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    F.P.Journe Absolutely Unique Tantalum Alloy Tourbillon

    F.P.JOURNE participated in the ONLY WATCH charity auction for the first time. Proceeds from the auction will be used to support scientific research to combat muscular dystrophy (AMM). To this end, F.P.JOURNE created the unique Tourbillon Souverain Bleu watch.

    This is also the first time in history that there is a tourbillon with a tantalum alloy case. The name of this metal is derived from a Greek myth about ‘Torment of Tantalus’. Tantalum alloys are very challenging to manufacture due to their wear and scratch resistance. The watch is equipped with a bright chrome blue dial, which looks like a mirror, and its hue will change with the light. It is equipped with F.P.JOURNE’s own 18K rose gold movement, with constant force device and fixed second display. The ONLY WATCH charity auction will be held in Geneva on November 7, 2015.

    Tourbillon Souverain Bleu watch
    Caliber F.P.JOURNE 1403, calibre cast in 18K rose gold
    Tourbillon with constant force device and fixed-second display, two-stage crown
    Case tantalum alloy, 40 mm
    Dial chrome blue, limited to one

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    Half Of The Flames And Half Of The Sea Water ‘extreme’ Diving Watch Recommendations

    Diving watches have always won the love of many watch fans. Although many friends do not even dive, this does not prevent people from loving and owning diving watches. Scuba diving is a sport that challenges the body and mind to the extreme. It has certain risks, which is also prohibitive. Fortunately, you can rest your love on a watch. A diving watch generally refers to a professional watch for diving sports, or a watch with a diving watch style. The tough style of diving watches is also the reason why they are loved. Today, I will share some diving watches with you.

    TAG Heuer Diving Series WAY201F.BA0927

    Product model: WAY201F.BA0927
    Domestic public price: ¥ 19350
    Watch diameter: 43 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Calibre 7
    Case material: stainless steel / red, blue polished aluminum bidirectional rotating bezel
    Water resistance: 300 meters
    Watch details: heuer / 59368 /

    Watch Comments: The watch’s ‘upper blue and lower red’ bezel is eye-catching. ‘Half is flame, half is seawater’, showing passion for the ocean. It has a 24-hour graduated polished aluminum bi-directional screwed bezel, which is easy to use. The black outer edge is embossed with a 60-second / minute scale. There is a slanted calendar window at 3 o’clock and a magnifying glass for easy reading. The automatic movement has a fast date adjustment and has a water-resistant depth of 300. It is more practical, casual, and very personal whether it is for sports or daily wear.

    Tudor PELAGOS series 25600TB

    Product model: 25600TB
    Domestic public price: ¥ 39800
    Watch diameter: 42 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: MT5621
    Case material: titanium
    Water resistance: 500 meters
    Watch details: tudor / 38963 /

    Watch Reviews: The blue dial is full of vitality, the bezel is a ‘sawtooth’ with unidirectional rotating ceramic edges to facilitate the timing of rotation, and the titanium body is used to create a watch body that can cope with various complex environments. The automatic machine has a 70-hour power reserve, 500 The water-resistant depth of the meter is sufficient for both daily use and launching. The watch has a modest shape, but it is very personal and recognizable. It is a good choice for daily work or for higher performance requirements.

    Hamilton Khaki Navy Series H77805335

    Product model: H77805335
    Domestic public price: 10800
    Watch diameter: 46 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: H-10
    Case material: titanium alloy, red aluminum unidirectional rotating bezel
    Water resistance: 1000 meters
    Watch details: hamilton / 44098 /
    Watch Reviews: This series of salutes to the screen by Han Milton are flaming red and passionate, the case is made of titanium alloy, equipped with a helium exhaust valve, and the red unidirectional rotating bezel has 1000 meters Water-resistant depth, black magnified dial with three-sided luminous hands, to ensure that the time is clear and easy to read, which is especially important for mastering the time of diving, with a crown protection device, inspired by the unique military kettle design introduced in 1951. Equipped with H-10 movement, it provides 80-hour power reserve. The solid caseback caseback is a scuba diver pattern, symbolizing a marine mission.

    Summary: Whether it is participating in diving or out of love, as for the diving watch itself, its toughness, unique functions and characteristics are enough to attract people’s attention. Dive watches are generally rugged and durable. Even if they can’t be in close contact with the ocean, it is also very good to have a watch that explores the ocean.

