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    Longines Watch Comcast Diving Series Starry Sky Watch Introduction

    When I first saw this watch, I was attracted by its face. This is a typical diving watch design. The shell is very atmospheric and the shoulder pads are tough. But why draw a starry sky on the dial? Now that it’s all submerged, why look at the stars? At this time, a familiar song sounded in my ears. “Do n’t ask me how high the sun is, I will tell you how true I am; do n’t ask me how many stars, I will tell you a lot, many, many more” & hellip; & rdquo;
    The Longlang brand has a large number of fans in China, and one of the reasons is that the brand’s name is very romantic when translated into Chinese. And this Concas diving series star map watch, as the name suggests, the romantic feelings of Longines to the extreme. This design style of ‘romantic in motion and sports in romance’ is also in line with the current trend of mashups in reality. In addition, the design of men’s and women’s watches will make people have unlimited reveries & mdash; & mdash; and loved ones, dive into the water to see the vast starry sky on the wrist.

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    Vacheron Constantin Heritage Classic 14 Day Tourbillon Watch

    In order to make the extremely rare complication tourbillon device in watchmaking technology radiate more dazzling light, Vacheron Constantin has chosen the most unique and unforgettable way to show the technology and unique know-how: Although it requires Only the best watchmaking skills can be made, but the power to conquer the masses comes from its essence-namely performance and beauty. It uses a purely shaped, low-key case with a highly complex movement. The new heritage of the classic 14-day tourbillon watch is not only the epitome of the ultimate watchmaking art, it is also unique because of the special time and space-the newly revised Geneva Code of Quality Imprint is now not only regulating the movement itself, but also the entire The performance of the watch (the movement and the case, meaning the watch) is included in the specification. This quality label, which has been in operation for 125 years, adopts a larger standard, representing itself once again sublimation and a response to customers’ high expectations.

         Vacheron Constantin has been very experienced in making tourbillon movements. Often, the tourbillon device is installed on the same movement with other rare and rare complications in the watch world. It represents the original Geneva watchmaking heritage of Vacheron Constantin. The tourbillon produced has always been Demonstrating outstanding professional qualities and unparalleled courage, this time Vacheron Constantin chose a new way to show the beauty of the tourbillon, trying to develop a movement with pure appearance and unlimited functions like the case, and the technology of the tourbillon The essence is fully manifested, moving towards an unprecedented state. Vacheron Constantin brought together the movement designer and watchmaker to develop this new manual winding mechanical tourbillon movement, Calibre 2260, and at the same time gave it a 14-day energy storage time. The capability has long been beyond the practical scope, and all the oscillation-related precision components in the tourbillon device are designed to show unparalleled accuracy and long-term stability. In order to accumulate the elasticity for up to 14 days, the new Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260 uses a total of four barrels, which are arranged in pairs. It works synchronously, tightening and relaxing at the same time, so the rotation rate is only a single. One quarter of the barrel configuration, the barrel length used by the four barrels adds up to 2.2 meters, and each barrel can rotate 13 turns from the loosest to the full chain! These are all installed in a 12¾-litre (approximately 29.10 mm) movement! In addition to long-term energy storage, multiple barrels can better ensure the stability of the movement after long-term use.

         The design of Calibre 2260 is different from the past. It consists of 231 parts, and the main board is a two-chip structure. The two main boards constitute the main structure (in the past, Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon movement used three more boards). The larger the board area, the more fully the Vacheron Constantin’s polishing technology can be displayed, like an entire one. The movement is decorated with the typical Côtes de Genève; the two-piece plate configuration means that the production must follow a higher precision, and it also means that the watchmaker must face greater challenges when assembling. The tourbillon cage adopts the brand’s inherent Maltese cross shape. It is also the best showcase for sophisticated polishing techniques. Extremely rare interior angles can be seen. Of course, all of the guide angles follow the brand’s usual insistence. Sanded by hand. Just a cylindrical tourbillon plate, to meet Vacheron Constantin’s standards, it takes 11 hours of manual polishing process.

