Deducting Elegance And Reappearing Classic Cartier’s High-end Leather Goods Inherited From The Century-old Aesthetic Essence

Every style recorded in history cannot be separated from an innovative and visionary leader. Cartier, which has been leading the trend of social aesthetics, this season perfectly interprets the exquisite traditional craftsmanship of high-end leather goods, and pays tribute to the legends of the golden age-Zhen Dusan and Louis Cartier.

Times fashion promotes the transformation of handbags
 Originated from the social ball of European royals and nobles in the early 16th century, handbags have been closely connected with nobility and elegance since its birth. As early as the budding period of modern fashion history, this delicate object has entered Cartier’s sight. At that time, handbags made by jewellery master Cartier combined aesthetics and practical functions, and were favored by ladies who wanted to break through the traditional costumes. They gave the finishing touch to free and trendy shapes. The Cartier Collection houses a dinner bag made in 1906. It is surrounded by gold silk, with owl decoration on the top and emerald gemstones in its eyes. Its vivid shape and exquisite jewelry setting technology are breathtaking. .
In the 1820s, just after the end of the First World War, the war overturned the stable state of life in Europe, and new ideas emerged. Women have short hair, dressed in open skirts, and sought to express themselves with bold shapes. The enterprising Cartier is full of fish in an open atmosphere, constantly seeking inspiration from the unknown world, and set its sights on distant India, creating the famous ‘Tutti Frutti’ style. On a ‘fruit bag’ evening bag designed during this period, brightly-colored carved rubies, emeralds, and sapphires complement each other with highly textured natural pearls and ivory enamels. Many gems of very different styles form a strong contrast. Shows a wonderful exotic atmosphere.
 With the pace of history, Cartier has relentlessly explored new areas and has been walking at the forefront of the times. With the end of ‘Roaring 2020’, fashion gradually returned to classic style. In order to comply with the trend of the times, Cartier first set up the S department in charge of accessories (S is the first letter of ‘Silver’ silver) in 1926 to make elegant handbags and other accessories. The legendary designer, Louis Cartier’s muse, Jeanne Toussaint, first settled at No. 13, Heping Street, and was in charge of the accessories department. During her tenure, she led the design of precious handbags for day and evening clothes with unprecedented success, attracting elites in the high society to rush to buy them. American socialite Barbara Hutton once customized a unique jewellery handbag to Zhen Dusang with a lifelike tiger-shaped buckle and jewelry inlaid ‘N’ design for her girlfriend Princess Nina Midivani. Until the 1950s, Cartier handbags were fond of elegant black and exquisite details. The ultimate elegance created by them was interpreted by fashion critics as a complex new style of fashion, like women in Hitchcock movies. The protagonist is generally very recognizable.

Owl dinner bag; 1906, Cartier Paris; gold, rose-cut diamonds; four emeralds

‘Fruit Tips’ Evening Bag; 1930, Cartier, New York

 Tiger snap button dinner bag; 1961, Cartier Paris

 Jean Dusan, circa 1930, when she was the head of Cartier’s accessories department.

Since the 1970s, fashion has become popular. People wear comfortable tops, pants and miniskirts to the streets, and their styles show a variety of shapes. Cartier keenly captures the changes of the times, and launches the Le Must de Cartier, a more affinity series, including lighters, leather goods, glasses, etc., for the first time introducing the concept of luxury into functional daily necessities. Since then, the classic black has been transformed into a lively Bordeaux wine red, and the shape of the handbag is more modern. For example, in order to meet the comfort needs of modern people, Cartier has designed a smooth “Hunting Bag” to better fit the female body curve. At the same time, the traditional jewellery craftsmanship also has a new vitality in the design of handbags. From the Pasha de Cartier series launched in 2005 to the Marcello de Cartier series in 2007, Cartier’s iconic design elements such as ‘Trinity Tri-color Gold’ and ‘Double C logo’ can be seen everywhere. Cartier’s rich historical treasures provide a steady stream of power for the design of modern accessories.

