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    Seeing Fresh And Goodbye Chopard Liu Tao, China’s Best Friend Of The Brand, Leads The New Style Of Summer Fashion

    Lian Yufang goes with the spring, and it’s clear that the summer has reached the end of the day, and the gentle lingering of the spring day fades away. The midsummer is like a vibrant picture scroll, which invites people to explore the colorful world. The deep blue sea and pure white clouds … Chopard, under the dynamic interpretation of Liu Tao, a brand friend, releases the calm and elegant style charm of modern women, and also uses the theme of ‘happiness’ as a pen to trace the sky and sea. The summer landscape is unintentionally showing a fresh and casual summer spirit.

    Chopard Happy Ocean

       She is easy and casual, she is free to follow her heart, and sometimes seeks herself in challenges, and often lives in peace. As Liu Tao explained, the simplest dress radiates endless confidence on her. The white shirt is paired with jeans with a sophisticated yet elegant look. The same color of Chopard Happy Ocean watches and Happy Dreams jewellery sets the finishing touch for her overall dressing. It combines sports and leisure elements with a fresh and romantic style. Female leisurely summer style.

    Chopard Happy Dreams earrings, necklaces and rings

       The mysterious and vast sea in the midsummer evokes the infinite desire of modern women to get close to nature. The Chopard Happy Ocean series watch on Liu Tao’s wrist gives it a firm power to explore. The azure blue dial is intended for the deep and secluded ocean, and the white minute hands are dotted with turquoise or rose red, which can fluoresce at night or in the dark deep sea. The hour and hour markers flash blue, and all indications required for diving glow green. Five round brilliant-cut diamonds, like bubbles or shining fish, roam freely in the charming waters, matching the free will and lightness of the sea. Chopard Happy Ocean series watches have superb aesthetic design, water-resistant depth up to 300 meters also demonstrates its excellent technical performance, making modern women a great partner for summer travel.

       The symbol of summer is in addition to the endless sea, the vast and bright sky, the blue sky and white clouds gently blending with each other, reflecting the clear and peaceful broad-mindedness of modern women, accompanied by Chopard Chopard, telling the leisurely pursuit of happiness all the time, and Happiness is also the original intention of Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series. The Happy Dreams jewellery from the Happy Diamonds collection draws inspiration from the gentle clouds and fantasy dreams. The intertwined circles and plump and rounded curves merge into one, presenting a wonderful dreamlike mood; the brilliance and freedom are free The diamonds are full of fun, praising the joyful mood of vitality. Chopard Happy Dreams necklaces and earrings inlaid with sapphire and mother-of-pearl are more light and elegant in the gradient dark blue tone, which adds a sense of fashion to the overall look. It also intersects with Chopard Happy Ocean series watches on Liu Tao’s wrist. In response, the image of modern women’s freedom, lightness and joy is fully displayed.

       Minimalist style blooms with elegance and magnificence, and embellishes the casual style. Chopard and the brand’s best friend Liu Tao have selected the best style works in this summer, creating modern and exquisite fashion dresses for modern women, and accompanying them to collect more during the journey Shen Ming happy wonderful memories.

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    Cartier L’ Heure Envoutee De Cartier Series Appreciation

    This is a magical poem. L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series watches come to each other’s call. Each has its own unique features, precious and rare … a mysterious promise of the common guardian. Who are they

     All of a sudden … it seemed like acquaintances, sing-alongs, and rapture, but they were not the same. They came out of magic and transcended all senses of reality. They are accompanied by each other, one concrete and one abstract, in pairs, such as the shadow of deformation in a mirror, which stimulates a wonderful dialogue between gems and animals. These innovations connect shapes and colors, patterns and light … diamonds,
    Emerald or yellow gold woven a matching game, telling the world that in Cartier’s world, poetry is the source of creativity, vibrant, passionate, and hot …

     Between day and night, time changes and changes … A watch series full of magic, staged a hundred-day dream, set up a bridge to Cartier’s magical world, like a magnificent gem in a fairytale world Transform in light and shadow and gain life. This series was born out of Cartier’s two major craftsmanship: rare gem skills and lifelike gorgeous animal shapes.

