Large-sized Watch Obsessive-compulsive Disorder May Wish To Take A Look Here

As we all know, the size of the watch diameter is directly related to the comfort of the watch. When buying a watch, everyone will pay more attention to the size of the watch. In the past, thin and thin watches have become more popular. In recent years, large-sized watches have become popular. For some patients with complex watch obsessive-compulsive disorder, large-sized watches may be more in line with their psychological desires. Because large-sized watches can not only provide more and more professional functions, but also look more avant-garde, more stylish, and more domineering. However, in comparison, a watch with a diameter of about 43 mm is more suitable for Chinese wear. Whether the diameter of the watch is too large or the diameter of the watch is small, this is always a topic of entanglement. Today, we deliberately found several watches of different sizes, to discuss with everyone the right and wrong.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5018-1230-64A

Product model: 5018-1230-64A
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Rubber
Dial size: 55.65 mm
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch price: 308,500 yuan
Watch details: XXV movement, power reserve of about 55 hours, waterproof depth of 30 meters. This watch is a limited edition collection of Panerai watches released in 2015. Only 300 pieces are sold worldwide. It can be regarded as a tribute to past models by Panerai.
IWC Portugal Series IW503401 Perpetual Calendar Watch

Product model: IW503401
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Dial size: 44.2 mm
Waterproof depth:-
Watch price: 286,800 yuan
Watch details: iwc / 37866 /
Watch Reviews: As far as its appearance is concerned, the overall layout of the dial of this watch is harmonious and symmetrical, beautiful and generous. The sweeping dark blue dial with black alligator leather strap is stylish. In terms of its internal functions, this watch is equipped with power reserve display, date display, day of the week display, month display, annual calendar display and perpetual calendar function, which is convenient to take the time, and the unique north and south hemisphere dual moon phase display especially set off the dial. Mysterious mood. The movement of this watch uses the latest developed 52615 automatic winding movement, which not only guarantees an average of one day of error every 577.5 years, but also provides up to one week of power reserve. In comparison, this watch is closer to the daily life of our ordinary people, so the cost performance will be higher.
Summary: Although large-sized mechanical watches can meet the obsessive-compulsive psychology of some sophisticated watch seekers, they are not completely applicable in daily life, not only because it is too heavy and too inconvenient to wear, but also because of this model This type of watch is equipped with a few specialized functions, and the price is relatively high. For ordinary people, these functions are not absolutely practical. Of course, for patients with large-scale watches with strong obsessive-compulsive disorder needs, bleeding is also worthwhile. For example, the second model mentioned in the article is simple and elegant, and the timing function has a strong sports style. The limited edition is very memorable. For example, the third paragraph mentioned in the article has more practical functions, and it is very interesting to watch in leisure.