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    Share The Treasure Rado Swiss Valentine’s Day Presents Romantic Romance For Lovers

    On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, RADO presents two new watches in the DiaMaster series, wishing you love as timepieces that shine on your wrist, Withstand the test of time. This pair of DiaMaster watches for men and women is made of delicate polished high-tech ceramic materials that are not easy to wear, and it shines forever.

     In life, every lady deserves to have some fashion products that add charm to herself. The elegant and refined RADO DiaMaster watch is undoubtedly their favorite choice. The beautiful white mother-of-pearl dial and rose gold hands and scales complement each other, and the plasma high-tech ceramic case creates a sparkling halo around the dial. The watch is simple and chic as a whole, with a rich mellow chocolate brown embossed leather strap, which firmly fixes the unique mellow texture on the wrist.

     The RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of large seconds watch will be your destined style choice. As a classic watch for gentlemen, the large open face dial carries two sub-dials, one for hours and minutes, and the other for seconds, recording every beautiful moment accompanied by lovers. The subtle dial surrounding the sub-dial is subtly decorated with Parisian studs, which complements the watch’s excellent craftsmanship and handsome appearance. The watch’s deep chocolate brown leather strap contrasts brilliantly with the sparkling metallic high-tech plasma-tech ceramic case, while the rose gold hands on the dial add a touch of luxury.
     Thanks to the high wear resistance of high-tech ceramics, the delicate watch on your wrist will maintain its brilliance forever. RADO Swiss radar-the eternal beauty dedicated to eternal love.

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    2015 Basel Clock And Watch Fair: Tudor North Flag Polar Spirit

    Inspired by humans’ longing for the beauty of the natural environment, they began their modern exploration of nature. And the incomparable charm of nature drives human beings willing to take risks and explore. In recent years, the new products launched by TUDOR are adhering to the pioneering spirit, and their inspiration comes from the modern exploration journey. The Black Shield design of the Speed ​​Rider series is based on a fantasy exploration journey into the dangerous jewels where the volcano is erupting and disappearing into the sky. And the watch inspired by the real world has the Chrono Blue series, which is a good companion for the beautiful resort. In addition, the Kai Cheng Ranger is based on polar journeys. Although these worlds are far from the same, they also carry out the magnificent aspirations of the Quartet. TUDOR’s professional watches are practical and reliable, unforgettable at first sight, designed for those who love to explore. Those who love to explore have great courage and unlimited imagination. Tudor professional watches are their best choice.

    TUDOR North Flag watch for those who love to explore

    The spirit of TUDOR North Flag originates from the coldest and most remote place on earth. Although there have been expeditions and university studies, no human has ever lived here. A carefully crafted ‘scientific’ tool containing unprecedented high-tech parts-the first Tudor-made movement. This movement is a reliable partner of modern explorers and has opened a new era in the rich history of the brand. In 1926, Tudor by Hans. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf. In 2015, North Flag and Pelagos (Leadership) became the first Tudor watches equipped with the brand’s self-developed movement, allowing the brand to take a big step forward in its independent production.
    A tradition of superior quality and performance
    Traditionally, the watchmaking culture of Tudor has always put the quality of production and the comfort of the wearer first. The brand has always used the movements of Swiss suppliers to achieve precision and reliability. The research and development of the new Tudor calibre still maintains a high level, enabling the brand’s products to reach unprecedented high levels.

     TUDOR North Flag night time marker design, can clearly read the time in the dark

    The TUDOR North Flag watch is equipped with the Tudor MT5621 movement. It is sandblasted in a wide range, adding details or sun light effects and swinging in the center. The process is delicate and precise.

