Hublot Hublot Pre-basel Magic Gold With Diamonds

HUBLOT watch uses the brand’s own 18K Magic Gold, the world’s only anti-blooming, with the classic BIG BANG design and the UNICO movement developed and produced by itself, creating traditional skills and new ideas and perfection The model of fusion reflects the brand’s concept of fusion art.

Ricardo Guadalupe, Chief Executive Officer of HUBLOT: ‘HUBLOT is proud to launch the prestigious Magic Gold, bringing the world the only gold material that can prevent flowers … To this day, HUBLOT is still the only owner of this patented gold The brand of the material. ‘

HUBLOT Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Guadalupe made it clear: ‘The brand has been striving to create the perfect fusion of materials. Four years ago, HUBLOT launched the prestigious Magic Gold to bring the world the only gold material that can still prevent flowers. The hardness is close to 1000 Vickers, which is more than double compared to a ‘standard’ 18K gold with only about 400 Vickers hardness. To this day, HUBLOT is still the only brand that owns this patented gold material. ‘
At present, it is still the only patented gold material that can prevent flowers. Magic Gold was developed by HUBLOT’s Swiss headquarters and the leading Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). The two brands spent several months in the production workshop. The time was carefully cast into alloys and it was identified as 18K gold by the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metals Control. This unique alloy material Magic Gold was unveiled in November 2011 in front of media around the world. HUBLOT’s watchmaking workshop in Nyon also has a high-tech foundry, which deals exclusively with the production of Magic Gold and the final processing steps, as well as ceramic sintering and high-pressure metal casting processes.

The HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold watch is equipped with a carbon-grey coated UNICO HUB1242 movement, and will be launched at the 2015 Barcel Jewellery & Watch Fair, limited to 250 pieces.

Magic Gold is a revolutionary material that combines 24K gold (the most pure natural precious metal) with the most advanced high-tech materials. The process of making this new alloy material is very complicated: First, the low temperature static pressing of boron carbide powder into a mold that is very close to the finished shape, such as the bezel of a Big Bang Unico Magic Gold watch. Pre-formed powders harden at very high temperatures, forming a rigid, porous structure. Next, 24K gold containing 3% molten liquid gold was injected into the mold under high pressure. The entire process needs to be performed under inert gas pressure and sufficient high temperature and pressure to ensure that the molten metal can fill each air hole of the ceramic mold. In the end, the two are perfectly ‘fused’ into a new alloy material Magic Gold. This remarkable achievement is the result of three years of collaboration and research and development: the brand has succeeded in making a brand new metal-a precious metal that retains its original characteristics and does not change. The first limited-edition Big Bang Ferrari watch made with Magic Gold was launched at the 2012 Barcel Jewellery & Watch Show, a perfect interpretation of the characteristics that both brands have in common: uniqueness, newness and technology.