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    Athens Watch Launches Navigator Series Glory Watch

    The newly launched ‘Navy Series Pioneer Glory Watch’ is a stylish nautical timepiece designed for successful people who dominate their own destiny.
       After the successful launch of the ‘Navigation Pilot Watch’, Athens Watch launched an astronomical watch for the new generation of explorers-‘Navigation Pilot Glory Watch’. The watch is inspired by the captain’s exclusive pocket watch from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century. It reinterprets the unique style of the new era and is more chic and charming. The ‘Navigation Pilot Honor Watch’ and the brand’s iconic ‘Navigation Observatory Watch’ are also equipped with the UN-118 self-produced movement. The unique design is impressive, symbolizing the wearer’s determination to meet a new round of challenges. Attitude.

       ‘Navy Pilot’s Glory Watch’ shows a steady stream of vitality in every detail, and also has the design of a military medal. Two elements are inspired by the simplicity and elegance of antique military watches: an ivory dial with hollow Arabic numerals, time is clear and easy to read, and an elegant tan strap; another chic black dial, with With orange Arabic numerals and luminous hands, it is easy to read the time in the dark, and a black strap with the same color stitching as the hour markers. Both versions feature an oversized crown and a sandblasted 44 mm steel case that is water-resistant to 50 meters, with a unique torpedo boat printed on the case back.

       As one of the entry-level astronomical watches, ‘Navy Pilot’s Glory Watch’ is equipped with the UN-118 self-produced movement and has a silicon anchor escapement uniquely created by the Athens Watch Factory. Each watch is accompanied by the official Swiss Observatory certification COSC and Athens watch certification certificate, in line with the strict quality certification of the Athens watch factory. At 6 o’clock, there is a small second hand and a red watch number, indicating the serial number of the watch in a limited edition of 300 watches. The English letter C.W. is an abbreviation of Chronometer Watch, which gloriously displays the medal of the Chronometer Watch. This design is based on past military models and must follow strict armed force rules.

       This modern observatory watch brings together the essence of Athenian watchmaking for over 170 years, precise timing and outstanding performance, which are the reasons why the Athenian Observatory timepiece has been loved by captains and explorers for many years. This reprinted version of the ‘Navy Series Pioneer Glory Watch’ has a unique design and a tough style. Like its name ‘Pilot’, it can compete with its opponents and occupy an advantage in each round.

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    Cool Technology Tasting Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Watch

    In 1969, Zenith became a recognized king in the field of high-frequency chronographs with its traditional ElPrimero star-speed movement. In 2017, Baselworld Zenith sought inspiration from brand history and found new trends, launching a masterpiece ——The DefyElPrimero21 watch continues to gallop in the world of high-precision watchmaking. From a tenth of a second to a hundredth of a second, this watch has made a huge leap in both performance and design. (Watch model: 24.9000.9004 / 78.R582)

    Zenith DefyElPrimero21

    Ceramic aluminum case

       The diameter of the case made of ceramic aluminum is 44 mm. The hollow dial reflects a contemporary mechanical beauty. Through the sapphire crystal, the open mechanism can be seen at a glance, which also exactly matches the representative appearance of the new Zenith series. aesthetics.

    Hollow dial

       The dial of the watch is complex and simple, and the seemingly complex mechanical operation is just a ‘decoration’ for existing functions. A small second hand at 9 o’clock, a one-hundredth of a second central chronograph hand that rotates around the scale on the circumference, a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, and a 6 o’clock position with a seconds counter, and at 12 o’clock Position of the chronograph power reserve indicator. Among them, the chronograph uses two colors on the legendary chronograph in 1969, namely blue and black and gray.

    Pointer display

       The sweeping chronograph hands have a star-shaped logo at the end, and the large rod-shaped hour and minute hands have a luminous function, which integrates the important identifying characteristics of the ElPrimero star speed.


       The crown on the side of the case is also engraved with a star logo. The crown can be wound manually in two directions: clockwise for the chronograph function and counterclockwise for the watch. Rotating the crown 25 turns is enough to fully power the timepiece barrel.

