Montblanc 2012 Time Traveling Global Touring Exhibition

2012 Topic masterpiece challenge the top of the limit of one thousandth chronograph stopwatch, TimeWriter II double vibration 1,000 chronograph watch focused on debut, in September 2011 and the Swiss International Watch Museum jointly launched ‘writing time- The 190th anniversary of the MONTBLANC chronograph tour special exhibition, bringing many precious antique clock collections and MONTBLANC limited edition watches, has aroused the widespread response of Taiwan watch fans. This year, the ‘The Beauty of Time’ will be launched again this year. ‘Beauty of A Second’ high-end global tour exhibition. In addition to exhibiting historical antique pocket watches from Montblanc’s century-old Swiss Villeret watch factory, the most notable one is the magnificent show at the 2012 Geneva International Top Watch Show, praised as the top of today’s chronograph stopwatch The MONTBLANC TimeWriter II double-vibration 1,000 chronograph watch, worth nearly ten million, will be exhibited together in Taiwan for the first time. In order to concretely show the core value of MONTBLANC’s brand that has supported various arts and cultural activities for many years, MONTBLANC has been organized for two years since 2010. In order to cultivate the talented watchmaker’s TimeWriter program, from 2010 the first TimeWriter program to transform watches. (Metamorphosis), the double-frequency 1,000 chronograph watch launched in 2012, has repeatedly created stunning achievements in the watch industry. ‘The Beauty of A Second’ high-end watch global tour exhibition combining watches and art, and the whole exhibition focus is the MONTBLANC TimeWriter II double vibration 1,000 chronograph watch, which is a Spanish cutting-edge watch supported by MONTBLANC Bartomeu Gomila and Demetrio Cabiddu, technical director of Villeret Watch Factory, successfully challenged the epoch-making masterpiece of physical limits, and became the most watched model in this year’s top international watch exhibition in Geneva with the excellence of reaching the top of the thousandth of a second. Prove once again that MONTBLANC’s fine watchmaking technology transcends the peak. MONTBLANC TimeWriter II Dual Vibration 1,000 Chronograph
    In addition to the highly anticipated TimeWriter II double-frequency 1,000 chronograph watch, Nicolas Rieussec series double-time skeletonized chronograph watch, TimeWalker series, ChronoVoyager UTC, and TwinFly chronograph watches and other new MONTBLANC 2012 Geneva international top-level watches on display Watches will be viewed at once in this exhibition, as if visiting a top Geneva watch exhibition in person. Continuing the celebration of the 190th anniversary of the invention of the timer, MONTBLANC and German director Wen Winders have joined hands to launch the ‘The Beauty of A Second’ online short film contest, which invites amateurs and professionals to shoot the most precious one. The second video and upload it to the official website of the event, which is intended to discover the beautiful beauty of life through the moving of image creation. This contest not only shows MONTBLANC’s support for creative talents and its subsequent development, but also pays the highest tribute to the inventor of timer, Nicolas Rieussec. And exhibited in the ‘The Beauty of A Second’ high-end watch global tour exhibition, MONTBLANC combined this image with the exhibition, allowing watch fans not only to understand the source of time from history, but also to see through technology The future of timekeeping also touches on the invaluability and beauty of the ephemeral time by moving the film.
MONTBLANC Nicolas Rieussec series double time zone skeleton chronograph watch