     L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … The deep emeralds are full of lush, rich and mellow. In this hidden watch, the Art Deco diamond lines shine, and the subtle dial beneath the diamond pleats is looming.
    At this mysterious moment, Cartier invites us to close our eyes … The figure that emerges from the leaves slowly reveals the rich and shining gems, and a rare crocodile appears in the center of the transformed watch. It is both a watch and a brooch, a poetic work of free contemplation, revealing the charming charm given to its work by the jeweler.

     High Jewellery Secret Watch

     18K rhodium-plated white gold case set with 33.51 carats of emeralds and brilliant-cut round diamonds. Quartz movement, unique work.


     18K yellow gold case with crocodile scale Luzer enamel dial. 18K yellow gold brooch set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, enamel blades, emerald eyes. Green alligator strap. Quartz movement. Numbered and limited to 50 pieces.

     L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … Rose-shaped cut diamonds are dazzling. The perfect geometric shape in the center echoes the elegance and fragmentation of the Art Deco era. Like a light, this bracelet with natural pearls and brilliant-cut round diamonds seems to lead the perfect transcendence and travel between time and space … The extraordinary imagination rides the wings of the swan to break through the limitations, and flies into the diamond’s sky … …

     Under the mysterious gear system in the stealth mechanical structure, under the shadow of diamonds, among the swans’ wings, the moments are looming.

     L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … dazzling black and white abstract pattern, which means cheetah stripes, and a soft bracelet watch surrounds the wrist …

     L’ Heure Envoutee de Cartier series … The mysterious cheetah suddenly jumped out of the center of the dial of the Baignoire watch …

     The ubiquitous cheetah is a vital source of inspiration for Cartier. It is strong and charismatic, symbolizing and metaphorizing this free femininity.

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    The Second ‘clocks And Miracles’ Vacheron Constantin World Time

    Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time launches a new limited edition platinum collection. The watch is powered by Vacheron Constantin’s self-developed and manufactured 2460 WT self-winding mechanical movement, which can display the time in 37 time zones around the world, including time zones that differ by half an hour or fifteen minutes from world standard time. This movement contains three patents: showing the real time in 37 time zones, showing the day and night zone, and turning the crown to adjust the various display functions. The case diameter is 42.50 mm, and the case, dial and folding clasp are made of 950 platinum. The watch bears the prestigious Geneva seal, limited to 100 pieces.

    Traditionnelle World Time Limited Platinum Collection
    Adhering to the brand’s pioneering spirit and dedication to creating a perfect multi-time zone timepiece, Vacheron Constantin presented the brand’s first timepiece with international time zone functions in 1932. The movement was created by the Geneva watch wizard Louis Cottier. During production, he conceived and designed a mechanical movement that can display 24 time zones. The disc rotates around the central dial, and the bezel is engraved with the names of major cities in the world. Vacheron Constantin’s first world time clock ‘Cottier system’ (model 3372) can simultaneously display the regional time of 31 cities around the world, marking Vacheron Constantin’s long and outstanding achievements in the field of world time complication technology. In 1936, Vacheron Constantin launched two other world timepieces, showing the regional time of 31 cities (model 3650) and 30 cities (except Cairo) (model 3638). In 1937 and 1938, the brand launched six table clocks. With a mobile dial design, the time can be displayed in 67 regions, including summer and winter time in Paris. From the 1940s, Vacheron Constantin introduced the world time clock with the model number 4414. The dial can display the time of 41 cities, and the 24-hour moving disc is divided into two areas: day and night. During the 1940s and 1950s, the brand made a name for itself with its superb achievements in this functional timepiece, making it a masterpiece for many celebrities to chase.