    Back-through movement display

       This watch is equipped with a new ElPrimero star-speed movement certified by COSC. The chronograph frequency reaches 360,000 vibrations / hour, ensuring its accuracy of one hundredth of a second, and the energy consumption is ten times higher than the original. The system uses El Primero’s signature 5 Hz frequency and provides a 50-hour daily travel time power reserve. The high performance of this movement is reflected in the new adjustment mechanism and patented timing control mechanism, as well as the graphene-based composite hairspring. Its antimagnetic ability is far more than 15,000 Gauss. In addition, the star-shaped automatic rotor is quite aesthetic.

    Strap and buckle

       The alligator strap and the five-pointed star buckle, which also features the brand, complete the design of this timepiece.

    Cool DefyElPrimero21 watch

    Summary: Zenith has condensed modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to create this durable and durable DefyElPrimero21 watch. The entire watch’s all-black tone is very cool, plus the hollow dial design, no matter where it is worn, this Every watch can easily become the focus. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)

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    Blancpain Will Always Strive For Perfection

    A tradition of excellence beginning in 1735 Blancpain is always perfect
     & ldquo; Swiss Blancpain watch was born in 1735, is the oldest watch brand in Swiss history, is also the world’s first registered watch brand, its hundreds of years of culture and sophisticated craftsmanship, Blancpain Blancpain in the world watch The altar has a supreme position. Even if all the gorgeous praises have faded, the rustic spirit and restrained wisdom contained in Blancpain is enough to achieve a noble faith, which is unremittingly pursued by perfectionists in the time art he has cast.


     BLANCPAIN insists that every watch is entirely handmade and exquisitely handcrafted, all are individually numbered, and the date of manufacture and the name of the watchmaker are recorded. Therefore, the value of BLANCPAIN not only lies in the manual and all Consumption of manpower, but meticulous requirements for every detail, elegant and classic appearance, transcendentally unaffected by the change of trend, become eternal art treasures.
     As a manufacturer of top-level watches, Blancpain has long been favored by many national celebrities, movie stars, sports celebrities and other celebrities. In politics, the most famous is Russian Prime Minister Putin. Putin likes watches, and especially loves BLANCPAIN watches made with deep knowledge of precision machinery. Not only do you wear Blancpain for important occasions, you are no exception in private time. According to reports, not long ago, he loved outdoor sports and spent a rare holiday in the Republic of Tuva when he returned from the inspection of Irkutsk. Locally, Putin was received by the hospitable shepherd. In return, he presented the Blancpain watch he was wearing to the herder.


     In the entertainment industry, as a leading figure in fashion, Hollywood star Brad Pitt not only enjoyed a pair of dragons and babies in 2008, but also received his beloved wife Angelina Jolie in the name of their newborn baby. During the French Cannes Film Festival, the BLANCPAIN Blancpain star product fifty tourbillon watch was specially selected in the BLANCPAIN Blancpain store as the first Father’s Day gift. In addition, the British star David Beckham, the French movie star, Gerhard Buddy, who plays the big nose, are also loyal fans of Blancpain Blancpain. They each have more than two Blancpain watches.

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    Setting New Standards-new Oris Carlos Coste Diving Limited Edition Fourth Edition

    Oris Glory launches the fourth edition of the new CarlosCoste diving limit watch, a high-performance watch suitable for free diving. This sport requires divers to hold their breath for several minutes underwater, and above all, they have the courage to push the limits.

      This is also the driving force for Oris image ambassador Carlos Costa. In 2003, he became the first person to dive freely to break the 100-meter barrier; in 2010, he swam 150 meters in an underwater cave in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, breaking the Guinness World Record. Surprisingly, Carlos can hold a breath for 7 and a half minutes. In Venezuela, he is known as the ‘born aquaman.’

      The best way to test the performance of a diving watch is to perform an underwater test, which is why Oris has been working closely with CarlosCoste since 2006. Before Carlos made his most recent record-breaking attempt in 2015, Oris gloriously launched the fourth edition of the CarlosCoste Dive Limit Watch.