         Except for the tourbillon with an independent small second hand at six o’clock, the hour and minute hands of Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2260 are arranged slightly off-center, and the energy-storing indicator’s rotation range on the 14th is 280 ° in order to obtain the ideal The readability, the energy storage indicator in the twelve o’clock direction, and the minute scale on the outer ring of the opal dial are inspired by several antique pocket watches made by Vacheron Constantin. The new heritage classic 14th tourbillon watch faithfully reflects the design concept of this series of watches, that is, it builds the pure and strict standards of the series. The slim bezel and the joint of the ring body are slightly concave. Slot, screw-in case back with sapphire crystal, multi-faceted hour markers (two at twelve o’clock), crown-shaped hands made of 5N rose gold, following the brand’s traditional protein dial A variety of surface decoration: These subtle and ingenious decorative elements have jointly shaped the classic series. Vacheron Constantin’s ability to blend ancient and modern aesthetic elements without revealing it is all here.

    Compliant with the new Geneva Premium Marking Code
         The Geneva Quality Seal ‘Poinçon de Genève’, issued by the General Assembly of the Province of Geneva in 1886, is an official stamp that guarantees the origin, quality of craftsmanship, durability and professionalism. It has been in operation for 125 years, and the seal is facing major Transformation, especially taking into account the latest technology and watchmaking materials developed by the watch industry. In 2012, this mark is no longer only on the movement itself, but watch is regarded as the object of the mark. The production of components and the complete process of making a watch from scratch are considered as the main body of certification, and an independent and officially supported institution must lead the systematic and stricter supervision process. When a movement complies with the specifications established by the Geneva Quality Mark, it must also undergo a period of testing before leaving the factory to confirm that the production process also complies with the specifications. The main purpose of testing is to confirm that the assembly, adjustment, and casing of the watch are performed in Geneva, and that the quality of the components and the movement assembly meets the standards. The inspection of the watch is now part of the imprint specifications. All product technical characteristics, such as the waterproof performance and energy storage time of the watch, must be cross-confirmed and regularly inspected by the competent authority of Geneva Imprint and the brand. Finally, in terms of accuracy, watches must pass the simulation test before they can get the mark. The competent authority of Geneva Quality Marks will lead a seven-day accuracy test to ensure that the watch does not have an error of more than one minute within a week. These elements not only ensure the high quality of the timepieces, but also the certified neutral character.

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    Bao Qilai Title Sponsors ‘1911 Revolution’

    September 26, 2011. Swiss high-end watch brand Bucherer has been adhering to the brand philosophy of ‘not following the trend’ for many years, and has created unique high-quality products for those who love watch art, successfully capturing the hearts of many people who know how to taste life. To commemorate the centennial of the Revolution of 1911, the first large epic film ‘Revolution of the Revolution of 1911’ reflecting the Revolution of 1911 will be released globally. Swiss top watch brand Baucherite intends to sponsor the Longchuan Fund ‘Revolution of the Revolution’ on September 25 The charity premiere, let those who really pursue the taste of art and love the movie first.
    The premiere was kicked off by the Hong Kong Youth Association & ldquo; Hong Kong Melody & rdquo; youth choir singing a ‘Brave Chinese’ to kick off the event. The guests were impressed by the strong singing and point-setting songs. Dr. Wang Ming, Director of Longchuan Fund and Director-General of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Dr. DBE, Justice of the Peace came to the stage to give a welcome speech, thank all the guests for their presence and support, and with Mr. Lin Jianyue, chairman of the Universal Asia Entertainment Group, and the charity premiere of ‘The Revolution of 1911’ Member Vice-Chairman Li Lijuan, Justice of the Peace, GBS, OBE, and Ms. Lin Liwanbing, MH, Chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Association, Dr. Cai Dingguo, Chief Director and Actor of the Revolution of 1911, Mr. Jackie Chan, starring Mr. Zhao Wenhuan, Miss Li Bingbing, and title sponsor, Bucherer Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Limited, Mr. Zeng Guoxiong, together with the three distinguished guests include Mr. Tang Yingnian, Chief Secretary for Administration, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, GBM, GBS, Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Lu Xinhua, Central Government Mr. Wang Zhimin, deputy director of the People’s Government Liaison Office in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, presided over the lighting ceremony. Later, the director-general and Jackie Chan, who played Huang Xing, Zhao Wendi, who played Sun Yat-sen, and Li Bingbing, who played the female revolutionary Xu Zonghan, shared the filming with the emcee and guests, including their experiences and feelings during the filming.
    In order to thank the guests and the sponsors for their support, the representatives of Longchuan Fund successively presented souvenirs to the representatives of many sponsors. Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Zeng Guoxiong delivered a souvenir. All the sponsor representatives and guests came to enjoy the movie ‘The Revolution of 1911’ after the toasting ceremony and group photo. The funds raised at this charity premiere will be used to fund the educational activities of the Long Chuan Foundation, providing opportunities for young Chinese to discuss global issues and exchange ideas, thereby helping them build networks and become tomorrow’s social leaders.

