approximately 6.07 carats)
Ref. G38LF300
RMB pricing: 1,330,300
Limelight Cupcake ring
18K white gold earrings set with 67 round diamonds (approximately 2.49 carats), 346 round pink sapphires (approximately 5.62 carats) and a single oval pink tourmaline (approximately 2.74 carats)
Ref. G34LQ500
RMB pricing: 456,100
Limelight Garden Party series forest bird theme necklace
18K white gold necklace set with 744 round diamonds (approximately 30 carats)
Ref. G38LF600
RMB pricing: 1,995,500
Limelight Garden Party series forest bird motif earrings
耳环 18K white gold earrings set with 640 round diamonds (approximately 10.76 carats)
Ref. G37LE680
RMB pricing: 760,200
Limelight Garden Party Collection
18K white gold watch set with 52 round diamonds (about 1.6 carats), black dial decorated with 18K white gold rotatable birds and leaves and set with 99 round diamonds (about 0.7 carats), equipped with Piaget 56P Quartz movement, 18K white gold pin buckle set with 15 round diamonds (approx. 0.1 carat), with black silk strap
Ref. G0A36169
RMB pricing: 370,300

Explore The Hunting Three-question Timepiece Making Process

The Athens watch continues to carry forward the art of enamel color drawing watches. The ‘Cong Hou Minute Repeater Time Watch’ launched earlier is unprecedentedly hot. The myth of the table.

 The Hunting Minute Repeater is equipped with a double cloisonne dial, which highlights the three-dimensional body of the watch and is precious. There is a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-layer dish, showing the crocodile opening its mouth to catch the small fish. When the timekeeping function was activated, a fierce African hunting falcon unfolded: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and rushed at the little monkey, and the little monkey swung back and forth from the tree to dodge. The intricate and delicate enamel painted watch is definitely the perfect crystallization of beauty and high quality.
Over the past 20 years, Athens Watch has revived the faceplates of silk enamel paintings, and has incorporated this superb technique into the ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’. The watch’s double cloisonne dial and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel painting techniques. When the Question and Answer function is activated, the outline of time passing is presented in a lively way, and the dual enjoyment of viewing and listening is perfectly combined, which proves the unparalleled extraordinary watchmaking skills. At present, only a few people in the world’s clock painting masters can make exquisite filigree enamel painting watches, whose rareness and collection value are self-evident.

 Enamel is a soft glass containing silicon dioxide, red lead, and potassium carbonate, which is generally colorless. When mixed with different metal oxides, it can be enhanced to have a strong and deep color, such as transparent, transparent, or translucent.
 To make a filigree painted enamel surface, you need to separate each color block with a complex and finely designed wheel line or line to prevent the enamel liquid of the same color from overflowing. The preparation of the color separation line is extremely difficult and time-consuming.的 OPERATIONS. The master of color painting uses two pliers to accurately and carefully use the 0.06 mm thick and 1.0 mm high reed lines to manually bend the design pattern to distinguish the color blocks with the reel. Modern tools such as fixtures and molds cannot be used in this sophisticated technology. The smaller the area of ​​the design pattern, the more difficult it is to make thin lines of color separation.
 First fix the silky hairline with heat-resistant vegetable glue on the surface, and then put the surface in an oven at 840 ° C to bake the glue to solidify, so that each color block can be painted with the same color. The enamel enamel is made of pure enamel enamel and water, and the enamel enamel is stained with a goose feather tube, and then it is baked. During the baking process, the enamel grains will dissolve when exposed to heat, and will automatically harden after being removed from the oven.
 Each delicate surface needs to be baked several times. Generally, about 4 to 5 layers of enamel are required to be compared with the deep and shiny unique color of Meizhen enamel. In addition, repeated baking also neatly changes the color and thickness of the enamel blocks. To reduce the height of the squall line to the thickness of the enamel surface is a very delicate grinding process. The baked surface must be flattened with raised lines. After careful polishing, the lines will add luster, and the surface will become smooth, which will make the enamel surface emit a glamorous flashing luster.
 Each delicate surface has undergone more than 50 processes, including 12 oven burns and up to 50 hours of work to complete an enamel-painted surface. Each enamel painted surface is unique, making these extraordinary hand-made watches a timeless piece of art.
 ‘Hunting Minute Repeater’ has 18K rose 金 and platinum 金 styles to choose from, each limited to 50 pieces.

