How Does This Watch Disturb A Pond Of Spring Water In My Heart?

My friend Sean talked to me at the dinner one day. After playing watches for 6 or 7 years, he became more and more aware of the direction he wanted to collect. After all, he had played many classic styles and high-end brands. Once again, explosive models and independent watchmaking were also his pursuit, but after years of immersion in the watchmaking circle, the commercial routines in the market let him gradually see what timepieces he really appreciated. He said to me: ‘Now we will gradually start with the simple three-pin style, but all the details must be exquisite. Whether it is the case, the dial decoration process, or even the hands and time scales, we must pursue the details. And the design layout and decoration of the movement must also appeal to me aesthetically. ‘I asked him why he had such an idea, and he replied:’ No matter what brand, the simplest wrist function Watches can achieve my respect in order to obtain my respect. ‘Some of Sean’s watches collected by my friend Sean’s words seem to be a summary of’ watching thousands of sails ‘, but in fact, many people may have been playing watches for many years. After the common feelings, they just have different paths. It’s as if the direction I’m playing with is pretty certain that “face value and decorative details” is definitely the first priority. As for the brand, function or not, it is the next priority. It looks good and fits my style and price. Within the budget, I will consider whether to start. But Sean and I also agree that it is the most difficult place to start in the direction of self-understanding. Because when you decide to start the way of playing watches, the amount of information you are exposed to may make it difficult for you to digest or even have no direction. This information may be the brand’s commercial promotion, strong personal opinions and preferences of watchmakers or friends. , Or even some misinformation or emotional negative statements may leave you confused and wonder how to start. ‘Beauty value and decorative details’ is definitely the first order. As for the brand, function or not, it is the next order. It looks good, fits my style, and the price is within the budget. I will consider whether to start. . When I started to become interested in watches, I also faced the same situation, but I knew very well why I could stop in front of the window and stop reluctant to leave—the design of the watch moved me—it was pure. Simple, without the influence of factors such as brand, explosion, value preservation, etc., it is simply being moved by the beauty of a watch. This is the most authentic feeling from the heart. Fortunately, after more than ten years, this A little bit of the original intention is still the most prerequisite for my appreciation of watches. However, after many years of ‘baptism’ in the watch industry, more and more Buddhism’s heart has rarely been immediately moved by a watch, but at the 2018 Basel Watch Show, the Certina DSPH200M turned me on. Rare fidget. At first glance when I saw the DS PH200M watch, my intuition was that I couldn’t restrain it and wanted to wear it, because its design has a very comfortable and balanced aesthetic, which is a sense of coordination that is difficult to describe. In other words, everything is correct, and the application of various elements is just right. The design is mainly based on black. The dial bezel is equipped with a large number of white hour markers, and the red second hand and cross warp and weft are used as embellishments. The brown leather strap is used, and the use of the overall elements is so natural. I ca n’t wait to try it on. The 42.3mm size is another perfect fit on my non-thick wrist. I usually look at these replica watches. My personal preference is 36-40mm. The magic is this wrist. Even though the watch is more than 40mm, it still retains the introverted and calm temperament of the replica watch, but the overall design after readjustment can quickly catch the eye. Under the trend of retro wind blowing in the watch altar in recent years, , Certina made this watch as ‘old soul, new replica’ and made a rare successful interpretation on the market. Good-looking is the first threshold, and next is the budget-when I hear that the pricing is 5,350 RMB, I think it is incredible-although Certina’s product pricing mostly falls in the price range of 4000-7000 RMB, but many brands launch replicas Style, usually the price will follow the market’s re-enactment trend to set the price slightly higher than the same level products. Although the DS PH200M watch is retro, it is still a diving sports watch, waterproof, movement and brand bottom table The popular kinetic series diving watch with the nickname ‘Sea Turtle’ is exactly the same, but the price is nearly 1,000 yuan cheaper. Such a pricing strategy has to be said to be extremely wise, because this watch is more expensive than a diving sports watch whether it is worn or paired, and basically has no sense of conflict in various occasions, clothing, or leisure sports. It has an absolute advantage that is exciting. It can be said that it is extremely pleasing in terms of value and budget. It immediately tickled the peaceful heart of my Buddhism, and set it directly on the spot. Certina’s other popular kinetic series diving watch DS PH200M, nicknamed the “Sea Turtle”, is the same waterproof, movement and kinetic series diving watch, but the price is nearly 1,000 yuan cheaper. After more than eight months of waiting, the DS PH200M watch was finally launched in China in November, but the unexpected appearance of a watch was unexpected. Even if I set it in March, I still could n’t get the first batch. The first wave of pre-orders on Tmall was instant spike. After that, I kept contacting the brand people, and the answers were still waiting (currently queuing time is 1-2 months), and I had to return to the Buddhism again. This watch turned out to be the ‘explosive model’ under the brand. To be honest, it was a bit unexpected to me, because everyone in the country is not particularly impressed with the brand Certina. The kinetic energy diving watch commonly known as the Turtle may be available to everyone. A model that is directly associated with it, but a re-engraved DS PH200M watch has greatly increased the discussion of Certina overnight. In fact, Certina has also made a breakthrough contribution in the development history of diving watches. The first batch of Certina’s diving watches were listed around 1960, and its technology is based on the Double Security double insurance system (DS) developed by the brand. By virtue of the structure of the movement’s shock-resistant suspension system, strengthened case, strengthened glass mirror, special crown and case back, the watch’s water resistance and shock resistance are improved. The DS PH 200M watch adopts the blue luminous DS PH 200M and is equipped with a Powermatic 80 movement, which can be used for up to 80 hours. Between the periphery of the movement and the case is a shock-resistant suspension system that is one of the double safety devices. In 1968, DS’s successor (DS-2) released and has two versions, DS-2 PH 200M with a water resistance of 200 meters and DS-2 SuperPH 500M with a depth of 500 meters. The latter was successfully used in TEKTITEI and II trials conducted between 1969 and 1970. TEKTITE I is a joint underwater test in the Lameshur Bay on St. John’s Island near the Virgin Islands. It is a collaboration of the US Navy, NASA, the US Department of the Interior, and General Electric Company. Four deep divers lived in a submarine residence 15 meters below sea level for 60 days. The Super PH500M passed 13 standard evaluations and scored excellently. This test at that time fully proved the strength of Certina diving watches. This year coincides with the 130th anniversary of Certina. The launch of the DS PH200M watch can also be regarded as a tribute to the brand’s history, and it also demonstrates Certina’s solid expertise in watchmaking technology. Certina has made a breakthrough contribution in the history of diving watches. Around 1960, Certina’s first diving watches went on the market, and its technology is based on the brand’s exclusive Double Security double insurance system. Today, Double Security doubles The technology of insurance system has been widely used in many watches of Certina, which has become the technical foundation of the brand in terms of both performance and practicality. For the DS PH200M watch, this is just one of the most basic elements. The brand gives this watch a comprehensive high level of improvement from the inside to the outside, plus a very attractive price. This watch is unexpected but The main reason for the sudden rise in the market is also not accidental. After all, really good timepieces will not be buried in the market, and they will stand the test of users and time. As for friends who are still struggling to open the first watch, DS PH200M watch is definitely a good starting point to go out of its own direction. At the same time, let us look forward to witnessing the rise of another classic timepiece. .