Blancpain Will Always Strive For Perfection

A tradition of excellence beginning in 1735 Blancpain is always perfect
 & ldquo; Swiss Blancpain watch was born in 1735, is the oldest watch brand in Swiss history, is also the world’s first registered watch brand, its hundreds of years of culture and sophisticated craftsmanship, Blancpain Blancpain in the world watch The altar has a supreme position. Even if all the gorgeous praises have faded, the rustic spirit and restrained wisdom contained in Blancpain is enough to achieve a noble faith, which is unremittingly pursued by perfectionists in the time art he has cast.


 BLANCPAIN insists that every watch is entirely handmade and exquisitely handcrafted, all are individually numbered, and the date of manufacture and the name of the watchmaker are recorded. Therefore, the value of BLANCPAIN not only lies in the manual and all Consumption of manpower, but meticulous requirements for every detail, elegant and classic appearance, transcendentally unaffected by the change of trend, become eternal art treasures.
 As a manufacturer of top-level watches, Blancpain has long been favored by many national celebrities, movie stars, sports celebrities and other celebrities. In politics, the most famous is Russian Prime Minister Putin. Putin likes watches, and especially loves BLANCPAIN watches made with deep knowledge of precision machinery. Not only do you wear Blancpain for important occasions, you are no exception in private time. According to reports, not long ago, he loved outdoor sports and spent a rare holiday in the Republic of Tuva when he returned from the inspection of Irkutsk. Locally, Putin was received by the hospitable shepherd. In return, he presented the Blancpain watch he was wearing to the herder.


 In the entertainment industry, as a leading figure in fashion, Hollywood star Brad Pitt not only enjoyed a pair of dragons and babies in 2008, but also received his beloved wife Angelina Jolie in the name of their newborn baby. During the French Cannes Film Festival, the BLANCPAIN Blancpain star product fifty tourbillon watch was specially selected in the BLANCPAIN Blancpain store as the first Father’s Day gift. In addition, the British star David Beckham, the French movie star, Gerhard Buddy, who plays the big nose, are also loyal fans of Blancpain Blancpain. They each have more than two Blancpain watches.