      The multi-piece case of the fourth edition of the OrisCarlosCoste Dive Limited Edition is made of strong but lightweight titanium, with a watch diameter of 46 mm. In the dark world underwater, readability is very important. To this end, Oris specially places a minute scale on the top ring of a black ceramic watch that rotates in one direction, embedded with white fluorescent material, so that the diver can see the remaining diving time at a glance. The scale and hands on the black dial are embedded with orange fluorescent material. At the same time, the inside of the double-sided arched sapphire glass is coated with anti-reflective coating to minimize glare. The watch is water-resistant to 500 meters.

      Another ingenious design is the dark orange dot on the manual helium exhaust valve at 3 o’clock, which is designed to quickly distinguish the time and date setting crown at 2 o’clock. The fully automatic movement in the case not only provides power for the operation of the watch, but also for the calendar display at 3 o’clock and the operation of the small seconds hand between 7 and 9 o’clock.

      The models are available in black rubber straps and titanium straps, all of which are equipped with Oris’s original quick-adjust sliding skid folding buckle.

      The back cover of the fourth edition of the OrisCarlosCoste diving limit watch is engraved with Carlos’s unique symbol. It is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide. This is another true manifestation of the Oris brand’s purpose ‘realwatchesforrealpeople’.

    product features

    OrisCarlosCoste Dive Limited Edition Fourth Edition
    Product number: 74377097184RS, watch diameter: 46.00mm
    Limited to 2,000 worldwide

     OrisCal.743 fully automatic movement, basic movement SW220-1, calendar window at 3 o’clock, small seconds dial between 7 and 9 o’clock
    Multi-piece titanium case, water-resistant to 500 meters
    Unidirectional rotating top ring with black ceramic embedded and minute scale engraved
    Screw-in date and time setting crown at 2 o’clock, manual helium exhaust valve at 3 o’clock
    Screwed back of titanium watch back, engraved with Carlos unique symbol
    Double-sided arched sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on the inside
    Black dial, scales and nickel hands with dark orange fluorescent material
    The black rubber strap is equipped with a self-developed safety anchor by Oris and a titanium quick-release sliding skid folding buckle. Another titanium strap is available

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    Franck Muller Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Presents Vanguard Cobra, Vanguard Pixel And Yachting Series

    Franck Muller, a high-end watch brand in Geneva, Switzerland, held a grand presentation of the World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (WPHH) at the Maison Franck Muller in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong on September 14-18. Franck Muller WPHH Haute Horlogerie Exhibition started in 1998. This independent Haute Horlogerie exhibition is the first to showcase the new works of the Group’s brands, with master-level design and superb craftsmanship in sight. After successfully hosting the first Asian WPHH in Hong Kong in 2013, this year the brand will again exhibit its annual new works in September to showcase the fine watchmaking craftsmanship.

    Franck Muller holds WPHH Fine Watch Fair at Maison Franck Muller, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, September 14-18