    In 1957, Vacheron Constantin launched the first world time watch, model 6213, which was ordered by an Egyptian nobleman. The watch was the first movement with this complication to be applied to the wrist, opening a new chapter in the brand’s history of world timepieces. Won a high reputation among many connoisseurs and collectors.
    Patented new world time movement
    In order to make the new world time complication movement a distinctive complication movement, Vacheron Constantin’s watchmakers and engineers are determined to create a watch that can display not only the entire time zone, but also some time zone time, To fully display real time in 37 time zones. At present, the time adopted by some countries in the world differs from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by half an hour or fifteen minutes. Vacheron Constantin’s 2460 WT movement solves these special cases. Taking Caracas as an example, Venezuela adjusted the entire time zone to half time zone (GMT-4:30) in 2007. This movement can correctly display the local time of Caracas.

    The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle World Time watch can display the time in 37 time zones around the world, covering all imaginable regions. The display area consists of three dials: a distinctive day and night zone on the sapphire dial; a 950 platinum dial with a Lambert Projector map display; and a 950 platinum digital ring displaying the minutes And hour scale. The watch vibrates at 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and has a 40-hour power reserve. The self-winding mechanical movement 2460 WT displays the hour, minute, central seconds and world time. The watch can simultaneously display the time in various regions of the world, and the world map in the center of the dial can show the difference between day and night. The operation of this highly complex watch is extremely simple, and the display functions can be adjusted simply by turning the crown. In view of these unique design techniques, the new 2460 WT movement has been patented and is engraved with the prestigious Geneva seal.
    Simple operation and easy to wear
    Despite its complex construction principles, the new Traditionnelle World Time watch is extremely easy to use. The wearer only needs to select the required reference time on the 24-hour digital disc, adjust it to the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock, and then read the standard time of the desired place by the hour hand or 24-hour dial, and The time in the other 36 time zones will be displayed at the same time. Cities displayed in black represent the entire time zone, while cities displayed in red represent the half or quarter time zone.

    The new Traditionnelle World Time watch combines all the signature features of the Traditionnelle collection: a slim bezel, a knurled pattern on the case back, a screw-down sapphire crystal case back and sword-shaped hands, a platinum 950 watch with a diameter of 42.5 mm Shell, water-resistant to 30 meters. Alligator leather strap with 950 platinum folding buckle.
    Possessing practical and complicated function display, together with the innovative technology of the 2460 WT movement, the Traditionnelle World Time Limited Platinum Collection series has once again established Vacheron Constantin’s leading position in multi-time zone watch development.

    Traditionnelle World Time Limited Platinum Collection
    Model: 86060 / 000P-9979, certified by the Geneva Seal
    2460 WT
    Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures itself
    Automatic mechanical movement
    36.60 mm (11’’’¼)
    Thickness 7.55 mm
    Approximately 40 hours of power reserve
    Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour)
    255 parts
    27 gems
    Central seconds
    World time display in day / night zone (37 time zones)
    950 platinum
    42.50 mm diameter, 11.62 mm thickness
    Case back with transparent sapphire crystal
    Water resistance factor tested at 3 bar atmospheric pressure (about 30 meters)
    Dial: Consists of three dials:
    The central part of a sapphire dial is the day / night scale, and the 24-hour scale with ink stamps
    1 950 platinum dial hand-polished embossed ‘Lambert projection’ map display and converted city names
    A 950 platinum bezel displays the minute scale and 18K gold hour scale. ‘PT950’ mark printed between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock
    Dark blue Mississippi alligator strap,
    950 platinum, hand-stitched with silk thread, riding stitching, large square scales
    950 platinum three-piece folding clasp
    Polished Half Maltese Cross
    Limited edition of 100 pieces
    Case back engraved with ‘N ° X / 100’

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    Introduction To Lange Saxon Saxonia Series Ultra-thin Watch

    At the 2011 Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva, the Lange SAXONIA THIN ultra-thin watch broke the ultra-thin record of the Saxony series. According to Lange, this watch with a thickness of 5.9mm and a movement thickness of only 2.9mm is the thinnest timepiece ever made by the Lange-Saxony factory.