    ‘The Revolution of 1911’ has a total investment of more than 100 million yuan. It is a century-old commemorative film and is also the 100th work of Jackie Chan, which is of special significance. The film was directed by Jackie Chan personally and directed by Zhang Li. The starring members include Zhao Wenxie, Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Chen Chong, Sun Chun, Jiang Wu, Fang Zuming, Hu Ge, Du Yuhang, Yu Shaoqun, Tranquility, etc. The whole film gathered a total of 70 on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait Many front-line actors, the lineup is no different. The Revolution of 1911 is divided into four chapters: Blood Stained Huanghuagang, the First Uprising of Wuchang City, the Battle of Yangxia, and the creation of the Republican System. The script has made a major breakthrough while respecting historical facts. The panoramic view presents the historical scene of the Revolution of 1911 to the audience. Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, Xu Zonghan, Qiu Jin, Li Yuanhong, Yuan Shikai and other historical figures created a scene of shocking visual feasts, teaching people to wait.
    Mr. Zeng Guoxiong, Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bucherer Hong Kong Co., Ltd. said: ‘Bucherer is very honored to be the sponsor of the Dragon Charity Film’ The Revolution of 1911 ‘film charity premiere. The Revolution of 1911, led by Mr. Sun Yat-sen, is an important page in Chinese history. On the occasion of the centennial of the Revolution of 1911, being able to make this history into a movie will surely make more people understand the history of the motherland. Sun Yat-sen adheres to an extraordinary attitude in life, affairs or pursuit of ideals, which is in line with the brand philosophy that Bucherer has been advocating & lsquo; not flowing with the flow & rsquo ;. It is with this conviction that Bucherer insists on creating the best watch creations one after another with the most ingenious craftsmanship, the best materials, and the most ingenious designs, making the brand among the best. The ranks of luxury watch brands. Taking this opportunity, on behalf of Bucherer, I would like to extend infinite blessings and gratitude to the organizers and production teams, and thank them for their enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work to reproduce the classic history of the 1911 Revolution for us. & rdquo;
    About Bucherer
    Bucherer has nearly a century of fine watchmaking history. The brand adheres to high-quality, top-notch aesthetics and fashionable design, while combining the most exquisite watchmaking technology and excellent jewelry quality. The brand is named after the founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer, and is designed to commemorate the founder’s achievements and entrepreneurial spirit. As the only watchmaker in central Switzerland, Bucherer manufactures and distributes high-end men’s and women’s watches, which is the second pillar of the Bucherer Group. In a short period of time, the Bucherer team has developed an efficient marketing network and built a high profile for the brand.

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    Hamilton’s New Jazz Lady Automatic Watch Real Shot

    Hamilton’s understanding of women’s watches is long and full of stories. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, Hamilton showed his unique charm in the field of women’s watches and launched a revolutionary women’s watch at the time. More than 100 years later, in 2013, the new Jazz Lady Automatic watch is ready to showcase the multi-faceted charm of contemporary women who are pursuing trendy styles and precise timing.

    Glamour Texture
     The Hamilton Sir Lady Automatic watch is exquisite inside and out, allowing the wearer to grasp time efficiently and elegantly. The soul of the watch, the Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement, operates precisely under the transparent bottom, and the precision mechanical skills harmoniously harmonize with the inner beauty of soft women. The exquisite shape is also fascinating, the round dial is integrated into the oval case, with teardrop-shaped lugs and scales. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques create charming timepieces at your fingertips.