    Franck Muller, founder of FRANCK MULLER, visits WPHH Hong Kong

    (From left) BACKES & STRAUSS Brand CEO Vartkess Knadjian, CVSTOS Brand Founder and CEO Sassoun Sirmakes, FRANCK MULLER Brand Founder Franck Muller, FRANCK MULLER Asia-Pacific Deputy Chairman and Executive Director Mr. Zhu Junhao and FRANCK MULLER Group Director Nicholas Rudaz
       Adhering to the innovative spirit of the Vanguard series launched last year, Franck Muller proudly presents the Vanguard Cobra, Vanguard Pixel and Yachting series. The Vanguard Cobra three-dimensional cobra scale design extends from the case and dial to the strap, and the overall shape is perfect and harmonious; the Vanguard Pixel series’ masculine dials can better highlight the three-dimensional digital time scale design. The same tone of numbers make the points on the dial The pattern and white details of the watch are more prominent; the Yachting series uses the details of the nautical world, not only reminiscent of the unique curves of Franck Muller yachts, but also the details of various nautical worlds: dark blue case, bright white straps and trims The dial with the wind map makes the wearer feel like being in the sea world.
    Vanguard Cobra
    Vanguard Cobra
       The mysterious animal world has always been the source of inspiration for Franck Mulle. Following the highly acclaimed Croco series, Franck Mulle presents the Vanguard Cobra series. The case and dial of this series are decorated with three-dimensional cobra scales, which have a unique design. The scale design extends from the case and dial to the strap, and the overall shape is perfect and harmonious.
    FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Cobra Collection
       The Vanguard Cobra collection was conceived by Franck Mulle’s watchmakers from conception to assembly. The cobra scales on the watch are made from many different materials to make the scales come alive. The exquisite scale design makes the Vanguard series’ fashionable, elegant and dynamic personality more prominent. The new Vanguard Cobra watch is equipped with an automatic movement, a 42-hour power reserve, a cobra leather pattern and a rubber strap, and a folding buckle, which will surely delight watch lovers at first sight.
    FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Black Pixel Collection
    Vanguard Pixel
       Vanguard Pixel is the most masculine watch in the Vanguard series. The Vanguard Pixel highlights the sporty style and modern values ​​of the Vanguard range, while combining new and unique details. Innovative dials and cases, whose lengthy and meticulous production process includes many different processing procedures. The dial shows the well-known three-dimensional digital hour marker design of the Vanguard series. The same tonal numbers make the dot pattern on the dial and the white details of the watch more prominent. This watch is equipped with a rubber and fabric strap and is driven by a self-winding movement with a date display at 6 o’clock. The new Vanguard Pixel collection is full of masculinity and is designed for men who love watches.
    Vanguard Iron Pixel watch
    Yachting Collection
       Franck Muller, who enjoys the reputation of ‘Master of Complex Functions’, has established a cooperative relationship with the Italian Sea Group. For the solemnity of the event, the brand has launched a new watch that pays tribute to superb craftsmanship and the maritime world. The Yachting series is based on the automatic Vanguard series, which uses the details of the nautical world to show time in an innovative way. The Yachting watch is not only reminiscent of the unique curves of Franck Muller, but also integrates the details of various nautical worlds: the dark blue case, the bright white strap and the dial decorated with the wind map make the wearer feel like being in the ocean in.
    Yachting rose gold watch
    Franck Muller and Franck Muller Yachts by the Italian Sea Group
    Yachting titanium watch

       The Franck Muller yacht created by the brand and the Italian Sea Group combines the long and beautiful curves, which complements the design of the Yachting case. The case is embellished with a yacht motif, fully displaying the characteristics of two artistic treasures, perfect harmony. The clear and easy-to-read dial features unique Vanguard digital hour markers, which coincide with the avant-garde design of the dial. The watch is made of titanium, red gold or stainless steel. It is available in classic, chronograph and tourbillon styles and is equipped with an automatic movement. This sporty watch is ideal for owners of Franck Muller yachts. It fully reflects the elegance, unique curves and technical characteristics of watches and yachts. Each watch comes with a Cordura fabric and rubber strap and is adorned with white or blue stitching. Precision performance and rowing design are revealed in this new art work.

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    Enthusiasm And Persistence, They Achieve Their Irresistible Charm (Part I)