     The design of this SAXONIA THIN ultra-thin watch inherits the characteristics of the SAXONIA series: a thin rose gold case with a simple silver-white solid silver dial; in addition to the slender rod-shaped hour scale and lancet shape, other. The function is simple enough to display only hours and minutes. It can be described as extremely simple, but it is full of German toughness and elegance.

    In order to meet the thickness of 5.9mm, the SAXONIA THIN ultra-thin watch is equipped with a new manual winding movement L093.1. The dimensions of this movement are 28mm / 2.9mm. This is the thinnest movement made by Lange, consisting of 167 parts and 21 stones. The vibration frequency is 21600vph, with a 72-hour power reserve function.

    The Lange SAXONIA THIN ultra-thin watch is only available in rose gold case, with silver-white dial, brown alligator strap, and rose gold indexes and hands.

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    Large-sized Watch Obsessive-compulsive Disorder May Wish To Take A Look Here

    As we all know, the size of the watch diameter is directly related to the comfort of the watch. When buying a watch, everyone will pay more attention to the size of the watch. In the past, thin and thin watches have become more popular. In recent years, large-sized watches have become popular. For some patients with complex watch obsessive-compulsive disorder, large-sized watches may be more in line with their psychological desires. Because large-sized watches can not only provide more and more professional functions, but also look more avant-garde, more stylish, and more domineering. However, in comparison, a watch with a diameter of about 43 mm is more suitable for Chinese wear. Whether the diameter of the watch is too large or the diameter of the watch is small, this is always a topic of entanglement. Today, we deliberately found several watches of different sizes, to discuss with everyone the right and wrong.
    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5018-1230-64A

    Product model: 5018-1230-64A
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: titanium
    Strap Material: Rubber
    Dial size: 55.65 mm
    Water resistance: 300 meters
    Watch price: 308,500 yuan
    Watch details: XXV movement, power reserve of about 55 hours, waterproof depth of 30 meters. This watch is a limited edition collection of Panerai watches released in 2015. Only 300 pieces are sold worldwide. It can be regarded as a tribute to past models by Panerai.
    IWC Portugal Series IW503401 Perpetual Calendar Watch

    Product model: IW503401
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Dial size: 44.2 mm
    Waterproof depth:-
    Watch price: 286,800 yuan
    Watch details: iwc / 37866 /
    Watch Reviews: As far as its appearance is concerned, the overall layout of the dial of this watch is harmonious and symmetrical, beautiful and generous. The sweeping dark blue dial with black alligator leather strap is stylish. In terms of its internal functions, this watch is equipped with power reserve display, date display, day of the week display, month display, annual calendar display and perpetual calendar function, which is convenient to take the time, and the unique north and south hemisphere dual moon phase display especially set off the dial. Mysterious mood. The movement of this watch uses the latest developed 52615 automatic winding movement, which not only guarantees an average of one day of error every 577.5 years, but also provides up to one week of power reserve. In comparison, this watch is closer to the daily life of our ordinary people, so the cost performance will be higher.
    Summary: Although large-sized mechanical watches can meet the obsessive-compulsive psychology of some sophisticated watch seekers, they are not completely applicable in daily life, not only because it is too heavy and too inconvenient to wear, but also because of this model This type of watch is equipped with a few specialized functions, and the price is relatively high. For ordinary people, these functions are not absolutely practical. Of course, for patients with large-scale watches with strong obsessive-compulsive disorder needs, bleeding is also worthwhile. For example, the second model mentioned in the article is simple and elegant, and the timing function has a strong sports style. The limited edition is very memorable. For example, the third paragraph mentioned in the article has more practical functions, and it is very interesting to watch in leisure.