    TUDOR North Flag’s new movement Tudor MT5621 movement, equipped with a two-way automatic winding pendulum, provides a strong power reserve of up to about 70 hours, such as the wearer removes his watch on Friday evening, and put it on Monday morning, No need to rewind. In addition to the hour, minute and central seconds functions, a jump date window is provided at 3 o’clock and a power indicator dial is provided at 9 o’clock. The Tudor MT5621 movement has a beating frequency of 28,800 times per hour or 4 hertz. It is controlled by a balance wheel equipped with a silicon balance spring, and is fixed on both sides by cross plates to enhance its shock resistance. This movement is the first product of Tudor to be certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC).
    ‘Scientific’ designed instruments
    In the early 1950s, a team of expeditions from Greenland in northern Britain wore a Tudor Oyster Prince watch and conducted a series of experiments under the harsh conditions on Earth. In this environment, like other scientific equipment, their watches have the characteristics of scientific instruments, and their accuracy and reliability are vital to the lives of everyone on the scene. In the spirit of this scientific instrument, the external components of the steel porcelain created by the Tudor-style workshop are precisely the high-tech and very reliable movement inside. Therefore, the design of the case and the strap are integrated, giving a precise and high-quality feel. The molding process must be particularly delicate, in order to create a smooth curve that is ergonomic. The TUDOR North Flag middle case has sharp edges and corners, finely polished and fully matte to achieve a matte finish and create a high-tech look. On the other hand, the subtle details make the watch soft and soft. Tudor has always paid attention to details and is meticulous in its products. Taking this watch as an example, the top of the case is slightly curved to allow light to flow through and not let the light shine. A polished bevel between the edges and the lower half adds a soft effect to this watch. The same principle is adopted for the winding crown. To ensure a good feel, the crown is convex, but its round arch shape is softened. The round frosted outer ring is composed of two substances, which complement each other and are completely integrated. The edges are matte ceramic with frosted steel on top, two in one, enhancing the technical atmosphere of this watch. In addition, the movement can be seen through the sapphire case back, which is unprecedented in Tudor watches.

    TUDOR North Flag watch equipped with the Swiss Observatory certified Tudor MT5621 automatic movement

    The most representative feature of the TUDOR North Flag watch: full matte surface, showing a detailed sense of movement

    Continuing the design style of external components, the Tudor MT5621 movement is also matte. Through a wide range of sandblasting, adding details or the effect of sun light, and a central pendulum, it highlights the precision and reliability of this movement, and its craftsmanship. Both straps also make TUDOR North Flag perfect in the same spirit. One is a frosted steel strap with a polished intermediate link surface. The other is a matte black leather strap with yellow stitching and yellow leather as the bottom of the strap. Both straps come with a fully matte Tudor discount.
    The technical foundation of Tudor
    The development of the Tudor series is based on two major beliefs: tradition and technology. Its watches subtly blend the history of the brand with modernity. Each model is based on its foundation and is uniquely crafted. In this spirit, we strive for innovation, and have always tried more in terms of materials. The technical foundation of the sports series (North Flag, Pelagos, Fastrider, and Grantour) are all displayed in the same aesthetic way, and the full dumb surface is the most representative Sexual characteristics. Frosted middle case, sandblasted details, matte color: sharp contrast, not the use of light and shadow, highlights the characteristics of professional watches, emphasizing its practical and reliable.

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    Van Cleef & Arpels After The Lifeng Era, The Chinese Market Expands At A Constant Speed

    Richemont Group considers two French-originated brands: Cartier [Weibo] and Van Cleef & Arpels, and its jewelry sales are always ranked in the top two of Richemont Group.

    In 1906, the love marriage between the Van Cleef & Arpels family bear fruit at 22 Fontaine Place in Paris, Catherine Rénier, President of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Asia Pacific region, emphasized: ‘Our design inspiration, manufacturing process and extraordinary gems make this The brand born for love has always stood up in the field of jewellery. ‘Since 107 years, since the opening of the first boutique, this brand known as’ love ‘has always adhered to the business model of direct sales. At present, the distribution business only exists in the brand’s watch business and occupies a very small share.

    The average annual expansion of two stores in the Chinese market

    After Paris and New York, Van Cleef & Arpels finally entered the Asia Pacific region, and the first choice was the port city: Hong Kong. On September 16, 2001, Van Cleef & Arpels finally opened its third flagship store in Prince’s Building, Central, Hong Kong.

    The success of Hong Kong allowed Van Cleef & Arpels to step back into the Chinese market in 2005. For 7 years, Van Cleef & Arpels expanded its retail network in Mainland China at an average rate of two new stores each year. Family. Obviously, it is not expanding fast.