    Men who hold firm to their ideals often exude an irresistible charm. This charm comes from the persistence that is not easily given up, and the enthusiasm that seems to burn the small universe of life. This time, the uncle specifically brought five men with the same characteristics but different styles to talk about how they are firmly advancing in their respective fields and how to become a charming man in the eyes of everyone after walking along the way. ( Interview, Text SUNNY CHEN / Photography JOSEPH LI 李成 / Makeup BOYI) Bobo Lee, Founder of Shanghai’s Famous Dessert
    What kind of man can create women’s eyes,
    A sweet mouth with a raised mouth corner and a sweet mood in your heart?
    With a charming smile and a little bit of amusement, the well-known Shanghai dessert founder Bobo Lee created these beautiful desserts.
    He puts all his energy in exchange for your sweet smile.
    He described himself as ‘flipping sugar at the first sight’, and when asked how he successfully made his way from the interior designer to the dessert world, Bobo combed and raised his hearty smile. . He went on to say that because of accidentally seeing the fondant works of American fondant artist Maggie Austin a few years ago, I felt too beautiful! At that moment, there was a decisive decision, and he was bound to become a student of Maggie Austin. Then he started to study at Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo, Japan. After graduating in the first place, he flew to Washington, USA to become Maggie Austin. The student, after returning home, set up a studio and opened a physical store in just five years. His work became more and more famous. When David Beckham hosted a private party in Shanghai, he became the official dessert maker for the party. At the same time, it also appeared in the movie starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu. Dessert industry is booming in China. When asked what’s special about his dessert, Bobo also talked about the desserts he made based on his accumulated learning experience in various countries and before entering the dessert industry. The interior designer’s work experience has made him have more visual presentation and technical extension than other dessert chefs. He also particularly emphasized that its dessert is unique in combining American and British fondant technology and French style. The technique is presented. Bobo Lee wears the Villeret classic series two-year calendar watch in platinum, and also introduces 18K rose gold materials, such as a carefully carved fondant rose, placed on a mousse cake as decoration, which seems simple to outsiders. However, in terms of the actual technology, it is necessary to continuously try and try again, and use different methods to combine the seemingly impossible materials together and present them to consumers’ eyes flawlessly. For him, in addition to It is not only a great leap forward in innovation, but also an enhancement of the cake to not only taste, but a feast of art, which is also what he wants to convey to all consumers. He is a Dessert chef, but he is even more an art creator. Gastronomy and watchmaking are two major industries with a long history and miracles. As a professional dessert chef, Bobo is even more impressed by the ideas of craftsmen. When we talked about the similarities between the dessert maker and the watchmaker, he said alive and relaxed when he started the interview, and said with a serious and cautious attitude. Although everyone seems to be dessert and watchmaking are eight shots It’s not a relationship, but in fact, both of them are the core business that strives for excellence and meticulousness. Only day to day work and continuous innovation can present a timeless and classic style. The watchmaker needs delicate techniques and logical application. The dessert chef is not. Behind the seemingly beautiful results, it is the craftsmen who spend a lot of time and energy to win the beauty pursuit. Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Two Places Perpetual Calendar (Model: 6670-3642-55B) Platinum or 18K Rose Gold Material / Diameter 40mm / CAL 6054F Automatic Movement / 72 hours / hour, minutes, two hours, Day, date, month display / waterproof 30m Bobo Villeret classic series two-year calendar watch worn by Bobo. During the shooting process, he constantly stared at the details of the watch, from the face plate to the case back Bobo. Both are observing in the form of appreciating another kind of dessert. He also said that whether it is the past to study dessert abroad, or now travels around the world because of work and travel, the function of the two places is the most convenient and practical function. Ask him if it is a dessert to describe the watch he wears? At the end of the interview, Bobo replied that he would use milk chocolate rum mousse cake to describe this watch. It was visually stunning but at the same time it was a classic representative. The taste was full of complex changes, and finally accurate. The silky scented scent on the taste buds is like the complicated structure in the watch, but it accurately provides the consumer’s needs in terms of functions. Both of them have a very full expression in terms of ornamentality, practicality and artistry. Song Yayi
    I like to call him ‘Xiu Lang’.