    Multiple choices
     Jazz ladies automatic watches come in various styles and meet different moods. The mother-of-pearl dial has a gorgeous style. Each of the 12 slender teardrop-shaped scales is inlaid with a sparkling diamond. It is accompanied by a shiny polished stainless steel strap. Rose gold-plated style and rose gold stainless steel two-color style, the color is warm and elegant, keeping up with fashion trends. The quick-release strap design is practical and intimate, and women can easily remove and replace the strap to match their different looks and moods.

        Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Watch combines the free spirit of the American spirit with the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. He has performed well in the field of aviation watches, and has gained a reputation for his deep relationship with Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters so far. Hamilton is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor.

    Technical Parameters
    Table diameter: diameter 30mm
    Material: Stainless Steel / Rose Gold PVD / Stainless Steel Rose Gold PVD
    Dial: Silver / Mother of Pearl
    Strap: Stainless Steel / Rose Gold PVD / Stainless Steel Rose Gold PVD Two-Tone (Quick Release Strap)
    Movement: 2671 automatic mechanical movement. Quartz movement is also available.
    Mirror: Anti-glare coated sapphire
    Waterproof: 50m

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    Watchmaking Market Promotion Innovative Advertising Planning Inventory

    Traditional or original, more foreseeable or ingenious, advertising videos tell many stories about the brand concept.

    Masters ‘Life is about moments’

       Ad targeting: This black-and-white commercial is directed by Peter Lindbergh and exudes elegance. Engagement ceremony, wedding anniversary, wonderful new life, warm Christmas, many precious moments in life are lost in the ticking, and these are carefully captured by the photographer. The fleeting moments that contain sincere emotions are fixed as classic and timeless poems .

       Brand proposition: ‘Life is about moments’ is a celebrity interpretation of the theme of the celebration. Baume & Mercier sees the watch as ‘gifts which contain feelings’, and it becomes a witness to special moments of celebration in life.

       Advertising comment: It is hard not to be moved by the image information conveyed in the advertising video. The looks of the characters are pleasing, their faces are filled with joyful smiles, showing their love for life. I have to admit that this is a very tempting scene.

    L’instant Chanel

       Advertising positioning: This series was shot by international photographer Patrick Demarchelier. There are 15 black and white visual images, each of which contains a Chanel timepiece, placed on male and female models Beside them, the models echoed the dial hands in a posture of limbs. Master every moment to achieve eternity and let each moment show unique charm.

       Brand Proposition: Nicholas Beau, Chanel International Director, concludes, ‘Time connects the past and the future, and we hope to interpret the brand’s time vision through watches: the present is the most precious time. When people talk about watches, they are essentially talking about time The passage of time. Chanel represents the present, and at this moment, enjoy a wonderful time. ‘

      Advertising comment: a look, a silhouette, a unique style … Chanel once again demonstrated the style of the leading fashion masters, and defined a template of time and luxury jewelry, all we can do is to follow closely.

    Tag Heuer ‘Do n’t Crack Under Pressure’

       Advertising positioning: This advertising video can be described as a magnificent masterpiece, which displays the powerful spiritual ideas of the characters and the pursuit of transcendence through a series of black and white images. Brand image ambassadors Cristiano Ronaldo, Sharapova, Steve McQueen and Patrick Demsey, their great careers and strong spiritual convictions are shown in the eyes of the audience. The challenges and performances enumerated in the film are theoretically unachievable. This is both a tribute to the brand’s 1990s advertising campaign and an interpretation of the brand’s persistent thinking model.

       Brand proposition: Robustness, reliability, performance, precision, transcendence of self … These are exactly what “Fearless Challenge to Achieve Self” is conveyed, and TAG Heuer returns to its traditional origin.

       Ad Comment: In theory, people tend to collapse due to excessive pressure. However, watching these images will make people feel adrenaline burst, and then feel excited, confident, and dare to face any challenge. So, wear a TAG Heuer?

