Iwc Launches 150th Anniversary Special Edition Series

Schaffhausen, December 1, 2017-IWC Schaffhausen will celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary next year. IWC will display a special anniversary special edition series at the SIHH in Geneva, a total of 27 limited edition watches, from the IWC Portuguese series, pilot series, Portofino series and Da Vinci Composed of. On this occasion, IWC will launch for the first time a digital display with hours and minutes, the same as the display in a Pallweber pocket watch in 1884. The white or blue lacquered dial is the unified aesthetic element of all models, and is created by multi-layer lacquering, reminiscent of previous enamel models.
IWC celebrates its 150th anniversary
   American pioneer watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones founded the IWC International Watch Company in Schaffhausen in 1868 with the aim of combining Swiss craftsmanship with American production , Thus creating the highest quality pocket watch of the time. ‘The entrepreneurial spirit of our founder and his relentless pursuit of excellence have shaped IWC. To this day, our timepieces still combine superb craftsmanship with extraordinary and timeless design. In the anniversary special edition, we chose IWC’s representative models of the past few years, and a new interpretation of it with a unified and unique design language, thus creating a unique watch series. ‘Schaffhausen IWC Idol International CEO Christopher · Mr. Christoph Grainger-Herr explained.
Unified design
   With white or blue dials is a common feature of all watches: ‘They are coated with up to 12 layers of high-quality paint in a complex production process, polished and sanded, and finally require multiple pressing We are inspired by the enamel dial of the Pallweber pocket watch with its special beauty and historic significance, ‘explains Christian Knoop, creative director of IWC Schaffhausen. Models with white dials are equipped with blue hands, while models with blue dials are equipped with rhodium-plated hands. The embossed dial with blue hands is inspired by the first IWC Portuguese watch (model: IW325) in 1939. All models in this collection are equipped with a black alligator strap and decorated with the ‘150 Years’ anniversary logo, presented in a logo or engraved manner.
IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary to Pallweber’

   The first watch in the history of IWC to incorporate a time-shifting number in a digital display is a special highlight of the Anniversary Special Edition series. It displays hours and minutes in large numbers on a rotating display. Since 1884, the watch factory has used the time display in pocket watches in this revolutionary way. IWC “Pallweber” 150th Anniversary Special Edition (Model: IW505002) with 18K red gold case, white lacquered dial, white display dial and blue second hand, limited to 250 pieces. To pay tribute to the historic Pallweber pocket watch design and to commemorate the American founder of IWC Florentine Ariosto Jones (FA Jones), the digital display window is marked with ‘Hours’ and ‘Minutes’.

   In order to manufacture the IWC-manufactured 94200 movement, the watch designer has developed a patented new solution to match with the technically demanding digital display. The discs of this historic Pallweber pocket watch are driven by grooved gears. The one-minute disc of this movement is powered by a separate wheel train system with a proprietary barrel. The release mechanism connected to the watch’s own gear train system releases every sixty seconds and then re-locks. After every 10 minutes, a one-minute disc will drive the ten-minute disc to move one division. Every 60 minutes, the hour circle also jumps to the next hour. The power of the independent gear train system does not affect the general gear train system, which ensures precise operation and a high power reserve of 60 hours.
IWC Portuguese Series Constant Power Tourbillon Watch ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition

   The special edition of the IWC Portugal series Constant Power Tourbillon ‘150th Anniversary’ (Model: IW590202) is also unique in the Anniversary Special Edition. Platinum case, white lacquered dial with blue hands, limited to 15 pieces. The latest IWC-manufactured 94805 movement with manual winding and a 96-hour power reserve, combined with a constant-power tourbillon and a simple moon phase profit and loss display for the first time, only needs to be corrected one day after 577.5 years. The patented constant power mechanism transmits absolutely uniform force momentum to the escape wheel. In combination with the tourbillon, it can balance the negative impact of gravity on the watch’s swing system, thereby ensuring extremely high accuracy.
IWC Portuguese Series Tourbillon Watch ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition

   In the IWC Portuguese Series Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Watch ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW504501), IWC for the first time combines a perpetual calendar with a tourbillon device. This extraordinary timepiece features an 18K gold case with a white lacquered dial and blue hands. Limited to 50 pieces. The watch is driven by the newly developed IWC-made 51950 movement. To this end, a perpetual calendar has been added to the 51900 basic movement. The tourbillon consists of 82 parts and weighs only 0.635 grams. In order to make it clearly visible at ’12 o’clock’, the watch designer opened the calendar to advance the ring, thereby integrating the moon phases at ‘6 o’clock’ The moon phase profit and loss position is displayed. The automatic winding system uses a pure gold rotor and has a 7-day power reserve.
Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition

   With this elegant timepiece, IWC continues the tradition of gorgeous jewellery watches in the late 1980s and 1990s, such as diamond-set gold Da Vinci ladies watches (model: IW8435). Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Wrist Watch 36 ‘150 Years’ Special Edition (Model: IW459304), with 18K red gold case, white lacquered dial and blue hands, limited to 50 pieces. The watch is equipped with a moon phase profit and loss display at the 12 o’clock position. The case and mobile lugs are set with 206 flawless diamonds totaling 2.26 carats.
Da Vinci Automatic 150th Anniversary Special Edition

   Da Vinci Automatic ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW358102), equipped with a small second hand at the ‘6 o’clock’ position, for the first time launches the new IWC-manufactured 82200 movement. This extraordinary watch has a stainless steel case with a blue lacquered dial and rhodium-plated hands. It is limited to 500 pieces. IWC’s 82200 self-made movement is a newly developed automatic movement with a Pellaton winding system, which provides a 60-hour power reserve. For extremely high-wound winding parts, such as pawls or cams, they are made of almost wear-free ceramic materials. With a skeleton rotor, the wearer can admire the movement with beadwork and Geneva stripes.