Casio Couple Watch Introduction

The Cowherd and Weaver Girl-in-law Bridge meets. The annual Qixi Festival is coming. As the most traditional and romantic Valentine’s Day in China, expressing love needs to be ingeniously conceived. This year, we might as well choose a couple watch, and write love on your wrist. In order to create the romantic atmosphere of Tanabata, Casio Watch launches a stylish couple watch, creatively combining the elegant and bright SHEEN series and the sports passionate EDIFICE series to show your favorite touch of wrist.

Calm and elegant EF-500BP & SHN-5000BP
The design of the watch is simple and generous. The black dial and white hands form a sharp contrast, making time reading clear. The men’s round large dial, the steel metal strap, and the strong metallic feel show the style of a resolute man, while the female watch’s small dial is exquisite and elegant, exuding intellectual temperament, and it is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
Noble EF-530P & SHN-5003P
The bezel and hands of the watch, as well as the scale points, are made of popular rose gold. The hour scale of the women’s watch is designed with shiny crystal imitation diamonds, highlighting the exquisite and luxurious elegance. While being noble and stern, it shows feminine femininity.
Casio couples watch, let time commemorate our love!