    DeWitt “For The New Emperors”

       Ad positioning: Brand products are the stars of promotional activities, reinterpreting the noble origins of the founders. The Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Prestige and the ladies’ Alma watch stand out against a black background, and the famous royal image is unveiled in a sharp modern style. Jérôme de Witt is a direct descendant of Napoleon. His distinguished bloodline has been branded since the brand was founded.

       Brand Proposition: ‘For The New Emperors’ summarizes the essence of the brand: nobility, creativity, family passion and the pursuit of excellence.

      Ad Comment: The DeWitt watch is not universally wearable. Its customers are seeking rare and authentic elites, but perhaps we all have an emperor and queen sleeping in their hearts …

    Piaget ‘Perfection in Life’

       Ad targeting: The images in the ad video are taken all over the world, like an invitation to us to explore Piaget’s fine watches and fine jewelry. The film was created by the famous artist Maud Rémy-Lonvis with the assistance of advertising design firm BETC Luxe and is called ‘Perfection in Life’. Piaget CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger emphasized, ‘Piaget’s new advertising plan is the result of our in-depth consideration of the brand’s face. We return to the brand’s roots, analyze its distinctive and rich personality, and then use a new and innovative approach to explain Piaget’s The elegant attitude of life. ‘

       Brand Proposition: The image of the sky played an important role in this advertising film. It was under that charming outline that the earl told his brand story. The blue sky represents the unremitting pursuit of the ultimate, while the night sky is reminiscent of the mysterious and magical Earl’s World.

       Advertisement comment: precious materials, exquisiteness, innovation, creativity, elegance and tradition … Piaget always controls the code of excellence, no matter where he is in another country, no matter what language, no matter what day and night.

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    Swatch’s True Love Online Vote For Favorite Design To Create A New Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center Special Watch

    For the first time ever, Swatch invites fans to vote online. The brand loves the special watch design of Swatch Peace Art Center. In early 2018, nine Swatch artistes were invited to participate in watch design and presented their works on the Swatch e-commerce platform for fans to vote. So far, the work of Chinese artist Han Feng has become the most popular design. As a favorite choice of Swatch fans around the world, this work draws inspiration from traditional Chinese ink painting and has become a special watch of the new Swatch Peace Art Center.

      This time, the new Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center’s special watch ‘Eternal Landscape’ continued his expression in the work ‘Painting Tree · Pine’ and presented the ‘Pine Tree’ in Chinese ink painting on the dial. Pay tribute to the traditional landscape painting art shown in the Mustard Garden Painting Book, first published in China in 1679.

      Not only that, the “Eternal Landscape” watch tells a fascinating story of Swatch and art. In order to celebrate the grand opening of the Swatch Tmall flagship store, and also allow Swatch’s resident artists to truly integrate into the resident artist project, Swatch selected 9 of the more than 250 artists received by the resident project so far and invited them. Design this special watch. Online voting opened early last year, and Swatch fans can vote for their favorite designs from the works of nine artists. On January 12th, on the day of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day, the favorite choice was officially announced by Mr. CarloGiordanetti, Swatch’s global creative director. At present, this ‘eternal landscape’ watch has been launched in the Swatch Tmall flagship store and the Swatch Peace Art Hotel flagship store in Shanghai.

      Swatch fans said that the design of this Chinese style ‘eternal landscape’ watch is very intriguing: the radial pine needles and winding tree trunks between the dials constitute a vivid traditional Chinese garden landscape. From ancient rice paper to modern Swatch canvas on the wrist, the traditional style of elegant pine trees still shines charmingly. The artist tries to symbolize the change of the times with the change of the carrier and show the eternal charm of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese artist Han Feng participated in the resident artist project at the Swatch Peace Art Center from December 2016 to June 2017. During this time, he continued to create a series of works in the ‘Bloom in the Distance’, which elaborated the trace back to the traditional Chinese spirit and the feelings about society.

