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    Hermès 950 Platinum Hollow Watch Introduction

    The watch is an incredibly tiny and wonderful mechanical device. The wheel train is constantly moving, and all parts are meticulously matched, as if it is like aura and life. If on this basis, the watch is also carved into a beautiful hollow animal shape, what do you think of at this moment? Yes, Cartier’s cheetah jumped, Hermes’ horse ran, and Breguet’s pigeon flew.
    Hermès 950 platinum skeleton watch
    Platinum dial, processed with large open flame enamel, revealing the layers of the watch core. Can you see what animal is carved on the hollow dial? It is like a shadow, dragged by the time axis. At this end of the story, you are curious by its uninterrupted interpretation. This shadow has a heart that beats like you, just like a shadow play at a shadow, as a child Sometimes sad, sometimes laughing.
    的 The hollow-out art derived from the sculptural art has also become a watchmaking process. It has the same meaning as the paper-cut art and shadow art.
    The watch is an incredibly tiny and wonderful mechanical device. The wheel train is constantly moving. All the parts are meticulously matched, as if it is like aura and life. If on this basis, the watch is also carved into a beautiful hollow animal shape, what do you think of at this moment? Yes, Cartier’s cheetah jumped, Hermes’ horse ran, and Breguet’s pigeon flew.
    Qiu Guang is not enough to make the overall shape. On the splint that will be broken with one more knife, it will be an article. This is the reason why the hollow watch is expensive. It is purely manual and cannot be copied. Geneva pattern, Louis XIV pattern, irregularly deformed flower and grass pattern, winding and winding, smooth extension.
    Hollow addition and subtraction
    +1? NO! The Swiss watchmaker devotes a lot of time and effort to the movement. Based on the ordinary movement, the needle needs to be drilled into small holes with a needle, and then the excess metal is removed with a saw. The next important step is to trim all the edges into 45-degree beveled edges with a sculpting knife, and to engrav the movement face into different patterns. Is there a piece you can forget? joke.
    -1 ? NO! Each knife is carved with sincerity and sincerity. The combination of brain power and hand power is the most important. It is not only to be mature and stable, but also to position the knife according to the different materials. The flawless hollow-out technique lies in the fact that you win all the games. Accidentally cut one? All void.
    Hollow 3D space
    The forms of yin and yang: One type is ‘yang line hollowing out’, that is, the so-called picture line and line of hollowed out art are connected; the other is ‘yin line hollowing out’, that is, the line and line of the picture are disconnected. The important thing in hollowed-out art is the relationship between the empty and displayed parts, that is, the positive-negative relationship. The light and shadow intersect between the square inch, is my vision not enough, or the sun is too bright?
    Three-dimensional visual feast: The most amazing part of hollowed-out art is that it can make two-dimensional things into three-dimensional vision. Facing the table in front of us, we count how many levels together. It is so uneven that it requires For half a day, it may also be used to mess up his eyes. 3D is not a new term, it is already popular on the wrist.

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    The Latest Clifton 1830 Watch From Baume & Mercier

    Baume & Mercier recently launched a new series of Clifton, and recently they introduced the top model of this series, Clifton 1830. This is a good formal watch with a classic appearance, made of rose gold, and equipped with a proprietary Manual winding movement. Clifton 1830 has a rose gold case with a diameter of 42mm and classic lugs. The movement has a power reserve of 90 hours. The movement is specially made by La Joux-Perret Manufacture for Baume & Mercier, with a double barrel. The movement is visible through the transparent case back. Clifton 1830 (ref 10060) perfectly combines classic design with modern size. The case is made of 18K rose gold with exquisite details such as polished satin case parts. Arched sapphire glass, silver-plated milky dial, small seconds counter at six o’clock. Baume & Mercier also launched two automatic models of the Clifton series, one with a black dial (ref. 10053) and one with a silver dial (ref. 10052). Both models are 41mm in diameter. Clifton automatic watches display hours, minutes and small seconds, and a date window at 3 o’clock. Baume & Mercier launches Clifton 1830 watch

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    From Metal To Leather Cartier Tank Spends Leisure Time With You

    Introduction: If travel is an act, then vacation is an attitude. The former focuses on location, while the latter is only for the relaxation of the soul and the soothing of the heart. Some people like to jump from a height of 10,000 meters on vacation and feel the heartbeat of the critical moment; some people like to ride in the canyon to taste the emptiness that belongs to him only; others prefer to dive into Feel the deep loneliness under the sea of ​​10,000 meters; and some people only want to sit in the middle of the large square and spend their time with their beloved watches!