Historical heritage inspires creativity
 In the 21st century, Cartier has always stood on the top of the world after the ever-changing trend, but has realized more deeply that the design is rooted in the heritage of the immortal brand.
 In 2014, the Cartier Innovation Workshop in Paris launched the Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier collections. The collection is named after two legendary designers in the history of Cartier-Jean Dusan and Louis Cartier, to pay tribute to these two Cartier souls.
 ‘Eyehole’ buckle, ‘hidden’ buckle and pure handmade chain, these 1930s style details are recreated with a simple and elegant bag shape, making Jeanne Toussaint leather goods full of rich retro colors, but also full of strong modern breath. As the name suggests, this charming dual character is derived from the legendary female Zhen Dusan. From the head of Cartier’s accessories department to the director of the jewelry department, Zhen Dusan has become a symbol of Cartier’s values ​​with his unique spirit, impeccable taste, and commitment to innovation. Dusan’s style is very recognizable. She draws inspiration from animals and plants, visual arts and architecture, delves into various ancient and modern styles from different countries, and digs out from them the spirit and personality characteristics that symbolize female independence. This also earned Zhen Dusan himself the title of ‘Ms. Cheetah’. Its masterpieces such as the famous cheetah, ‘Art Deco’ and the ‘free bird’ of current affairs, have maintained active vitality after 100 years. Jean Dusan loves handbags and said in an interview with ‘Jardins des Modes’, ‘I started designing handbags from the beginning. At the time, this was a new thing. My design was well received.’ Women who love the Jeanne Toussaint series are bound to be like Zhen Dussang. They gather classical temperament and modern spirit, and are a complex of keen intuition and fortitude.

 Jeanne Toussaint women’s bag

 From 1933 to 1970, Jean Dusan was a muse and creator of Cartier style in the 20th century.

 Jeanne Toussaint Tote

 ‘Eyelet’ buckle design details

 Louis Cartier leather goods are sharply cut, with smooth lines, and a simple and capable shape with a diamond-shaped logo inspired by Cartier’s seal, which implies that men need to travel miles, expand their horizons, and ride the waves to be the winner of their life journey. Louis Cartier, the grandson of Louis-Francois Cartier, the founder of Cartier brand, is such a man who likes to travel and is curious about the world. He travels around and constantly draws inspiration from his travels. From the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century, Louis took charge of Cartier’s Paris office, becoming a talented designer and art explorer who always walks the front of the times in the eyes of Parisians. His dream temperament, extraordinary taste, and pioneering vision laid the foundation for Cartier’s century-old style, and also made Cartier’s global development possible.
 Independence, innovation, retroness and elegance, Louis Cartier and Jeanne Toussaint’s spirit of the times, transcending the trend, and achieving a style miracle that has lasted more than 150 years. It is still on the Cartier premium leather goods Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier Glittering.

Louis Cartier series men’s bags, from left to right are briefcases, 24-hour handbags, folders, file bags, messenger bags.

 Louis Cartier

 Louis Cartier 24 Hour Handbag

 Diamond logo design

Superb hand-carved extraordinary quality
 Because of adhering to the spirit of excellence, Cartier, known as ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor’, always pursues perfection, and polishes the details of jewelry craftsmanship to show the elegance of leather goods, giving each piece endless Vitality.
 ‘At Cartier, we have more time to find inspiration and carve details, instead of pursuing new trends every season in order to blindly pursue new trends. We hope that every piece we design can perfectly integrate elegance and modernity. Classic and full of personality, ‘said Marlin Yuson, creative director of Cartier’s leather goods department. The new Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier series, as the pinnacle of the brand’s leather goods, follow the highest standards in terms of materials, workmanship and details.
 Cartier’s premium leather goods have extremely strict quality requirements. From pattern design to leather cutting, the birth of Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier has undergone 330 procedures, including 50 fine parts assembled by hand. All follow the excellent traditional craftsmanship, making each Pieces are perfect. It takes 5 hours to make a natural calfskin leather bag, while rare leather styles take 20 hours. Polishing and polishing metal parts is more time-consuming and labor-intensive, taking an average of 50 hours. At each stage of the bag making process, there is manual participation. Leather craftsmen need 5 years of training to be competent for hand-cut leather. It is worth mentioning that Cartier leather goods are extremely demanding and only use top leather from France, Italy and Spain. And two pieces of top-grade leather about five meters square can make a Louis Cartier handbag. Even the stitches are extremely sophisticated, and the stitches of each Louis Cartier handbag are 15 meters long.

 Leatherworkers need to spend nearly five years to sharpen to master the skill of manual cutting.

 Jeanne Toussaint handbags require 330 processes to complete.

 Two pieces of top-grade leather about five meters square can make a Louis Cartier handbag.

 Cartier can also provide Jeanne Toussaint exclusive leather goods customization service for discerning women. This service makes full use of Cartier’s design advantages in the field of accessories and leather expertise to further strengthen the brand’s personalized concept. Three colors of crocodile skin, three gems, and three metal accessories can be freely chosen according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, customers can also engrav the initials on the delicate built-in makeup mirror. Cartier combines top quality and service with unique design elements, so that each bag is marked with a distinctive personal brand, fully highlighting the high-quality leather custom tradition of taste Zoran.

 Jeanne Toussaint custom crocodile leather handbag

 Jeanne Toussaint special custom blue embossed calfskin handbag