    AtherCatherine Rénier told the Financial Weekly reporter: ‘We will not develop so quickly and make quick progress, and we will be a hundred boutiques around the world, so the 13 mainland Chinese companies still occupy a large proportion globally.’

    梵 In the past two years, Van Cleef & Arpels has continued to expand retail channels in key second-tier cities. Two months ago, Nanjing boutiques arrived as scheduled, and it is reported that the Chengdu store is also about to open. At the same time, Van Cleef & Arpels is also renovating some stores. Not long ago, the Hang Lung Store in Shanghai reopened, and the refurbished boutique gave consumers a whole new look.

    Catherine Rénier said, ‘We hope that every step is steady. For the dealer business that already has a small proportion, we only work with dealers who have long-term cooperative relationships and loyalty, and insist on operating only watches. . ‘

    Of course, Van Cleef & Arpels’ advertising in the Chinese market is also steadily increasing. In addition, the brand will put more energy into marketing activities. A year ago, Van Cleef & Arpels made its first retrospective exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, and chose the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. This is also the largest exhibition the brand has ever presented to a Chinese audience, displaying classic jewellery, watches, accessories and related historical drawings and documents that have emerged from the brand’s more than 100 years of development.

    Van Cleef & Arpels’ jewelry development in China has been faster than watches, but in the past two years, Van Cleef & Arpels watches have emerged as a new force, more and more women consumers are familiar with. In particular, the famous poetic complication movement, the most representative of which is the Lover’s Bridge watch, Catherine Rénier revealed: ‘This watch has been superior to all Van Cleef & Arpels watches since its launch in China. ‘

    Van Cleef & Arpels continues its efforts on watches. Catherine said: ‘Jewelry is one of our cores for Van Cleef & Arpels, so jewelry still maintains a core position in Van Cleef & Arpels’ development. Maybe we Jewellery is higher than the sales of watches, but watches are also an area where we are developing rapidly, and we will continue to pursue better development in the field of women’s watches. ‘


    ‘For us, from any development, there are two very major risks. One is to simply repeat the past production, and the other is to create a completely new creation. The risk may be mainly that if you If you create new works in order to adapt to this era, you may lose the brand’s traditional personality and philosophy and DNA. ‘In the face of the heritage of the brand’s DNA, Nicolas Bos, global president and CEO, said so.

    当天 On the day of the interview, Nicolas Bos wore a Pierre Apel watch. This watch was originally designed by Mr. Pierre Apel for 1949. At that time, the watch was called PA49. Mr. Bos wears the Pierre Apel watch, whose design is derived from PA49.

    In order to adapt to the current era, the designer has changed the design of the straps and dials by injecting modern styles, but still retains the simple design of the original round dial of the PA49. Its elegant connotation and simple style complement each other, as always. . And this is also one of the most important components of Van Cleef & Arpels watches. Nicolas Bos explained: ‘We launched the Pierre Apel watches because we are seeing more and more consumers want to return to the pursuit of simplicity, elegance and slimness.’

    If you look at Van Cleef & Arpels’s work, you will find that each of its productions will not completely subvert the traditional creation. They are inspired by classic works from the past century and extensions related to historical elements.

    For jewellery, Van Cleef & Arpels also insists on inheritance, especially the inlaid jewellery and zipper necklaces. The representative jewelry of the brand is more quickly recognized by the Chinese market, and these two are unique techniques launched in the 1930s . There is also a four-leaf clover lucky series that has been on the market since the 1960s. Nicolas Bos said that he will continue to enrich this series.


    Interview with Nicolas Bos, Global President and CEO of Van Cleef & Arpels

    High-end jewels stand out, Van Cleef & Arpels refers to Harry Winston, Graff

    M = Moneyweek N = Nicolas Bos

    M: In the eyes of most people, Van Cleef & Arpels and Harry Winston and Graff are competitors. Do you agree? What kind of core competitiveness does Van Cleef & Arpels have?