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    Omega Speedmaster ‘ck2998’ Limited Edition Watch

    The original Omega Speedmaster ‘CK2998’ watch was released in 1959, and has since been among the most sought-after antique Speedmaster watches in the world. This watch with oblique hands, symmetrical case and dark bezel has been a popular style for a long time.

        Omega is now inspired by this classic watch and has created a new Speedmaster ‘CK2998’ limited edition watch. On the one hand, the design retains most of the outstanding elements of the original style, on the other hand, it also improves and innovates to cater to the preferences of the new generation of users. The shape is more perfect, showing the fashion beauty.
       The blue tone of the Omega Speedmaster ‘CK2998’ limited edition watch is the most eye-catching. The three small dials of the watch, the minute hand movement and the glossy ceramic bezel with a speedometer scale at the bottom are all blue; the scale of the speedometer is treated with a luminous coating, which can be clearly displayed even in dim environments. The leather strap is also blue, and is decorated with an ‘almond’ top thread and a glossy strap buckle.

        The glossy and frosted all-steel case is set off against the silvery milky surface, and there are other pleasing design elements, including the hour and minute hands and the small dial hands, which are rhodium-plated, and the chronograph seconds hand engraving the original version Lollipop.

       This limited edition watch is limited to 2,998 pieces, with a limited number printed on the back, and engraved with the hippocampus logo, Ω logo and ‘SPEEDMASTER’.

        The legendary Speedmaster watch has always been dressed in many historical styles, and the new limited edition style also inherits the classic elements. It is equipped with the famous Omega 1861 movement, which is the first ‘lunar watch’ of the year. core.
       For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

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    Inventory Of Three Time Journeys To Record History

    The glory of the ancient Roman empire is the historical foundation of the whole of Europe. The long history of ancient Rome has given the posterity unlimited cultural and artistic drawing space. Whether it is the Paris Grand Mercure MATZ PARIS that has traveled in Rome, or Bulgari, which has always inherited Roman culture, their classic designs have traces of ancient Rome. Introduce three of the most ancient Roman artistic watches, relive the glory days of the Empire. Classic heritage of the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS ancient Rome watch
    The ancient Roman watch is a watch specially designed by the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS to commemorate the forebears of the family. The watch uses the ancient Roman classic alphabet design dedicated to the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS family as the scale mark. The classic Roman classic alphabet design of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS is derived from the drawings and drawings of the predecessors of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS family. The MATZO family, who once lived in Rome, engraved such letters as identification marks on each item they made.
    In addition, in order to express the fusion of time and space, the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS has precisely carved the unique cosmic light ripple design of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS on the dial of the ancient Roman watch. The cosmic light ripple is the original design of the Paris Mercury MATZO PARIS aerospace design art team, and represents the unique universe fashion concept of the Paris Mercury MATZO PARIS. The proposal of the concept of cosmic fashion has swept the entire European luxury fashion field. This special artistic significance has achieved the top position of Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS in Europe.
    The jewel-encrusted crown adds to the understated aristocratic temperament of the ancient Roman watch, and the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS classic sapphire blue hand records the brilliant minutes of the empire. It is worth mentioning that the design of the classic ergonomic case back of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZ PARIS, perfectly fits the watch’s curvature with the wrist, comfortable and considerate, and the curved sapphire anti-glare mirror ensures that you can be clear from any angle. Reading time.
    The design of the stainless steel double butterfly buckle strap once again reflects the formidable beauty of the ancient Roman female gladiator. The arc of the gladiator’s muscles and the cold weapon directly collided into the light reflected by the stainless steel strap. , And the brand’s exclusive classic waterproof technology allows the watch to be worn around you at all times.
    Gorgeous Amethyst Lotus Chopard Imperiale Watch
    The Chopard Imperiale watch is known as the amethyst lotus in the watch industry. This stems from the watch’s special crown. The arched crown is set with a convex amethyst like an elegant and graceful lotus.
    Imperiale is a gift from Chopard to the Roman Empire. Starting from the dial scale, the watch uses Roman numerals to display the time, and the shape of the lugs uses the classic cylinder famous for its perfectly balanced ratio. With the purple lotus on the crown, the entire watch is brilliant and elegant.
    The Chopard Imperiale watch pays special attention to the changeable details of the watch. The classic and timeless shape reproduces the noble spirit and grand style of the Royal Classicism.
    不 Immortal style that originated in Rome Sotirio Bulgari watch
    Bulgari, which originated in Rome, has always been good at adding strong Roman elements to the design of products. Sotirio Bulgari is also a classic Roman style.
    The Sotirio Bulgari watch uses modern art to interpret the classical meaning of Rome. The unique lugs are the essence of this watch. The ears of the Sotirio Bulgari watch are integrated into the case back at an acute angle, and the contact surface with the case is extremely small. The unique structure brings excellent tensile strength and achieves the effect of dual processing. The word ‘SB’ on the crown is looming, and the fine craftsmanship creates the beautiful artistic effect of the watch.
    The dial of the Sotirio Bulgari watch is also the highlight of the watch. The unique precision-designed dial combines classic elegance and modern aesthetics. The hand-embedded scales and huge Roman numerals reveal this style, perfectly proclaiming the long-standing relationship between Bulgari and Rome.