      I remember when Cartier launched the tank Divan 10 years ago, we were thinking about what the next generation of tanks would look like, and we were silently waiting for the arrival of a new tank, but I did not expect that this class was ten years. Fortunately, there has been no waiting in the past 10 years. The launch of Tank Anglaise (British Tank) has really given us a lot of surprises. Its shape is a good interpretation of its name. Compact shape, clear lines, but full of tension. From the side, the design of the crown embedded in the vertical lugs is like the wheels of a tank, helping you to crush the hustle and bustle of the city and find the pure land that belongs to you. Cartier’s newly launched Tank Anglaise also offers models made of K gold and stainless steel. This design not only matches Tank Anglaise’s domineering momentum, but also better fits the watch’s rugged nature. There is no denying the unbridled arrogance of a watch for a leisure vacation.

     Tank Anglaise medium model in gold and steel

     When the British tank was just launched, it was only available in precious metal styles. Although luxurious and noble, there was always less affinity. The introduction of this year’s gold and steel style added a bit of freedom and relaxation, and the 11 diamonds on the scale were also reminded It’s not bad for you to blur the time. In addition, this watch is available in medium and small sizes, with a medium size of 39.2 mm x 29.8 mm and a Cartier 076 automatic mechanical movement.
      The bracelet design of the watch uses K gold and stainless steel design. Such a metal bracelet design can be used in summer or winter, sports or leisure.

        Tank Anglaise Medium Rose Gold

     In fact, so many people are keen on the medium tank because its proportions are harmonious and perfect. You will feel like an elegant elf who is walking into your heart to accompany you to feel the moment when your heart is exiled. This rose gold gold tank uses a belt design. The difference between the straps determines that the wearing feeling of it and the bracelet watch is definitely different. The elegance reveals the quality of time. Wear such a wrist The watch will only let you let go of more distractions, everything is just waiting for the satisfaction of that soul!

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    Beren Mozzo Joins Audemars Piguet Golf Image Ambassador