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    Unique Lange Treasures Set New Record Prices

    The famous auction house Dr. Crott held the 85th auction in Frankfurt on May 12, 2012. A unique and precious Lange watch was sold at a high price.
    ‘TOURBILLON Pour le Mérite’ limited number 45
        The famous auction house Dr. Crott held the 85th auction on May 12, 2012 in Frankfurt. A unique and precious Lange watch was sold at a high price. This TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ with a small platinum case and black dial was first sold in 1996 and found a new owner at the 85th auction of Dr. Crott at a very high price.
        On May 12th, this TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ changed hands at an auction in Frankfurt for 330,000 Euros, which is much higher than the expert of the famous auction house Dr. Crott. In fact, the price of this rare masterpiece is almost five times higher than its retail price in 1996. The TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ platinum edition watch is limited to 50 pieces. This auction is a unique piece number 45. It is tailor-made according to the requirements of first-hand buyers: the watch is driven by the Lange 353 movement. The case has been reduced from 38.5 mm to 36 mm. The silver dial of the regular platinum version has been replaced by a black dial with a beveled diamond-shaped hour scale.
       According to the auction catalogue of the Dr. Crott auction, this complex watch was originally valued at 190,000 to 240,000 Euros, and it was the highest auction since Lange TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” was launched in 1994 under the fierce competition from watch collectors around the world. Record.

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    Seeing Fresh And Goodbye Chopard Liu Tao, China’s Best Friend Of The Brand, Leads The New Style Of Summer Fashion

    Lian Yufang goes with the spring, and it’s clear that the summer has reached the end of the day, and the gentle lingering of the spring day fades away. The midsummer is like a vibrant picture scroll, which invites people to explore the colorful world. The deep blue sea and pure white clouds … Chopard, under the dynamic interpretation of Liu Tao, a brand friend, releases the calm and elegant style charm of modern women, and also uses the theme of ‘happiness’ as a pen to trace the sky and sea. The summer landscape is unintentionally showing a fresh and casual summer spirit.

    Chopard Happy Ocean

       She is easy and casual, she is free to follow her heart, and sometimes seeks herself in challenges, and often lives in peace. As Liu Tao explained, the simplest dress radiates endless confidence on her. The white shirt is paired with jeans with a sophisticated yet elegant look. The same color of Chopard Happy Ocean watches and Happy Dreams jewellery sets the finishing touch for her overall dressing. It combines sports and leisure elements with a fresh and romantic style. Female leisurely summer style.

    Chopard Happy Dreams earrings, necklaces and rings

       The mysterious and vast sea in the midsummer evokes the infinite desire of modern women to get close to nature. The Chopard Happy Ocean series watch on Liu Tao’s wrist gives it a firm power to explore. The azure blue dial is intended for the deep and secluded ocean, and the white minute hands are dotted with turquoise or rose red, which can fluoresce at night or in the dark deep sea. The hour and hour markers flash blue, and all indications required for diving glow green. Five round brilliant-cut diamonds, like bubbles or shining fish, roam freely in the charming waters, matching the free will and lightness of the sea. Chopard Happy Ocean series watches have superb aesthetic design, water-resistant depth up to 300 meters also demonstrates its excellent technical performance, making modern women a great partner for summer travel.

       The symbol of summer is in addition to the endless sea, the vast and bright sky, the blue sky and white clouds gently blending with each other, reflecting the clear and peaceful broad-mindedness of modern women, accompanied by Chopard Chopard, telling the leisurely pursuit of happiness all the time, and Happiness is also the original intention of Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series. The Happy Dreams jewellery from the Happy Diamonds collection draws inspiration from the gentle clouds and fantasy dreams. The intertwined circles and plump and rounded curves merge into one, presenting a wonderful dreamlike mood; the brilliance and freedom are free The diamonds are full of fun, praising the joyful mood of vitality. Chopard Happy Dreams necklaces and earrings inlaid with sapphire and mother-of-pearl are more light and elegant in the gradient dark blue tone, which adds a sense of fashion to the overall look. It also intersects with Chopard Happy Ocean series watches on Liu Tao’s wrist. In response, the image of modern women’s freedom, lightness and joy is fully displayed.

       Minimalist style blooms with elegance and magnificence, and embellishes the casual style. Chopard and the brand’s best friend Liu Tao have selected the best style works in this summer, creating modern and exquisite fashion dresses for modern women, and accompanying them to collect more during the journey Shen Ming happy wonderful memories.