Appreciation Of Blancpain Gmt Series 6661-1531-55b Watch For International Business Travel

Blancpain was established in 1735 and currently belongs to the Swatch Group. Blancpain has a tradition that it will absolutely not produce quartz watches, and the purpose of the project will be carried out to the end and will never change! The oldest watchmaking brand in existence does not have a flow-through factory, and the manufacturing process is all carried out in old farmhouses, inlaid by individual watchmakers. Today I introduce the Blancpain GMT series 6661-1531-55B, which is suitable for business people who often travel around the world.
 Blancpain’s GMT series 6661-1531-55B uses a classic round case. The white enamel dial with rigorous Roman numerals. The 42 mm size is the most suitable size for Asian men. And the case is 18k white gold, which is not as high-profile as gold and rose gold, but it does not reduce the identity of the wearer.

 It can be seen on the dial that this watch has a lot of functions, not only with the second time zone function, the 9 o’clock day and night display function is very special, the 4 o’clock is the calendar, time switch adjustment switch, 6 o’clock is large Calendar window. Only a crown can cope with these functions, showing how delicate Blancpain has mastered the technology of watchmaking, and the crown is also engraved with the abbreviation of Blancpain’s founder’s name. The black crocodile belt has beige calf leather inside. This design makes the small sweat stains not obvious and can extend the service life. You should know that it usually costs more than 2,000 yuan to replace such a strap.
Speaking of its function, I have to praise the Blancpain factory first. It has not produced a quartz movement so far. Friends who know something about the watch should know how much the impact of the quartz watch on the mechanical watch is visible. Blancpain’s dedication and affirmation of its watchmaking technology. The 12 o’clock second time zone dial is a new technology from Blancpain. This complex function can be adjusted for the second time zone with a time difference of less than half an hour, so as to be more accurate. Generally, the second time zone watch only adjusts the hour hand because they are adjusted in units of one hour. The function of the half time zone is more complicated, and both the hour and minute hands need to be adjusted. At 4 o’clock is the calendar and time adjustment switch. When the pointer indicates D, the date is adjusted. When T is indicated, the time can be adjusted. The day and night display function is very vivid, clearly showing what time the second time zone is.

 This Blancpain GMT 6661-1531-55B watch uses the Blancpain 5235DF automatic mechanical movement, which is Blancpain’s self-produced movement. The entire movement is 7.75 mm thick and 30.20 mm in diameter. It’s so heavy for a reason, because it has a power reserve of up to 8 days, a total of 324 parts and 36 gems. This watch has a back view and can clearly see the movement of the movement. The Geneva stripes on the movement can be seen through the back, indicating that Blancpain also worked hard on the polishing of the movement.
 This Blancpain watch is indeed very suitable for flying trapeze, and it is neither high-profile nor face-saving. The domestic price is 337,000 yuan, which is a good value for Blancpain, a brand specializing in mechanical watches. The function is very powerful, it has functions such as day and night display, half time zone and two places, big calendar and so on. For a business person who really needs two places, wearing a watch is not just for himself, but more for the opposite customer. A watch that has its own value and can improve the wearer’s taste is the top The choice is obviously the Blancpain GMT series 6661-1531-55B.
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