    On June 4, 2012, Audemars Piguet is proud to announce that Belén Mozo, the rookie of the US Women’s Professional Golf Tour, has joined Audemars Piguet as the brand’s newest image ambassador. The Audemars Piguet team of golf ambassadors brings together a group of top golfers, showing the brand’s love and commitment to golf. Belén Mozo
    Since then, Mozo has become one of Audemars Piguet’s professional golfers. Other contract players include Cristie Kerr, Morgan Pressel, and Rory McIlroy. , Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell, Ian Poulter, Miguel Angel Jiménez, Darren Clark (Darren Clarke) and Anthony Kim.
    ‘I am honored and happy to join the Audemars Piguet family and this team that brings together the world’s top golfers,’ Belen Mozzo mentioned in an interview with the partnership with Audemars Piguet.
    Audemars Piguet watch worn by Belén Mozo
    Audemars Piguet has always held an attitude of integrity, enthusiasm, respect and maturity, and these values ​​also coincide with Belen Mozzo. She proudly wears the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore Watches, showing the perfect fusion of the unique style and power of this sports watch.
    伦 Belen Mozzo, born in Cadiz, Spain, started playing golf at the age of 8. She graduated from the University of Southern California and won the NCAA All-American four times. Mozzo is a golfer who won two championships in the British Women’s Amateur Championship and the British Youth Women’s Amateur Championship in the same year since 1972 (the launch of Audemars Piguet’s iconic Royal Oak watch in the same year), making her amateur career a success extraordinary. In 2010, 21-year-old Mo Zuo became a professional golfer at the US Women’s Open. Soon she was tied for eighth in the US Women’s Professional Golf Association Tour Qualifying Tournament and won the qualification to participate in this event. At the same time she also qualified for the European Women’s Professional Golf Association Tour. Mozo, who first competed as a professional player in 2011, scored fifth in the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship held by P & G.
    Belem Mozo’s Profile
    Nationality: Spain
    Date of Birth: September 25, 1988
    2006: Wins the British Women’s Amateur Championship and the British Youth Women’s Amateur Championship
    2006-2010: University of Southern California Student Golf League Championship
    2010: changed from amateur to professional golfer, and qualified for the US Women’s Professional Golf Tour
    2011: tied for fifth place at the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship hosted by Procter & Gamble as a novice
    Northern Ireland double stars Darren Clark and Rory McIlroy are brand ambassadors for Audemars Piguet. When Clark won the 2011 British Open, he wore the new Royal Oak watch. Its titanium case was equipped with a rubber strap, which was very light and strong. McIlroy wore the Royal Oak CHRONOGRAPH stainless steel when he won the 2011 US Open. Chronograph. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
    Of the many models of Audemars Piguet, the Royal Oak with octagonal surface is probably the most attractive model. Its name is a legend: The Royal Oak was originally a flagship of the Royal Navy launched in 1830. Audemars Piguet’s designers found inspiration from this ship named Royal Oak. The octagonal porthole on the battleship is the origin of the unique octagonal surface of Audemars Piguet, because the porthole of the ship symbolizes strength and waterproofness. The reason why the oak tree has such a respectable position in Britain is that during the Puritan Revolution in the 15th century, King Charles II of the United Kingdom once saved his life by hiding in an oak tree while evading the enemy, so Charles II Then chose the oak tree as the emblem of the royal protector.
    Since then, the oak tree has enjoyed the most special respect in the British royal family.
    The Royal Oak Watch is actually a famous work created by Gerald Genta, known as the ‘Clock Picasso’, for Audemars Piguet. The unique octagonal case, coupled with the revolutionary design of its exposed screws, breaks the decades-old unwritten rule that the watch industry has followed: all operating parts must be hidden. The Royal Oak has also influenced the design style of watches and clocks around the world, becoming an immortal treasure of watchmaking, and it is still one of the representative works of Audemars Piguet.

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    Dior D De Dior Watch Let The Color Stay In The Wrist

    At first glance at D de DIOR, the simple and elegant dial contains such rich colors. The original colorful can stay on the wrist.
     38 mm diameter, mechanical movement, white gold case, bezel, crown and buckle, white gold dial with colored gems, white gold bezel with colored gems, sapphire crystal, transparent case back, black silk satin strap.
    la D de DIOR Color Collection
     38 mm diameter, mechanical movement, white gold case, bezel, crown and buckle, white gold dial with colored gems, white gold bezel with colored gems, sapphire crystal, transparent case back, black satin strap Unique treasure.
    la D de Dior Collection
     21 mm diameter, quartz movement, white gold case, bezel, dial, crown and bracelet set with diamonds.

     38 mm diameter, Zenith Elite movement, rose gold case, bezel, crown and buckle set with diamonds, white Australian opal dial, sapphire crystal, transparent case back, black silk satin strap. Unique treasure.
     With the Dior D de DIOR watch, the dazzling colors will stay in life with time.

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    Glasut Men’s Moon Phase Watch Panomaticlunar Xl Introduction

    Glash & uuml; tte PanoMaticLunar XL Men’s Moon Phase Watch Tribute to Minimalist Classics

     Glashütte Men’s Moon Phase Watch PanoMaticLunar XL
     Material: Rose Gold
     Price: 207,000RM
     PanoMaticLunar XL presents the classic lines and shapes of the PanoMatic XL series in a low-key and expressive form. The individual eccentric hour / minute and small seconds hands are arranged on the galvanized sub-gray dial, and carefully polished and plated into the same dark gray tone as the main dial. On the elegant moon phase display is a round of bright silver moon and stars reflecting a sand-blasted silver sky.

