Jewelry Watches Create Four Different Styles Of Pretty Brides

Jewelry is a gift from heaven to women. It can make a woman’s beauty and gracefulness, and she can be gentle and free, and make a woman a variety of styles. And a watch is not just a man’s pet. Today it has become an essential accessory for women. In 2012, the watch drew decorative wind, gorgeous diamonds and colorful treasures. The perfect combination of watches and jewellery is like a masterpiece of heavenly craftsmanship, which makes women love it. The jewelled watch is dazzling and makes the bride who is about to enter the wedding be impressed.

Mazzo Paris Paris creates luxury bride
The Grand Mercure Paris Nebula MATZO PARIS watch is full of diamonds. The surface is full of diamonds, luxurious and noble, the ruby ​​decoration and the red watch strap are set against the newlywed wedding’s joy and nobility. The bride wearing a red dress to attend the wedding banquet will add a lot of points to your overall, making you the most dazzling bride in the whole field.
Date Astrale Collection

The dazzling diamonds are set on the slightly luminous mother-of-pearl dial, and Jiaohui accordingly creates a quiet starry sky map. The white dial is like a bride in a wedding gauze. It is gentle and atmospheric, shining and charming. It is a masterpiece for those elegant brides who have both qualities.

宝 玑 Create passionate bride

The flamboyant feathers, whether they are sewn on a bride’s wedding dress or embellished with personalized jewelry, display magnificent luxury. When the feather meets a watch, it will be a fantastic visual feast. The Breguet Plume series is set with 18K white gold watches inlaid with square rubies. The feathers made by rubies are enthusiastic and hot, representing auspiciousness and joy. Feathers and colorful gems complement each other, making you a sexy and playful bride.

Aya Chanel creates a pink bride

Compared with the dazzling rose, the camellia camellia has a more calm and restrained personality. It blends pink camellia into the watch, pavé pink diamonds, and pink mother-of-pearl dial, showing the woman’s demure elegance. Such a beautifully curved and feminine watch is undoubtedly the tool of choice for creating a delicate pink bride.