New Upgrade Of Patek Philippe Shanghai Customer Service Center

As consumers mature in the consumption of complex-function watches, the requirements for after-sales service have become more important.

At present, although Patek Philippe China only has two stores in Shanghai and Beijing, it also has two customer service centers. In response to the rapid development of the Chinese market in the high-end consumer field, Patek Philippe has adopted a stable and service-oriented market strategy, which is the most direct commitment to every customer who owns a Patek Philippe watch.

At the same time, Patek Philippe adopts the same philosophy for the recruitment and training of professional watchmakers, so that each one has received a strict and complete multi-level training system for watchmakers, and all professional training is held at the Patek Philippe Geneva Training Center. , Determined to build a customer service team consistent with the standards of the Geneva headquarters in Switzerland.

春 In the spring of 2009, Patek Philippe entered a new era: all mechanical movements produced in the future will use the unique Patek Philippe seal. This watchmaking workshop in Geneva has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and independence since its founding in 1839, and the Patek Philippe imprint is the latest achievement of this concept. The new imprint of quality clearly shows the true essence and esteem of Patek Philippe: the perfect level of craftsmanship far exceeds the requirements of external specifications and official standards.

Patek Philippe’s customer service team in China is composed of professional watch technology teams from different countries such as China and Switzerland, and has received a strict and complete multi-level training system for watchmakers from Patek Philippe. Each Patek Philippe watch technology major Everyone has a high degree of control over every watch skill.