Leisure And Leisure

The noisy and busy city life is boring, and the tired and tired city travelers from time to time want to stay away from the secular hustle and bustle and live in Taoyuan. Whether it is a quiet country countryside or a leisurely and comfortable beach, the relaxed nature can always soothe the soul. When he and his family were immersed in the natural scenery, Humberton also added a little charm to his wrist. Humberton symbolizes family values ​​and advocates a refined life. The following brings you a new Humberton watch. The large case design is calm and generous. It is comfortable to wear and suitable for many occasions. It has the classic temperament of Humberton series. Official model: MOA10032

   Located in Long Island, New York, Humberton is a holiday destination, away from the hustle and bustle, and a bright and harmonious lifestyle is desirable. The Baume & Mercier Hamilton series draws the essence of this seaside land. The rectangular dial combines the beauty of architectural lines and leisure life, showing a timeless, relaxed and elegant style.

Functional details of Baume & Mercier Hamilton watches

   This Humberton series watch has a 46.8 x 34 mm stainless steel case, a wide rectangular case, and a retro style that gives a calm feel, which is suitable for both work and casual wear.

   The ivory dial is decorated with linear Roman numerals and blue steel hands, and the blue blue is very charming. The rectangular chronograph dial is divided into right and left sides, the 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and the 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock.

   The date display window at 6 o’clock is also a rectangular window, which is consistent with the overall style of the watch, and will not have a visual sense.

   Seen from the side, the case has a certain degree of curvature, and the middle part is a concave design. You can see the convex sapphire crystal glass surface, which adds a curvaceous beauty to the watch.

   The timing buttons on the side of the case are also designed to be rectangular, with wide buttons. The case is finely polished, the light can be read, and the lugs have a certain degree of curvature, making the watch fit the wrist more comfortably.

   The black alligator leather strap, with classic colors and comfortable wearing, is the best choice for high-end watches.

   The stainless steel pin buckle is easy to wear and easy to operate, and the buckle is decorated with a celebrity logo.

   Equipped with an excellent chronograph movement JLC ​​751, column wheel structure and vertical clutch device, accurate timing can be achieved under any circumstances. This movement consists of 272 parts and has a 65-hour power reserve.

   The mysterious column wheel is a cylindrical gear that can rotate. The lower part has a ratchet with a triangular tooth tip. The upper part is a column perpendicular to the gear. Therefore, the ratchet is also called a column wheel. From the appearance, the column wheel resembles a flower petal. This is not for aesthetics, but for the precision of cutting off power transmission when the gear runs at high speed.

Summary: This Baume & Mercier Hamilton series MOA10032 watch is fresh and retro in appearance, elegant in temperament, and equipped with a high-quality chronograph movement inside. The Humberton series originates from a leisurely seaside life. Enjoy a leisurely leisure time. If this is what you are after, you may wish to start this wonderful time with this watch.
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