Bao Qilai Title Sponsors ‘1911 Revolution’

September 26, 2011. Swiss high-end watch brand Bucherer has been adhering to the brand philosophy of ‘not following the trend’ for many years, and has created unique high-quality products for those who love watch art, successfully capturing the hearts of many people who know how to taste life. To commemorate the centennial of the Revolution of 1911, the first large epic film ‘Revolution of the Revolution of 1911’ reflecting the Revolution of 1911 will be released globally. Swiss top watch brand Baucherite intends to sponsor the Longchuan Fund ‘Revolution of the Revolution’ on September 25 The charity premiere, let those who really pursue the taste of art and love the movie first.
The premiere was kicked off by the Hong Kong Youth Association & ldquo; Hong Kong Melody & rdquo; youth choir singing a ‘Brave Chinese’ to kick off the event. The guests were impressed by the strong singing and point-setting songs. Dr. Wang Ming, Director of Longchuan Fund and Director-General of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Dr. DBE, Justice of the Peace came to the stage to give a welcome speech, thank all the guests for their presence and support, and with Mr. Lin Jianyue, chairman of the Universal Asia Entertainment Group, and the charity premiere of ‘The Revolution of 1911’ Member Vice-Chairman Li Lijuan, Justice of the Peace, GBS, OBE, and Ms. Lin Liwanbing, MH, Chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Association, Dr. Cai Dingguo, Chief Director and Actor of the Revolution of 1911, Mr. Jackie Chan, starring Mr. Zhao Wenhuan, Miss Li Bingbing, and title sponsor, Bucherer Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Limited, Mr. Zeng Guoxiong, together with the three distinguished guests include Mr. Tang Yingnian, Chief Secretary for Administration, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, GBM, GBS, Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Lu Xinhua, Central Government Mr. Wang Zhimin, deputy director of the People’s Government Liaison Office in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, presided over the lighting ceremony. Later, the director-general and Jackie Chan, who played Huang Xing, Zhao Wendi, who played Sun Yat-sen, and Li Bingbing, who played the female revolutionary Xu Zonghan, shared the filming with the emcee and guests, including their experiences and feelings during the filming.
In order to thank the guests and the sponsors for their support, the representatives of Longchuan Fund successively presented souvenirs to the representatives of many sponsors. Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Zeng Guoxiong delivered a souvenir. All the sponsor representatives and guests came to enjoy the movie ‘The Revolution of 1911’ after the toasting ceremony and group photo. The funds raised at this charity premiere will be used to fund the educational activities of the Long Chuan Foundation, providing opportunities for young Chinese to discuss global issues and exchange ideas, thereby helping them build networks and become tomorrow’s social leaders.

‘The Revolution of 1911’ has a total investment of more than 100 million yuan. It is a century-old commemorative film and is also the 100th work of Jackie Chan, which is of special significance. The film was directed by Jackie Chan personally and directed by Zhang Li. The starring members include Zhao Wenxie, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Chen Chong, Sun Chun, Jiang Wu, Fang Zuming, Hu Ge, Du Yuhang, Yu Shaoqun, Tranquility, etc. The whole film gathered a total of 70 on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait Many front-line actors, the lineup is no different. The Revolution of 1911 is divided into four chapters: Blood Stained Huanghuagang, the First Uprising of Wuchang City, the Battle of Yangxia, and the creation of the Republican System. The script has made a major breakthrough while respecting historical facts. The panoramic view presents the historical scene of the Revolution of 1911 to the audience. Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, Xu Zonghan, Qiu Jin, Li Yuanhong, Yuan Shikai and other historical figures created a scene of shocking visual feasts, teaching people to wait.
Mr. Zeng Guoxiong, Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bucherer Hong Kong Co., Ltd. said: ‘Bucherer is very honored to be the sponsor of the Dragon Charity Film’ The Revolution of 1911 ‘film charity premiere. The Revolution of 1911, led by Mr. Sun Yat-sen, is an important page in Chinese history. On the occasion of the centennial of the Revolution of 1911, being able to make this history into a movie will surely make more people understand the history of the motherland. Sun Yat-sen adheres to an extraordinary attitude in life, affairs or pursuit of ideals, which is in line with the brand philosophy that Bucherer has been advocating & lsquo; not flowing with the flow & rsquo ;. It is with this conviction that Bucherer insists on creating the best watch creations one after another with the most ingenious craftsmanship, the best materials, and the most ingenious designs, making the brand among the best. The ranks of luxury watch brands. Taking this opportunity, on behalf of Bucherer, I would like to extend infinite blessings and gratitude to the organizers and production teams, and thank them for their enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work to reproduce the classic history of the 1911 Revolution for us. & rdquo;
About Bucherer
Bucherer has nearly a century of fine watchmaking history. The brand adheres to high-quality, top-notch aesthetics and fashionable design, while combining the most exquisite watchmaking technology and excellent jewelry quality. The brand is named after the founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer, and is designed to commemorate the founder’s achievements and entrepreneurial spirit. As the only watchmaker in central Switzerland, Bucherer manufactures and distributes high-end men’s and women’s watches, which is the second pillar of the Bucherer Group. In a short period of time, the Bucherer team has developed an efficient marketing network and built a high profile for the brand.