Longines Watch Comcast Diving Series Starry Sky Watch Introduction

When I first saw this watch, I was attracted by its face. This is a typical diving watch design. The shell is very atmospheric and the shoulder pads are tough. But why draw a starry sky on the dial? Now that it’s all submerged, why look at the stars? At this time, a familiar song sounded in my ears. “Do n’t ask me how high the sun is, I will tell you how true I am; do n’t ask me how many stars, I will tell you a lot, many, many more” & hellip; & rdquo;
The Longlang brand has a large number of fans in China, and one of the reasons is that the brand’s name is very romantic when translated into Chinese. And this Concas diving series star map watch, as the name suggests, the romantic feelings of Longines to the extreme. This design style of ‘romantic in motion and sports in romance’ is also in line with the current trend of mashups in reality. In addition, the design of men’s and women’s watches will make people have unlimited reveries & mdash; & mdash; and loved ones, dive into the water to see the vast starry sky on the wrist.