Minute Repeater
 In the early days, Athens had already initiated the development of the minute repeater timepiece, which was a pioneer in reviving the minute repeater technology. Joining the meticulously crafted active puppet dial, it has become an unprecedented creation, and 令 Athens’minute repeater watch is famous.
 Among all the functions of clocks, the timepiece is one of the most complicated and difficult. The timekeeping system includes a unique barrel, adjuster, ruler, timepiece step wheel, hammer chord. Although the structure is complex, the real challenge in making a high-quality timepiece is to control the sound quality of the music. The vibration generated by striking the strings with the hammer is amplified by the case, and the watch will play music.
 Although advanced technologies such as spark-erosion and CNC have been invented in succession, the watch is still manufactured by hand and can be produced by machine. The timepiece is both a time teller and a musical instrument. Although today’s technology can accurately analyze the decibel level of interrogation music, the subtlety of interrogation music lies in its natural quality, not the decibel number, which must be identified by people’s ears. Therefore, each watch is individually adjusted by the watchmaker, and the process is arduous and complicated. Each time you adjust the sound, you need to remove some metal parts from the string and then reinstall the movement, because the best sound can only be obtained if the watch is tested in the assembled watch. There is no other compromise than this. The production process of each Athens watch is meticulous, and we invest in human resources to ensure that the watch can play the perfect music.

Technical Information
Model 726-61 18K rosette material
Model 729-61 platinum
Movement UN-72
Easy to store about 48 hours
Winding method Manual winding
Function Minute Repeater
Time, time, minute
Taps two different tones
Two 18K rose puppets or platinum puppets
Case 18K rose or platinum
Dial enamel painted dial
Diameter 42 mm
Water resistant to 30 meters
Surface anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Crown Waterproof Crown
Strap Alligator leather strap with folding buckle
Limited to 50 pieces of 18K rose and platinum.

It’s Still Black-faced And Looks Good On Carl F. Bucherer.

The new model of CarlF.Bucherer from the Manero Flyback series debuted with a stainless steel case with a black dial and a dark brown alligator strap to extend the wrist The watch has a unique style, highlighting individuality and flawless workmanship. It is also elegant and temperament. It is equipped with a CFB 1970 chronograph movement with flyback chronograph function.

Mali Long flyback chronograph 2018 new stainless steel case with black face style, with CFB 1970 chronograph movement, is a practical work for all occasions

In 2017, Bucherer launched a new Marly Dragon flyback chronograph ad with the title ‘Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you’ no matter where the time takes you, Lucerne travels with you Qilai’s international vision and status in the international table. Elite people who often go out to work have a taste in life, especially appreciate the excellent watchmaking technology. Malilong’s flyback chronograph is undoubtedly the fashion ambassador of Lucerne watchmaking tradition.
The new work is the sixth model in this series, especially for the high-end watch fans who love the advanced timepiece technology. This watch has a subtle elegant stainless steel case with a black dial, which is fascinating at first sight: the dial has a gradual effect, formed with the concave 9 o’clock matte small seconds dial and the 3 o’clock 30-minute chronograph dial. Pleasant contrast; silver-gray polished sword-shaped hands echo the hour and minute scales; the small seconds, minute chronograph hands, and central chronograph seconds hand are painted white to echo the speedometer scales on the edge of the faceplate; paired with dark brown alligator leather The strap is in line with the unique style of the collection. Whether the wearer chooses a rose gold or stainless steel model, or whether they love the dial or strap, the elegant style of the Mali Long flyback chronograph makes his wrist bright. The round and elegant case lines of each model are the hallmarks of the Maliron series, and the 43 mm case is also closely linked to the trend of today’s watch industry.

