Chopin Helps The 2nd French Women’s Polo Open Championship

The Chopard French Women’s Polo Open Championship was held thanks to the meeting of two outstanding ladies: Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard Group, the promoter and polo enthusiast Corinne Richard.

 Caroline Scheufele, who is responsible for the design of Chopard’s fine jewellery, jewellery and women’s watches, is dedicated to raising Chopard’s visibility by supporting iconic events such as the Cannes International Film Festival and Elton John AIDS Foundation. Her courage and determination have made her brand at the forefront of fine jewelry in just a few decades.

French Polo Open Championship: Peak of French Polo Season

 The French Polo Open Championship is undoubtedly a highlight of the French international polo season. As one of the most intense matches in this country, it is expected that 12 international teams will participate this year. In 2012, this prestigious tournament also added a ‘sister’ tournament ‘Chopin French Women’s Polo Open Championship’ and it became very popular with the public.

 Last year, the Chopard Open Championship was a great success, attracting a total of 8 teams to participate, their high-quality finals presented to the audience, let the audience feast. Since the wives and daughters of men’s polo players entered the field in the early 20th century, women’s polo are nothing new, especially in Argentina and the United States. In the past five years, this rigid and flexible sport has become more popular. Related competitions have sprung up all over the world, and many professional players have emerged.

 Although it is also a polo sport, women’s polo is not the same as men’s polo. These athletes are definitely not tomboys … The four outstanding young girls standing on the podium in 2012, their confidence and elegance give People were impressed: Tahnee Schröder, Naomi Schröder, Lavinia Fabre and Argentine professional Lìa Salvo. With superb riding and excellent defense, they won the top spot in this competition. The team is called In the Wings, and they are likely to defend their title in the 2013 game.

 The Chopard French Women’s Polo Open Championship is the world’s first all women’s open championship in the field of polo. The French Polo Federation launched the Women’s Polo Open Championship, supported by Chopard, based on the ideas put forward by Corinne Richard and combining completely innovative ideas.

 This year’s competition will be held between September 10 and 21 between the two venues: Murus Sanctus (near Saint-Arnoult, France) and Ferme d’ Apremont (near Chantilly, France).

 The final of the second Chopard French Women’s Polo Championship will be held on September 21 (Saturday), after which the 13th French Open Polo Championship will be held. Chopard will entertain guests at the Chantilly Village Polo Club.