    N: I agree with that. At the consumer level, they need works from different brands. For Van Cleef & Arpels, our main advantage is the combination of design and superb craftsmanship. In design, we have a very specific and traceable source of these inspirations, such as nature, fairy, butterfly, ballet and so on. It is precisely because of such poetic creative inspiration and design elements that there are works that are sold like poetic complication watches.

    M: What happened to Van Cleef & Arpels after joining Richemont? What are the advantages?

    N: Joining Richemont Group is a long-term support for Van Cleef & Arpels, which is reflected in the support of investment and resource sharing. With the support of the group, we can buy better and more personalized gems, have the ability to find the best jewelry craftsmen, and have more funds to develop our workshops. The Richemont Group is also very clear about the development of Van Cleef & Arpels. The group does not require Van Cleef & Arpels to expand areas that we do not have. It only hopes that Van Cleef & Arpels will have better development in areas it has always focused on. Jewellery table.

    M: Harry Winston has been acquired by the Swatch Group, which means that the brand also has the group’s support. Does Van Cleef & Arpels have a sense of crisis? What does this acquisition mean in the field of fine jewelry?

    N: Van Cleef & Arpels is not worried about this acquisition. I think that the acquisition of Harry Winston by the Swatch Group will help the development of the entire jewelry market. He will have a better development in the market. In fact, there are Contribute to the growth of the entire jewelry market. So for Van Cleef & Arpels, he is our competitor, but the jewelry market’s share in the entire luxury market is very small, only about 10%, so the impact is not great.

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    Dior Viii Launches Five Unique Watches

    The Dior VIII Grand Bal series was launched in 2011. It was inspired by Mr. Christian Dior’s love for gorgeous dances. It is equipped with a “Dior Inversé” movement, and is equipped with a sophisticated and complicated practical rotor, which is full of light The colored dial, which rotates with time, also looks like a famous lady is dancing in a gorgeous dress on the dance floor.
    38mm Automatic-Grand Bal Haute Couture n ° 5
        In 2012, the Dior VIII series launched five unique watches in gold and black or white ceramics set with magnificent colored gemstones, showing the colorful colors in Dior high-order dresses between square inches, showing truly unparalleled professional skills. As the name suggests, it is a tribute to the gorgeous haute couture in the history of the brand.
    Left: 38mm Automatic-Grand Bal Haute Couture n ° 1 / Right: 38mm Automatic-Grand Bal Haute Couture n ° 2
    Left: 38mm Automatic-Grand Bal Haute Couture n ° 3 / Right: 38mm Automatic-Grand Bal Haute Couture n ° 4
        ‘A dream hidden in the heart. Only costume designers know: every woman is the embodiment of a princess.’-Christian Dior

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    Winter Is Even More Dazzling. Platinum And Diamonds Stage White Snow.

    After a raging winter snow, the whole city was dyed white, and the last bit of autumn was taken away. The cold air ‘invaded’ everyone walking along the road like a knife. Some people say that the more obvious the winter feeling, the more desolate the heart, but even in the days of depression, you still need some embellishment. For watches, gorgeous jewelry may be the warmest heart decoration at this time. The recommended watches are all made of 18K white gold luxury materials, and decorated with charming and gorgeous diamonds, bringing a touch of light to this cold winter.
    Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102381

    Basic Information
    Watch model: 102381 LUW33C6GDGD1D / 11
    Watch series: LVCEA series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K white gold
    Case diameter: 33 mm
    Watch strap: 18K white gold with diamonds
    Reference price: ¥ 346,000
    Watch details: 102,000
    Watch details: 138,000
    Watch details: chopard / 28692 /
    Watch Comments: Platinum is a luxurious material for making watches. It is more low-key than gold and rose gold. Chopard is good at turning this low-key material into a timekeeping treasure through exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite design. This elegant IMPERIALE watch uses a white gold case with a diameter of 28 mm. The bezel is set with diamonds and the dial is made of fine mother-of-pearl. These top elements make the watch exude noble temperament.
    Summary: Luxurious materials with dazzling diamonds have created the most romantic and elegant wristpieces of this winter. Diamonds are as crystal clear as ice crystals. They match the winter wrapped in silver and become a most charming and harmonious scenery. Touches the feminine innocence of women.