    Because this title is full of poetic and at the same time, it can fully explain the creative and exquisite embroidery technique of Rexy Song Yazheng.
    This big boy who smiled as warm as the sun embroidered his love for the world of Daqian with stitches and threads with his delicate thoughts.
    Ask Rexy how Song Yayi stepped into the embroidery industry. Rexy took a embarrassed smile and said that it was totally a mistake to invest in this industry. She graduated from London College of Fashion ( (LCF). At the beginning, he majored in clothing design and had internships at well-known brands such as Alexander McQueen and Giles Deacon. At that time, the internship departments were assigned to specialized embroidery craftsmanship. Appreciate and cultivate interest from it. He never really touched the embroidery craftsmanship, and found the goal that he wanted to chase for the rest of his life in the shiny beads and embroidery techniques. Therefore, Rexy flew to the advanced embroidery workshop in Paris, France after the internship of the two major brands Lesage, also the most famous top-level embroidery workshop under CHANEL, continued to study and further improve his own embroidery craftsmanship. In 2015, he founded a studio with partners to let French embroidery learned abroad and Chinese The combination of oriental techniques continues this ancient technique. I was curious to ask him, what are the qualities needed to be a good embroiderer? He lowered his head for a moment, then uttered the words patience and persistence. Looking at his painting of the Empress of the Qing Dynasty at the scene, you can probably imagine how much time and patience it takes to complete it, but he said that in fact, patience is not only used for embroidery, but also for stability. In their own mood, because in this era, people have become accustomed to the consumption patterns that are readily available, the development of the Internet, and changes in consumption habits. The so-called ‘waiting’ has gradually disappeared in the minds of consumers. But for embroidery, it is nothing more than the persistence of the elite under the tempering of time and the embroiderer. This insistence is to be able to adhere to the craftsmanship and details of the process under the pressure of time, not because of external factors. And disrupted the rhythm of the embroiderer and his insistence on aesthetics. Bobo Lee wears Blancpain Villeret classic series 8-day long-powered full-calendar moon phase watch Rexy. He also mentioned that if he asked what his work wanted to convey, he expressed humbly, because he would often exchange embroidery with Su Xiu teachers. Skills, but in fact, the most commonly felt in this communication is a ‘fault’. Such faults come from consumers or ordinary people. They have a sense of distance from traditional embroidery works. Such a sense of distance comes from being unable to Incorporating this technique into the lives of consumers, it seems that works such as embroidery can only be hung on the wall or displayed in glass windows. But what I want to do is to use the western-style embroidery techniques I learned abroad and combine the elements of the East to step out of this so-called fault and create a balanced beauty between the East and the West. The established framework, using this piece of aesthetics in life, has given new development and breakthroughs to the two hundred years of traditional skills. When helping Rexy wear the Blancpain Villeret classic 8-day long-power full-calendar moon phase watch, he carefully turned the watch over and looked at the precision gears and beautifully decorated gold rotors on the case back. I was surprised to ask He, usually the first thing you see when you look at a watch is the craftsmanship on the dial. Why does he start with the back of the watch differently from others? He said that the watchmaker and the embroiderer are similar to some extent. Everyone thinks that embroidery is a flat concept, but in fact it is not. Embroidery is based on the order of layers and stacked with scientific logic. All steps are required. It is clearly recorded that it is not necessary to fold up as you think, and when paying attention to the beauty of the front end, the embroiderer must pay attention to the arrangement of the needlework behind the back. Pursuit is exactly the common concept of many artistic creations. Blancpain’s watchmaking concept and embroidery art embody the meticulous concept of creation. Blancpain Villeret Classic 8-Day Long-Power Full-Calendar Moon Phase Watch (Model: 6639-3631-55B) Rose gold case, white large fire enamel plate / 42mm diameter / Cal. 6639 automatic movement / 192 hours / Hours, minutes, small seconds, day of the week, date, month, moon phase display / Waterproof 30 meters from assembly to polishing and other processes, behind the time beating, are also superimposed with rigorous, uncompromising superb skills, even It is the hollow back that also allows consumers to marvel when each part is given an elegant process when turned to the back. This should be the embroidery and watchmaker’s ingenuity in the concept of artisans. Hold on to it. To be continued Apart from dessert and embroidery craftsmen, Florist, Bartender and barista are coming soon, so stay tuned for the sequel!

