American Khaki Style Hamilton H39515753 Men’s Watch

Hamilton, a brand with a history of over 100 years, has developed to this day, combining unique design and Swiss cash watchmaking technology, fully showing the American spirit to the world. Hamilton’s watches are closely linked to Hollywood and have made frequent appearances in more than 300 top Hollywood movies. Enjoy the American style from Hollywood today with this Hamilton Khaki H39515753 watch.
 H39515753 is a self-winding Warrior watch from the Hamilton Khaki series. It is a men’s watch with a diameter of 40 mm and can fit the wrist of most men. Its round case is made of stainless steel, which is polished very brightly, exuding youthful vitality in this shiny metallic luster. Its dial is white in color, with a shiny silver case, it gives a clean and pure feeling, which can well set off the wearer’s high-quality temperament. Its panel layout is also very simple. Except for the date display window at 3 o’clock and the brand logo at 12 o’clock, there are no other elements. A large amount of white space makes the watch look more elegant. Coupled with a black alligator leather strap, the clear white tone of the case body creates a sharp contrast, giving people a better visual effect.

 As a classic casual watch, Hamilton H39515753 does not add too many functions to ensure its overall style. The classic big three-hand time display, due to the very simple design of the dial, its three hands become the most prominent thing on the dial. The big three hands are inherently easy to read, which makes us read the time. clear. At the three o’clock position of the dial, there is a window for the date display function of the watch. The black Arabic numerals on the white background look very clear. This watch also has a water resistance of 50 meters, which greatly enhances the adaptability of this watch. It can be perfectly coped with when we take a bath, car wash, swim or rainy weather. It is our concern about whether the watch will be damaged. Although there are not many functions of this watch, its practicality is still very strong.
 The movement of this Hamilton H39515753 watch is the ETA 2824 movement. This movement is well-known in the industry. It is collectively known as ‘ETA Three Treasures’ with ETA 2892 and ETA 7750, which shows its superiority. Quality. The ETA 2824 movement is mainly used in cheaper watches, but it still has good performance. Even many people in the industry believe that the high-end ETA 2824 movement and the ETA2892 movement used in high-end watches The gap exists only in the polishing process, and ETA 2824 is applied to this watch, which gives it a very high price-performance ratio.
The ETA 2824 movement, with a diameter of 25.6 mm and a thickness of 4.6 mm, is a medium-sized movement. Its excellent vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour can minimize the external influence on the watch. This watch is also set with 25 precious stones, which not only increases the aesthetics of the movement, but also makes the movement run more smoothly and prolongs the watch’s life. Finally, this movement can provide a power reserve function of 38 hours. The time is not too long, but it is not a problem to meet the wearer’s application on the weekend. This is indeed an excellent movement.

 This Hamilton H39515753 may not use any precious raw materials and sophisticated technology, but it has formed its own simple and unique style by virtue of its unique concept. Its temperament is very suitable for young people to wear, and can well set off the temperament and taste of the wearer. The practical function configuration is also a plus point for this watch. For most watch buyers, the practicality is also their concern. The powerful ETA2824 movement it uses adds a lot to this watch. The powerful inner core is the soul of a watch. Its current market reference price is 4,600 RMB. This price is very low among similar watches, which makes it very cost-effective. For friends who want to buy a watch at this price, Hamilton H39515753 is a Good choice.
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