Luxury Aristocratic Style Watches Three Recommended Blancpain Men’s Boutique Watches

Blancpain watches are the nobles and big names in watches. Whether it is the concept of continuous improvement of complex functions, design and production methods, or the development of new fields, Blancpain has always been committed to upholding and developing watchmaking. From the first watches designed in the eighteenth century to the distinguished timepieces made today, Blancpain has established a truly innovative tradition. Today I will bring you three men’s fanatic boutique watches.

 Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 6651-1127-55B watch
 This watch was designed to take the ultra-thin route at the beginning, so it now looks very delicate and thin, highlighting the ability. The dial design also follows a minimalistic route. Only the date and second hand are displayed. The color is white or milky white, which highlights the gentle charm of gentle men. The movement is designed for automatic winding, which saves a lot of trouble of power adjustment. The sapphire crystal glass, which can not stop the aristocratic atmosphere, can be described as a men’s boutique watch.
 Watch details reference: Blancpain moon phase display series 6654-1127-55B watch
 This Blancpain watch has more complicated functions than the previous one. The most obvious is the moon phase display function. This is a watch highlighting superb technology. Although it is not very practical today, it represents Blancpain’s Watchmaking art. This ultra-complicated function watch makes you more fascinated with it. The automatic mechanical movement can be seen through the bottom of the case to admire the wonderful operation of the internal parts. The black alligator leather strap becomes soft and close to the wrist with the passage of time. Convenient folding buckle is the first choice for watch enthusiasts. As long as you love the watch, you will definitely appreciate the mystery of it.
 Watch details reference: Blancpain Lake Geneva series 2200-1130-64B watch
 This is the Men’s mechanical watch of the Blancpain Lake series, which is specially designed for you who like sports. The automatic mechanical machine is not the bottom of the bottom. Unlike the ordinary mechanical watch, it can visually check the internal operation, and it adds the mystery of the watch. Sapphire crystal glass with black dial, simple and noble temperament is more prominent, humane waterproof design of 300 meters, folding buckle more secure and comfortable.
 Watch details reference: blancpain / 15028 /