Jacques Dro Boutique Shines In New World With A New Image

In the Age of Enlightenment, great European philosophers emerged, and various unprecedented innovative technologies emerged endlessly. Among them, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the founder of the Jaquet Droz brand. Leader; Pierre Jacques de Dro, not only for his timepieces, but also for his artworks and breathtaking auto-dolls. In the era when the West began to understand China, it became a connection between the East and West The bond. He was also the first Western watchmaker to open the gates of the Forbidden City. He won the favor of Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) with his clockwork, snuff boxes and exquisite timepieces. To this day, several masterpieces of Jaquet-Drö watches are still treasured in the Forbidden City, witnessing the centuries of love between China and Jaquet-Drö …

   In 2013, Jaquet Droz opened its first boutique in mainland China. Mr. Marc A. Hayek, a member of the Swatch Group Board of Directors and Jacques Rodriguez president, presided over the opening ceremony. The boutique is located in Xintiandi, Shanghai. Its space design follows all the iconic elements of the brand: a simple and pure architectural pattern, a pure luxury style, and a unique experience that explores the history of Jacques de Luo and China for centuries.

   Today, Jaquet Droz goes one step further and redesigns this extraordinary venue. The boutique is located in Shanghai’s most creative, authentic, authentic neighborhood. Jacques Dro doubled the size of the store while maintaining its historical traditions, retaining all unique elements.

   Since then, the Jaquet Droz boutique presents the most exquisite timepieces of the brand in the best environment: a veritable contemporary masterpiece, The Bird Repeater Day and Night will Co-exist with the extraordinary timepieces specially designed for the Year of the Sheep by the master craftsmen of the brand art workshop. The new private salon allows customers to explore watches in a private space and admire Jacques Dro’s latest works, continuing the century-old history of maintaining a common past, cherishing the present, and sharing a common vision for the future.