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    Athens Watch Launches Navigator Series Glory Watch

    The newly launched ‘Navy Series Pioneer Glory Watch’ is a stylish nautical timepiece designed for successful people who dominate their own destiny.
       After the successful launch of the ‘Navigation Pilot Watch’, Athens Watch launched an astronomical watch for the new generation of explorers-‘Navigation Pilot Glory Watch’. The watch is inspired by the captain’s exclusive pocket watch from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century. It reinterprets the unique style of the new era and is more chic and charming. The ‘Navigation Pilot Honor Watch’ and the brand’s iconic ‘Navigation Observatory Watch’ are also equipped with the UN-118 self-produced movement. The unique design is impressive, symbolizing the wearer’s determination to meet a new round of challenges. Attitude.

       ‘Navy Pilot’s Glory Watch’ shows a steady stream of vitality in every detail, and also has the design of a military medal. Two elements are inspired by the simplicity and elegance of antique military watches: an ivory dial with hollow Arabic numerals, time is clear and easy to read, and an elegant tan strap; another chic black dial, with With orange Arabic numerals and luminous hands, it is easy to read the time in the dark, and a black strap with the same color stitching as the hour markers. Both versions feature an oversized crown and a sandblasted 44 mm steel case that is water-resistant to 50 meters, with a unique torpedo boat printed on the case back.

       As one of the entry-level astronomical watches, ‘Navy Pilot’s Glory Watch’ is equipped with the UN-118 self-produced movement and has a silicon anchor escapement uniquely created by the Athens Watch Factory. Each watch is accompanied by the official Swiss Observatory certification COSC and Athens watch certification certificate, in line with the strict quality certification of the Athens watch factory. At 6 o’clock, there is a small second hand and a red watch number, indicating the serial number of the watch in a limited edition of 300 watches. The English letter C.W. is an abbreviation of Chronometer Watch, which gloriously displays the medal of the Chronometer Watch. This design is based on past military models and must follow strict armed force rules.

       This modern observatory watch brings together the essence of Athenian watchmaking for over 170 years, precise timing and outstanding performance, which are the reasons why the Athenian Observatory timepiece has been loved by captains and explorers for many years. This reprinted version of the ‘Navy Series Pioneer Glory Watch’ has a unique design and a tough style. Like its name ‘Pilot’, it can compete with its opponents and occupy an advantage in each round.

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    Cool Technology Tasting Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Watch

    In 1969, Zenith became a recognized king in the field of high-frequency chronographs with its traditional ElPrimero star-speed movement. In 2017, Baselworld Zenith sought inspiration from brand history and found new trends, launching a masterpiece ——The DefyElPrimero21 watch continues to gallop in the world of high-precision watchmaking. From a tenth of a second to a hundredth of a second, this watch has made a huge leap in both performance and design. (Watch model: 24.9000.9004 / 78.R582)

    Zenith DefyElPrimero21

    Ceramic aluminum case

       The diameter of the case made of ceramic aluminum is 44 mm. The hollow dial reflects a contemporary mechanical beauty. Through the sapphire crystal, the open mechanism can be seen at a glance, which also exactly matches the representative appearance of the new Zenith series. aesthetics.

    Hollow dial

       The dial of the watch is complex and simple, and the seemingly complex mechanical operation is just a ‘decoration’ for existing functions. A small second hand at 9 o’clock, a one-hundredth of a second central chronograph hand that rotates around the scale on the circumference, a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, and a 6 o’clock position with a seconds counter, and at 12 o’clock Position of the chronograph power reserve indicator. Among them, the chronograph uses two colors on the legendary chronograph in 1969, namely blue and black and gray.

    Pointer display

       The sweeping chronograph hands have a star-shaped logo at the end, and the large rod-shaped hour and minute hands have a luminous function, which integrates the important identifying characteristics of the ElPrimero star speed.


       The crown on the side of the case is also engraved with a star logo. The crown can be wound manually in two directions: clockwise for the chronograph function and counterclockwise for the watch. Rotating the crown 25 turns is enough to fully power the timepiece barrel.

    Back-through movement display

       This watch is equipped with a new ElPrimero star-speed movement certified by COSC. The chronograph frequency reaches 360,000 vibrations / hour, ensuring its accuracy of one hundredth of a second, and the energy consumption is ten times higher than the original. The system uses El Primero’s signature 5 Hz frequency and provides a 50-hour daily travel time power reserve. The high performance of this movement is reflected in the new adjustment mechanism and patented timing control mechanism, as well as the graphene-based composite hairspring. Its antimagnetic ability is far more than 15,000 Gauss. In addition, the star-shaped automatic rotor is quite aesthetic.

    Strap and buckle

       The alligator strap and the five-pointed star buckle, which also features the brand, complete the design of this timepiece.

    Cool DefyElPrimero21 watch

    Summary: Zenith has condensed modern technology and traditional craftsmanship to create this durable and durable DefyElPrimero21 watch. The entire watch’s all-black tone is very cool, plus the hollow dial design, no matter where it is worn, this Every watch can easily become the focus. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)