Glashuti’s Original Eccentric Moon Phase Calendar Pairing: Qixi Choice

Because of a beautiful ancient legend, the world has a beloved vision of ‘sit and watch the morning glory weaver actress’, the same romantic feelings, slowly flowing across the Milky Way into the peaceful and ethereal German Elbe Valley . The natural romantic temperament of the Germans makes this place enthusiastic and happy. Stopping on the Elbe River, the crescent moon reflected on the sparkling water surface has also become a pure and most loving scenery. Glashütte Original takes this as inspiration, and presents Glashütte’s original eccentric moon phase large calendar pair watch PanoMaticLunar for people who love love. The unique “eccentric” dial design follows the golden ratio, highlighting the exclusiveness of German watches With its simple but not simple practical taste, its aesthetic law is favored by those who really have a life attitude. We believe that companionship is the most confession.

Men’s Eccentric Moon Phase Large Calendar Watch PanoMaticLunar
 Originating from a century of German heritage, the men’s eccentric moon phase calendar watch PanoMaticLunar uses a polished and striped stainless steel case combined with a thin bezel to give the dial more space and a new visual effect . Its minute dial and small seconds dial are vertically aligned with the center of the circle, half-overlapping to the left of the dial, and the perfect curve shows elegance. The moon phase displays the silver moon and stars embedded in the dark blue night sky, echoing the blue steel hands, silently conveying their preference and attachment to each other. This watch is equipped with a self-winding movement 90-02, with a power reserve of 42 hours. Glashütte’s original classic three-quarter splint, 21K gold skeleton rotor, blue steel screws, hand-carved balance wheel splint and double gooseneck trimmer are also included. show out.

Women’s Eccentric Moon Phase Calendar Watch PanoMaticLunar
 Nothing unusual, the women’s eccentric moon phase big calendar watch PanoMaticLunar presents the series of classic lines and shapes in a low-key and expressive form. Its mother-of-pearl dial exudes a soft luster, like the clear and tender water of the Elbe River solidified on the wrist, with an unusual softness. The glittering silver moon phase display and stars appear in the finely-grained silver sky with a near hypnotic power to firmly attract the connoisseur’s eyes, carrying the wings of our fantasy, unique and mysterious. The ellipse-shaped large date window is even more elaborate-concentric coaxial and flat, interpreting the most natural essence of modern urban women in the most rigorous and extreme manner. Like all other Glashütte original movements, this finely modified 90-12 automatic winding movement shows the beauty of Glashütte’s original unparalleled high-end watchmaking craftsmanship.