Eason Who Accompany You Through The Long Years, Also Taught You To ‘every Minute Must Be True’

Eason Chan accompanied many people to grow and witnessed the joy and sorrow of many people. Before ‘Ten Years’, you may not know that you and him can only become ‘Best Loss Friends’; it is also him who sang your ‘Ashamed of the Heart’ and ‘Guilty’, and he knows that ‘(I) ‘Love’, understand your loneliness and loneliness. He sang so much, every sentence sang into your heart. You will even laugh and cry with him. What did Eason accompany you through The Seasons?

 Eason has been debuting for more than two decades, and I have listened to his songs for more than ten years. I listened to his ‘Ten Years’ in high school, and at that time I did not understand what a decade in life meant to me. Ten years, it sounds far away, and that doesn’t seem to have much to do with me. After listening for ten years, I realized that during this time, everything is moving at a high speed in the tunnel, regardless of your willingness.

 When I grow up later, I always feel sad for the lost friendship. ‘The position has changed, and each teammate has its own.’ This situation makes me feel sad, but it is not because a certain thing has conflict or dispute. ‘But time and fate come in, and every shit comes to a certain intersection together.’ Some friends, while walking, came to another fork in the road. You shouted loudly and beckoned forcefully, it was useless.

‘It doesn’t matter who made the movement, silver or gold.
Planned it, did it, got too little time
How many heartbeats are still low?
Expensive at this moment I realized
Seeing a lifetime in the timepiece ‘

 In the song ‘Tourbillon’, Eason Chan exhausted a boy’s helplessness and bitterness. ‘Time’ is the eternal theme in Eason Chan’s song. Perhaps at that time, Eason had an inextricable bond with time and clocks.

 Someone commented on Eason’s song ‘His song has no upset.’ This is indeed the case. If you flip a few pages under the hot list, you can still see thousands and tens of thousands of likes and likes in the comments. He’s almost crazy on songs, he wants to be perfect.

 But where is perfect in the world, he said, ‘Even if it’s not perfect, you must be close to perfect.’


 Since his debut in 1995, Eason has been playing in the music scene for 23 years, but when did he disappoint? Each of his songs is his elaborate work. One music critic described Eason’s ‘destiny is a shrewd businessman. Maybe in the midst of everything, everything has been marked.’
With his talent and hard work, Eason has achieved what he is today. Now he is a god of song, a male singer who has dominated the music scene in Hong Kong after Jacky Cheung, and may be the best male singer in China. Everyone is no longer just content to listen to his Mandarin songs and start listening to his Cantonese songs.

 In private, Eason has a rare true temperament in the entertainment industry. He has the courage to express himself, sometimes forgetting words occasionally when he sings. After a concert, he said on the stage, ‘I didn’t Forget words! I sing very well! ‘, This genius of music king, still retains a cute side.

Zenith and Eason Chan ‘Every Minute Must Be True’
‘Every minute must be true’, engraved in the dictionary of his life. Every time he creates, sings, and performs on stage, he knows that only by focusing can he get the best. This point, and Zenith coincided. At the end of July, shortly after Eason’s birthday, Zenith announced that Eason became the global spokesperson for the brand. This is the first time the brand has been signed for more than 150 years.

Eason Chan becomes global spokesperson for Zenith

 When Zenith was born in 1865, it has been on the way of watchmaking for a century and a half. The well-known classic works such as ‘Bronze Flying’ and ‘Onion Head’ all originate from this brand. Why did you choose Eason Chan when you haven’t signed the endorsement for more than 100 years?

 Here’s what they said:

We live in a fast-paced and information-rich age, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to focus on one thing and stick to our passion. Eason represents a music legend of an era. His dedication to music coincides with Zenith’s obsession with making accurate timepieces. The hustle and bustle is as it is now, and we still hope that ‘every second must be true’ to call this rare Seriousness and dedication.

Zenith announced Eason Chan as a global spokesperson, released a photo of Eason wearing Zenith Defy El Primero 21 diamond watch

Every second of concentration and persistence due to love, accumulates a moving melody for each devotion; keep improving, and continuously demand higher peaks in the limit, only to train a more accurate movement. Eason Chan’s extreme focus on music coincides with Zenith’s persistence in watchmaking, which gives the perfect note that “every second must be true”. From the classic high-frequency calibre EL PRIMERO star speed to the Defy, a miracle of overclocking 1/100 seconds, Zenith constantly breaks the timing limit and achieves a number of revolutionary masterpieces of Swiss watches. Brilliant diamonds and trusted movement quality make this stunning Defy El Primero 21 diamond watch.

Eason Chan wears Zenith Pilot Pilot Series Special Edition Chronograph

   The cooperation between Eason Chan and Zenith is a good thing for both parties. The Zenith brand’s outstanding watchmaking level, and the watchmaking philosophy of adhering to ‘true’, have something in common with Eason Chan’s music belief. The common point is that they only make fine works and show the best works for the public. Zenith has been researching on the way of watchmaking. Whether in design or watchmaking, it is Zenith’s goal to break through itself and create more excellent works. Eason Chan also has the same pursuit of music, and can become friends who accompany each other on the road.

 Zenith ‘Bronze Flying’

 Eason Chan and Zhenli were like two giant ships in the whirlpool of the times. They rode the wind and held swords named ‘True’. In the long years to come, whether it is sunny or cloudy, Zenith and Eason Chan will go hand in hand with you.