     White gold Arabic numerals & quot; 12 & quot; are surrounded by a circle of platinum hour markers and hours, minutes and seconds. The eye-catching large calendar display reinforces the minimalist design, presenting the date only with white numbers on a dark gray background, without the need for a double window. The 42mm diameter stainless steel case has both polished and matte finishes, and is firmly fixed between a pair of well-crafted gray alligator leather straps.

     The heart of the PanoMaticLunar XL is the Caliber 90-02 self-winding movement. Its carefully crafted elements, including three-quarter splints, gooseneck trimming, Glashütte carving and radial pattern decoration, and excellent craftsmanship features from Glashütte’s original mechanical watchmaking, can be seen through the sapphire crystal Cover at a glance.

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    Eason Who Accompany You Through The Long Years, Also Taught You To ‘every Minute Must Be True’

    Eason Chan accompanied many people to grow and witnessed the joy and sorrow of many people. Before ‘Ten Years’, you may not know that you and him can only become ‘Best Loss Friends’; it is also him who sang your ‘Ashamed of the Heart’ and ‘Guilty’, and he knows that ‘(I) ‘Love’, understand your loneliness and loneliness. He sang so much, every sentence sang into your heart. You will even laugh and cry with him. What did Eason accompany you through The Seasons?

     Eason has been debuting for more than two decades, and I have listened to his songs for more than ten years. I listened to his ‘Ten Years’ in high school, and at that time I did not understand what a decade in life meant to me. Ten years, it sounds far away, and that doesn’t seem to have much to do with me. After listening for ten years, I realized that during this time, everything is moving at a high speed in the tunnel, regardless of your willingness.

     When I grow up later, I always feel sad for the lost friendship. ‘The position has changed, and each teammate has its own.’ This situation makes me feel sad, but it is not because a certain thing has conflict or dispute. ‘But time and fate come in, and every shit comes to a certain intersection together.’ Some friends, while walking, came to another fork in the road. You shouted loudly and beckoned forcefully, it was useless.

    ‘It doesn’t matter who made the movement, silver or gold.
    Planned it, did it, got too little time
    How many heartbeats are still low?
    Expensive at this moment I realized
    Seeing a lifetime in the timepiece ‘

     In the song ‘Tourbillon’, Eason Chan exhausted a boy’s helplessness and bitterness. ‘Time’ is the eternal theme in Eason Chan’s song. Perhaps at that time, Eason had an inextricable bond with time and clocks.

     Someone commented on Eason’s song ‘His song has no upset.’ This is indeed the case. If you flip a few pages under the hot list, you can still see thousands and tens of thousands of likes and likes in the comments. He’s almost crazy on songs, he wants to be perfect.

     But where is perfect in the world, he said, ‘Even if it’s not perfect, you must be close to perfect.’


     Since his debut in 1995, Eason has been playing in the music scene for 23 years, but when did he disappoint? Each of his songs is his elaborate work. One music critic described Eason’s ‘destiny is a shrewd businessman. Maybe in the midst of everything, everything has been marked.’
    With his talent and hard work, Eason has achieved what he is today. Now he is a god of song, a male singer who has dominated the music scene in Hong Kong after Jacky Cheung, and may be the best male singer in China. Everyone is no longer just content to listen to his Mandarin songs and start listening to his Cantonese songs.

     In private, Eason has a rare true temperament in the entertainment industry. He has the courage to express himself, sometimes forgetting words occasionally when he sings. After a concert, he said on the stage, ‘I didn’t Forget words! I sing very well! ‘, This genius of music king, still retains a cute side.

    Zenith and Eason Chan ‘Every Minute Must Be True’
    ‘Every minute must be true’, engraved in the dictionary of his life. Every time he creates, sings, and performs on stage, he knows that only by focusing can he get the best. This point, and Zenith coincided. At the end of July, shortly after Eason’s birthday, Zenith announced that Eason became the global spokesperson for the brand. This is the first time the brand has been signed for more than 150 years.

    Eason Chan becomes global spokesperson for Zenith

     When Zenith was born in 1865, it has been on the way of watchmaking for a century and a half. The well-known classic works such as ‘Bronze Flying’ and ‘Onion Head’ all originate from this brand. Why did you choose Eason Chan when you haven’t signed the endorsement for more than 100 years?