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    Hermès 950 Platinum Hollow Watch Introduction

    The watch is an incredibly tiny and wonderful mechanical device. The wheel train is constantly moving, and all parts are meticulously matched, as if it is like aura and life. If on this basis, the watch is also carved into a beautiful hollow animal shape, what do you think of at this moment? Yes, Cartier’s cheetah jumped, Hermes’ horse ran, and Breguet’s pigeon flew.
    Hermès 950 platinum skeleton watch
    Platinum dial, processed with large open flame enamel, revealing the layers of the watch core. Can you see what animal is carved on the hollow dial? It is like a shadow, dragged by the time axis. At this end of the story, you are curious by its uninterrupted interpretation. This shadow has a heart that beats like you, just like a shadow play at a shadow, as a child Sometimes sad, sometimes laughing.
    的 The hollow-out art derived from the sculptural art has also become a watchmaking process. It has the same meaning as the paper-cut art and shadow art.
    The watch is an incredibly tiny and wonderful mechanical device. The wheel train is constantly moving. All the parts are meticulously matched, as if it is like aura and life. If on this basis, the watch is also carved into a beautiful hollow animal shape, what do you think of at this moment? Yes, Cartier’s cheetah jumped, Hermes’ horse ran, and Breguet’s pigeon flew.
    Qiu Guang is not enough to make the overall shape. On the splint that will be broken with one more knife, it will be an article. This is the reason why the hollow watch is expensive. It is purely manual and cannot be copied. Geneva pattern, Louis XIV pattern, irregularly deformed flower and grass pattern, winding and winding, smooth extension.
    Hollow addition and subtraction
    +1? NO! The Swiss watchmaker devotes a lot of time and effort to the movement. Based on the ordinary movement, the needle needs to be drilled into small holes with a needle, and then the excess metal is removed with a saw. The next important step is to trim all the edges into 45-degree beveled edges with a sculpting knife, and to engrav the movement face into different patterns. Is there a piece you can forget? joke.
    -1 ? NO! Each knife is carved with sincerity and sincerity. The combination of brain power and hand power is the most important. It is not only to be mature and stable, but also to position the knife according to the different materials. The flawless hollow-out technique lies in the fact that you win all the games. Accidentally cut one? All void.
    Hollow 3D space
    The forms of yin and yang: One type is ‘yang line hollowing out’, that is, the so-called picture line and line of hollowed out art are connected; the other is ‘yin line hollowing out’, that is, the line and line of the picture are disconnected. The important thing in hollowed-out art is the relationship between the empty and displayed parts, that is, the positive-negative relationship. The light and shadow intersect between the square inch, is my vision not enough, or the sun is too bright?
    Three-dimensional visual feast: The most amazing part of hollowed-out art is that it can make two-dimensional things into three-dimensional vision. Facing the table in front of us, we count how many levels together. It is so uneven that it requires For half a day, it may also be used to mess up his eyes. 3D is not a new term, it is already popular on the wrist.

