Miss Chanel Coco’s Limited Time Coffee Shop Appears In Shanghai

On April 13, 2017, Liu Shishi, the Chinese ambassador for Chanel’s make-up image, popular idol Song Qian, youth idol Ouyang Nana, supermodel Yun Mengyao, and fashion trendy Han Huohuo, attended the limited time coffee shop Coco Chanel Café, play Miss Coco Lip Lotion and explore the world of Miss Coco’s color play.

Chanel Liu Shishi, Chinese makeup ambassador
Wearing a CHANEL BOY · FRIEND TWEED watch,
CHANEL High Jewelry Comet Collection Ring and Earrings in 18K White Gold with Diamonds.

Popular idol Song Qian
Wearing a CHANEL BOY · FRIEND stainless steel watch,
CHANEL High Jewellery Feather Collection Earrings and Rings in 18K White Gold with Diamonds.

Youth Idol Ouyang Nana
Wearing a CHANEL J12 mint green bezel white watch,
And CHANEL haute jewellery comet necklace and 18K white gold and yellow 18K gold diamond ring,
COCO CRUSH earrings in yellow gold with diamonds.

Meng Yao Yao
Wearing a CHANEL J12 Pink Light white watch,
High jewelry ‘COCO CRUSH’ ring and comet necklace with 18K white gold diamonds.

Han Huohuo
Wearing CHANEL J12 Black Matte Watch
Fine and standard ring with CHANEL haute jewellery ‘COCO CRUSH’ series in white gold.

Coco Café, Miss Coco’s limited-time coffee shop, following the three cities of Dubai, Tokyo, and Toronto, brought the new Miss Coco Lipstick, and appeared in the prosperous center of Jing’an District, Shanghai: 1728 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. Miss Coco’s limited-time coffee shop everywhere highlights the trendy social attitude of young people. Rich colors and bold imaginations make trendy people astounding. Here, makeup is a game, and there is only one rule: keep playing.

The new Miss Chanel Coco Lip Lotion makes everything playful and playful. 17 fascinating and colorful colors, plus 3 innovative play colors, let everyone who comes to sign in can get surprises. The new gameplay of color overlays creates endless possibilities, completely subverting the way lips are presented.