     Here’s what they said:

    We live in a fast-paced and information-rich age, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to focus on one thing and stick to our passion. Eason represents a music legend of an era. His dedication to music coincides with Zenith’s obsession with making accurate timepieces. The hustle and bustle is as it is now, and we still hope that ‘every second must be true’ to call this rare Seriousness and dedication.

    Zenith announced Eason Chan as a global spokesperson, released a photo of Eason wearing Zenith Defy El Primero 21 diamond watch

    Every second of concentration and persistence due to love, accumulates a moving melody for each devotion; keep improving, and continuously demand higher peaks in the limit, only to train a more accurate movement. Eason Chan’s extreme focus on music coincides with Zenith’s persistence in watchmaking, which gives the perfect note that “every second must be true”. From the classic high-frequency calibre EL PRIMERO star speed to the Defy, a miracle of overclocking 1/100 seconds, Zenith constantly breaks the timing limit and achieves a number of revolutionary masterpieces of Swiss watches. Brilliant diamonds and trusted movement quality make this stunning Defy El Primero 21 diamond watch.

    Eason Chan wears Zenith Pilot Pilot Series Special Edition Chronograph

       The cooperation between Eason Chan and Zenith is a good thing for both parties. The Zenith brand’s outstanding watchmaking level, and the watchmaking philosophy of adhering to ‘true’, have something in common with Eason Chan’s music belief. The common point is that they only make fine works and show the best works for the public. Zenith has been researching on the way of watchmaking. Whether in design or watchmaking, it is Zenith’s goal to break through itself and create more excellent works. Eason Chan also has the same pursuit of music, and can become friends who accompany each other on the road.

     Zenith ‘Bronze Flying’

     Eason Chan and Zhenli were like two giant ships in the whirlpool of the times. They rode the wind and held swords named ‘True’. In the long years to come, whether it is sunny or cloudy, Zenith and Eason Chan will go hand in hand with you.

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    Swiss Watches Rebound In October, China Remains Sluggish

    Following a record two-year decline in Swiss watch exports in September, a rebound in European sales in October made up for the weakness in Hong Kong and China. The Swiss Watch Association said that Swiss watch sales in October reached 2.1 billion Swiss francs, an average exchange rate of 2.3 billion US dollars during the period, an increase of 13.2% compared with the same period last year. According to the Swiss Watch Federation, sales of Swiss watches in the first 10 months of this year increased by 13.7%.
    Compared with October 2011, total Swiss watch exports fell by 3.4%, of which platinum watch sales fell by 11.5%. However, the total value of watch sales rose by 13.1%, of which more than 3,000 Swiss francs, or about $ 3215, watch sales rose by 17.1%, to some extent making up for the total decline.
    Swiss watch exports to China fell by 12.3%, while Hong Kong sales rose by 2.7%. Sales in the United States increased by 1.1%, and Japan jumped by 31.6%.
    Europe also continued to show a rebound, with Italy and Germany achieving 23% and 28.4% growth, respectively, despite French sales falling by 2.8%.

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    The First Round Of The Twelfth Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards Will Be Shortlisted In Shanghai Exhibition

    The annual “Grand Prix d Horlogerie de Geneve” (GPHG), which is known as the “Oscar Award” in the watch industry, is the founder of the highest honor in watchmaking. Following the successful eleventh session, the twelfth annual Geneva Fine Watch Awards annual awards ceremony was held at the Grand Theatre in Geneva on November 15, 2012. Several of the highest awards in the watch industry, including the Grand Prix. Prior to this, nearly 70 first-round selected models will be exhibited at Shanghai Bund 18 on October 20-21. Van Cleef & Arpel Lady Arpels Poetic Wish watch will be held in November
         Among the watches on display at this time are the finest fine jewelry watch brands including Chopard, Panerai, Parmigiani, Van Cleef & Arpel, including Van Gogh Van Cleef & Arpel Lady Arpels Poetic Wish, MB & F Legacy Machine N ° 1, HYT H1 Black DLC, Chopard Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set, Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Coromandel, Hublot ) Masterpiece Antikythera, Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson, Montblanc TimeWalker ChronoVoyager UTC and other watches will compete for the best women’s clothing, the best men’s clothing, the best innovation, the best jewelry, the best complications, the best sports and Golden Finger seven major awards.
    Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Coromandel Watch
    Exhibition time: October 20-21
    Touring Address: No. 18, Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
    About the Grand Prix of Fine Watches (GPHG):
         Founded in 2001 by the Edipresse Group, Canton of Geneva and the city of Geneva, it aims to recognize the best timepieces in the international watch industry, make the greatest contribution to the watch industry and promote the spirit of watchmaking-breakthrough innovation, exquisite craftsmanship and pursuit Excellence-individuals, brands and institutions, known as the highest prestige, most authoritative and influential watch industry in the Swiss watch industry, known as the ‘Oscar Award’ in the watch industry. All watchmaking brands are open to the competition, with about 300 brands participating each year.