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    The Latest Clifton 1830 Watch From Baume & Mercier

    Baume & Mercier recently launched a new series of Clifton, and recently they introduced the top model of this series, Clifton 1830. This is a good formal watch with a classic appearance, made of rose gold, and equipped with a proprietary Manual winding movement. Clifton 1830 has a rose gold case with a diameter of 42mm and classic lugs. The movement has a power reserve of 90 hours. The movement is specially made by La Joux-Perret Manufacture for Baume & Mercier, with a double barrel. The movement is visible through the transparent case back. Clifton 1830 (ref 10060) perfectly combines classic design with modern size. The case is made of 18K rose gold with exquisite details such as polished satin case parts. Arched sapphire glass, silver-plated milky dial, small seconds counter at six o’clock. Baume & Mercier also launched two automatic models of the Clifton series, one with a black dial (ref. 10053) and one with a silver dial (ref. 10052). Both models are 41mm in diameter. Clifton automatic watches display hours, minutes and small seconds, and a date window at 3 o’clock. Baume & Mercier launches Clifton 1830 watch

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    From Metal To Leather Cartier Tank Spends Leisure Time With You

    Introduction: If travel is an act, then vacation is an attitude. The former focuses on location, while the latter is only for the relaxation of the soul and the soothing of the heart. Some people like to jump from a height of 10,000 meters on vacation and feel the heartbeat of the critical moment; some people like to ride in the canyon to taste the emptiness that belongs to him only; others prefer to dive into Feel the deep loneliness under the sea of ​​10,000 meters; and some people only want to sit in the middle of the large square and spend their time with their beloved watches!

      I remember when Cartier launched the tank Divan 10 years ago, we were thinking about what the next generation of tanks would look like, and we were silently waiting for the arrival of a new tank, but I did not expect that this class was ten years. Fortunately, there has been no waiting in the past 10 years. The launch of Tank Anglaise (British Tank) has really given us a lot of surprises. Its shape is a good interpretation of its name. Compact shape, clear lines, but full of tension. From the side, the design of the crown embedded in the vertical lugs is like the wheels of a tank, helping you to crush the hustle and bustle of the city and find the pure land that belongs to you. Cartier’s newly launched Tank Anglaise also offers models made of K gold and stainless steel. This design not only matches Tank Anglaise’s domineering momentum, but also better fits the watch’s rugged nature. There is no denying the unbridled arrogance of a watch for a leisure vacation.

     Tank Anglaise medium model in gold and steel

     When the British tank was just launched, it was only available in precious metal styles. Although luxurious and noble, there was always less affinity. The introduction of this year’s gold and steel style added a bit of freedom and relaxation, and the 11 diamonds on the scale were also reminded It’s not bad for you to blur the time. In addition, this watch is available in medium and small sizes, with a medium size of 39.2 mm x 29.8 mm and a Cartier 076 automatic mechanical movement.
      The bracelet design of the watch uses K gold and stainless steel design. Such a metal bracelet design can be used in summer or winter, sports or leisure.

        Tank Anglaise Medium Rose Gold

     In fact, so many people are keen on the medium tank because its proportions are harmonious and perfect. You will feel like an elegant elf who is walking into your heart to accompany you to feel the moment when your heart is exiled. This rose gold gold tank uses a belt design. The difference between the straps determines that the wearing feeling of it and the bracelet watch is definitely different. The elegance reveals the quality of time. Wear such a wrist The watch will only let you let go of more distractions, everything is just waiting for the satisfaction of that soul!