The CFB 1970 automatic movement has 25 rubies, a power reserve of 42 hours, and a balance frequency of 4 Hz. The travel time is also certified by the Swiss Observatory

The Mali Long flyback chronograph is equipped with a CFB 1970 automatic winding chronograph movement. The precise structure of the movement can be seen from the sapphire crystal back; the movement swings at 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), and the power reserve is 42 hours. Execute multiple timing programs in rapid succession, and the timing function is controlled by a blue gear. For urban elites who often need to travel around the world for business and private affairs, time is fleeting, but no matter where they are, as long as a Maliron returns to the chronograph in hand, there is always Swiss Lucent watchmaking Go along.

Maliron flyback chronograph

Stainless steel material / CFB 1970 automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 43mm

Impression Beijing’ Beijing Brand Watches And Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. Vip Watch Appreciation Reception Held In Hong Kong

On April 19, 2013, ‘Impression Beijing’ Beijing watch and Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. VIP watch reception was held at Oriental Watch Co., 100 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong. Watch House was invited to attend. Although it is rare for ethnic watch brands to hold events outside the Mainland, it is enough to show that the strength of national brands has become stronger and stronger. As a watch professional media, Watch House is also happy for North Watch. In addition, this year It is the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Watch Factory, and there will be a series of big moves after that. Please keep your attention.

 The large advertisement of ‘Impression Beijing’ watch is particularly eye-catching at the door of the watch row, and many past guests are watching it.

 The Beijing watch exhibition stand in the watch line was specially decorated with blue bricks, bird cages, and ice crack grills as decorative elements. Surrounded by many foreign brands, it displayed unique Beijing characteristics. This is arguably the most beautiful booth of Beijing watches.

 The table-watching reception was held in the VIP hall on the ground floor of the watch store. The entire VIP hall was renovated and felt like Beijing.

 The reception is about to begin. The watches in the showcase are all limited edition models of ‘Beijing’, mainly based on enamel and tourbillon models.

 At the beginning of the event, Mr. Miao Hongbo, the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory, addressed the guests, telling the guests the glorious history of Beijing Watch and the journey of making high-end watches. From the speech of President Miao, we deeply felt that North Watch It’s really not easy to achieve today’s achievements.

 During the event, the models wearing Chinese clothes showed us the unique charm of Beijing watches.

 The subsequent draw session brought the event to a climax. Mr. Xu Xuejun, chairman of the Beijing Watch Factory, presented the prize to the winner. The prize was an ‘Impression Beijing’ watch.

 Justice of the Peace, Dr. Sun Bingshu, the ever honorary president of the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Association, savored the ‘Impression Beijing’ watch at the event and couldn’t let it go. Although Sun Lao was a young man, he was stunned. The enthusiasm has not weakened in the slightest, and we also pay a high respect to the arrival of Sun Lao.
  Except for ‘Impression Beijing’, this ‘Tai Chi II’ three-dimensional tourbillon is the first public appearance. I personally feel that compared with Tai Chi I, Tai Chi II has a stronger overall sense and is more refined and refined. This watch is currently limited to 30 , Priced at 540,000 Hong Kong dollars.

 At the end of the event, everyone took a group photo. They were Ms. Ma Hongquan (first from left), sales manager of Beijing Watch Factory; Mr. Xu Xuejun (third from left), chairman of Beijing Watch Factory; JP, Dr. Sun Bingshu (permanent honorary chairman of Hong Kong Watch Industry Association) ); Mr. Miao Hongbo, general manager of Beijing Watch Factory (third from right) and Mr. Sun Dawei (first from right), executive director of Suntec Agency Co., Ltd.
  The event was of great significance. Several well-known watch media in China came to congratulate Mr. Chang Wei (first from left), the editor-in-chief of Timepiece Magazine; Mr. Conway Kai (second from left), the ‘Shopping Guide’; and ‘Beijing Evening News’ Fashion Consumption Mr. Guo Hezhen, Deputy Director of Weekly, took a photo with Ms. Ma Hongquan, Sales Manager of Beijing Watch Factory.
  According to Chinese law, luxury watches with a price of more than 10,000 yuan are subject to a luxury tax, regardless of whether they are imported or not. When you visit Hong Kong in the future, you may also come here to see the Beijing brand watches.