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    Appreciation Of Blancpain Gmt Series 6661-1531-55b Watch For International Business Travel

    Blancpain was established in 1735 and currently belongs to the Swatch Group. Blancpain has a tradition that it will absolutely not produce quartz watches, and the purpose of the project will be carried out to the end and will never change! The oldest watchmaking brand in existence does not have a flow-through factory, and the manufacturing process is all carried out in old farmhouses, inlaid by individual watchmakers. Today I introduce the Blancpain GMT series 6661-1531-55B, which is suitable for business people who often travel around the world.
     Blancpain’s GMT series 6661-1531-55B uses a classic round case. The white enamel dial with rigorous Roman numerals. The 42 mm size is the most suitable size for Asian men. And the case is 18k white gold, which is not as high-profile as gold and rose gold, but it does not reduce the identity of the wearer.

     It can be seen on the dial that this watch has a lot of functions, not only with the second time zone function, the 9 o’clock day and night display function is very special, the 4 o’clock is the calendar, time switch adjustment switch, 6 o’clock is large Calendar window. Only a crown can cope with these functions, showing how delicate Blancpain has mastered the technology of watchmaking, and the crown is also engraved with the abbreviation of Blancpain’s founder’s name. The black crocodile belt has beige calf leather inside. This design makes the small sweat stains not obvious and can extend the service life. You should know that it usually costs more than 2,000 yuan to replace such a strap.
    Speaking of its function, I have to praise the Blancpain factory first. It has not produced a quartz movement so far. Friends who know something about the watch should know how much the impact of the quartz watch on the mechanical watch is visible. Blancpain’s dedication and affirmation of its watchmaking technology. The 12 o’clock second time zone dial is a new technology from Blancpain. This complex function can be adjusted for the second time zone with a time difference of less than half an hour, so as to be more accurate. Generally, the second time zone watch only adjusts the hour hand because they are adjusted in units of one hour. The function of the half time zone is more complicated, and both the hour and minute hands need to be adjusted. At 4 o’clock is the calendar and time adjustment switch. When the pointer indicates D, the date is adjusted. When T is indicated, the time can be adjusted. The day and night display function is very vivid, clearly showing what time the second time zone is.

     This Blancpain GMT 6661-1531-55B watch uses the Blancpain 5235DF automatic mechanical movement, which is Blancpain’s self-produced movement. The entire movement is 7.75 mm thick and 30.20 mm in diameter. It’s so heavy for a reason, because it has a power reserve of up to 8 days, a total of 324 parts and 36 gems. This watch has a back view and can clearly see the movement of the movement. The Geneva stripes on the movement can be seen through the back, indicating that Blancpain also worked hard on the polishing of the movement.
     This Blancpain watch is indeed very suitable for flying trapeze, and it is neither high-profile nor face-saving. The domestic price is 337,000 yuan, which is a good value for Blancpain, a brand specializing in mechanical watches. The function is very powerful, it has functions such as day and night display, half time zone and two places, big calendar and so on. For a business person who really needs two places, wearing a watch is not just for himself, but more for the opposite customer. A watch that has its own value and can improve the wearer’s taste is the top The choice is obviously the Blancpain GMT series 6661-1531-55B.
     Watch details: blancpain / 18479 /