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    Strong New Product Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Greenwich Mean Time Concept Tourbillon Wrist Real Shot

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Greenwich Standard Time Tourbillon (Royal Oak Concept GMT) was first introduced at the 2014 Geneva International High-level Watch Fair (SIHH). This watch is elegant and pure white. The color and luster are memorable and powerful, and it is a watch tailored for avant-garde collectors and watch enthusiasts who value technology and craftsmanship.

       A carefully carved titanium case and a rubber strap, combined with a pure white ceramic bezel, elegantly build a unique structure that reflects the ultimate architectural beauty, delicately carrying a tourbillon and ‘GMT’ (GMT) ) Second time zone display. This 2014 new model has a stunning appearance like a dazzling light under the central white spotlight on the pure white stage. Benefiting from the huge breakthroughs and innovations made by Audemars Piguet in terms of material technology and technology, the upper bridge of this watch Made for the first time from white ceramics, it was able to present such a sophisticated design.

       Emphasizing the harmony and unity of the case and the movement has always been the main feature of the Audemars Piguet concept watch. The ultra-modern ‘engine’ and ultra-modern ‘chassis’ fit seamlessly, perfectly combining its excellent technical aesthetics with micro-craftsmanship, showing its unique characteristics.

       The Royal Oak Concept GMT also has a series of display devices. Depending on the position of the winding shaft, the hands at 6 o’clock on the dial indicate the selected state. H, N, and R correspond to the three states of the winding shaft, which respectively indicate the time adjustment state, normal state, and winding state.
       The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
    More 2014 SIHH news reports:

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    Celebrating Panerai’s World’s Largest Specialty Store Is Located In Hong Kong

    On February 26, 2015, after the expansion of the Italian luxury watch brand Panerai’s Hong Kong store, it was grandly re-opened today.

       This Panerai’s world’s largest specialty store is located at 2 Canton Road, one of the most prosperous areas on the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. As one of the five new concept stores in the world, Panerai’s Hong Kong store and the brand’s Florence history store, Paris, Miami and New York stores follow the same line. They are also born in Spain, studying and working in Italy Designer Patricia Urquiola loves to design. The design is based on Panerai’s timeless design. It perfectly integrates modernity and tradition, interprets the brand’s classic aesthetics and technical craftsmanship, and shows the brand and the relationship between the world in the ocean.

       In the early spring season, Mr. Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai and the guests present at the bustling Canton Road, witnessed a new chapter in the development of this Italian high-end watch brand in Asia: Mr. Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai, Panerai Mr. Julio Sato, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, and Mr. Antonello De Riu, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong, attended the opening ceremony of the Panerai Hong Kong store and jointly cut the ribbon for this store. VIPs, business partners, and media friends from Panerai Asia Pacific came to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

       Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati said, ‘I am proud to announce the expansion of the Canton Road store in Hong Kong, and now it is the largest Panerai store in the world. For us, Asia is an important market with rapid growth. Patricia Urquiola Adhering to the brand philosophy, we have successfully demonstrated our heritage with tradition and our expectations for the future, design, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Hong Kong stores also have special edition watches unique to the world. During the awake lion dance that symbolizes auspiciousness in traditional Chinese culture, Mier’s foot is full of joy and glory. In addition to praising Panerai’s long-established brand history, Xing Lion’s wonderful dance is also a blessing for the new store. On the evening of the event, guests were invited to attend a Panerai dinner with the theme of ‘Tradition and Innovation’ (When Tradition Meets Innovation). The scene is transformed into an elegant and magical space, which reflects the brand’s long tradition, Italian design and Swiss exquisite craftsmanship. Entering the dazzling LED corridor, guests feel like walking into the time tunnel. The lighting installation was created by world-renowned professional lighting designer Moritz Waldemeyer, who has worked with famous designers such as Zaha Hadid to shape the world-class stage for the London Olympics.

       The designer was inspired by the outstanding luminous effect of Panerai’s iconic dial. A ‘magic wall of light’ was set up in the dining area of ​​the dinner, and a special translucent surface was applied to the wall and illuminated the audience. The dining table is also bathed in the gentle glow of LED lights. Vito Mollica, Michelin-starred chef at the Il Palagio restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, prepares dinner for guests. World-renowned chef Mollica excels at adding modern flavors to authentic Italian cuisine, and uses only the freshest ingredients from top handmade ingredients suppliers.
       In order to complement the dishes specially designed by celebrity chef Mollica for this feast, Panerai specially invited the world-class female singer Nicole Renaud to present a distinguished singing to the guests. Ms. Renaud has performed at several international events including the Venice Biennale, and has appeared in many films and commercials. Renaud, trained in orthodox vocal music, is actively exploring various avant-garde methods to inject a new modernity into traditional vocal music. Just as Tong Panerai has tirelessly injected epoch-making characteristics into the brand’s original classics in recent years. The dinner was not only set with top-notch dishes and intoxicating music, but guests can also enjoy up-close viewing of three Luminor 1950 special edition watches (PAM00606, PAM00618, PAM00608) specially designed for the opening of Canton Road stores. ‘HONG KONG’ is engraved on the lever position.
       The re-opened Hong Kong store is located at the intersection of Canton Road and Beijing Road. The store area has now expanded to 367 square meters, and it is currently the world’s largest store in Panerai. The shop has a unique design, with a corrugated aluminum facade inlaid with a large wall clock with Panerai’s iconic dial. The exclusive store is five floors higher. In addition to the regular sales area, there is also a separate VIP exclusive area on the first floor to provide Panerai lovers with a unique shopping experience. In addition, the specialty store has a customer service center, where professional watchmakers are dispatched to provide customers with watch repair and care services.