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    Market Analysis Rolex Set Sail In 2015 (Below)

    Continued from the first part. At the Phillips auction in Geneva, which just ended last month, Rolex set a new world record for 1.325 million Swiss francs. Behind this achievement is the brand’s relentless pursuit of almost paranoid quality of machinery. The new-generation 3255 calibre released at this year’s Pakistani exhibition again pushes precision to the ‘superlative’ standard.
       Rolex’s sixth CEO, Jean-Frédéric Dufour, will officially launch on June 17. Zurich’s Vontobel Private Bank is the first to congratulate the brand on its positioning in the high-end watch market. At the same time, the good news is frequently heard in major auction houses. For many years, Rolex watches have been a collector’s dream, and the results of the recent Geneva auction have proved this statement.
    Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Oyster ‘Albino’ chronograph steel watch

    Good news from Phillips auction house
       The international watch auction market has always been firmly held by Antigollon, Christie’s and Sotheby’s. This spring witnessed the debut of the Philippe auction house watch department. A new force has quietly risen. The two-day auction sold for 29.6 million Swiss francs, and Rolex contributed a lot.
       In fact, Phillips debuted with the iconic Rolex Day-Date series, a total of 60 pieces, with a transaction price of 6.2 million Swiss francs. These include ‘Big Kahuna’, one of the two remaining Ref.6612 platinum watches in the world, which was sold for 473,000 Swiss francs.
       The second day involved multi-brand high-quality rare watches, and Rolex was still considered an auction star. The Cosmograph Daytona 6263 Oyster ‘Albino’ chronograph steel watch was once owned by Eric Clapton and eventually sold for 1.3 million Swiss francs, setting a record for Rolex watch auction.
    New Diary Pearl Lady 34 Jewellery Watch

    Relentless pursuit of excellence
       The reason why Rolex was able to achieve a near-fabulous position among many collectors is largely due to the brand’s relentless pursuit of quality. Rolex has always been step by step, cautious, and step by step. However, it is undeniable that every innovation of the brand, although minor, is often decisive.
       Last year Rolex introduced the first self-made Syloxi silicon hairspring in the 2236 movement for the new diary pearl ladies 34 jewellery watch. In fact, in addition to Patek Philippe and the Swatch Group, Rolex was one of the first brands to try to use silicon for watchmaking. More than ten years ago, Rolex established a cooperative relationship with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) to work together on the research and development of this project.
       When asked why the Syloxi silicon balance spring was the first choice for women’s watches, Rolex’s explanation was also very simple: the movement loaded with the men’s watch was not equipped with a silicon balance spring, but it worked accurately and met the requirements.
    Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 New Watch

    More accurate top watch
       Rolex unveiled a new-generation 3255 caliber at the Pakistani exhibition in March this year. This movement is also not equipped with a silicon hairspring, and is replaced by a modified blue niobium-zirconium alloy Parachrom hairspring. The stable balance wheel is equipped with four gold fine adjustment screws, which makes the adjustment process extremely accurate. Rolex reduced the thickness of the inner wall of the barrel by half, so as to make full use of the space inside. As a result, the barrel can be equipped with a larger capacity of the barrel, which increases the movement’s power reserve by more than 10 hours.
       Rolex uses the LIGA (lithography, electroforming and injection molding) process to produce the escapement fork and escape wheel of the new Chronergy escapement. This Swiss lever escapement is optimized to increase efficiency by 15% and increase power reserve to 70. More than hours.
    New Generation 3255 Movement

       The 3255 caliber has the official certification of Rolex’s highest astronomical observatory and 14 patented technologies, 5 of which are specially designed and developed for the new Oyster Perpetual Day Calendar 40 new watch. According to Rolex, the average daily error in official tests of high-precision chronographs should not exceed a few seconds, while the highest-level chronographs must be more accurate.
       The daily average error of the movement is within the range of -4 / + 6 seconds, which complies with the COSC certification standard of the Swiss official observatory testing agency. The Rolex 3255 new generation movement, according to the brand, claims that the average daily error is only -2 / + 2 seconds . Rolex is always Rolex.

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    Which Brand Is Good For Couples? Casio Couple Watch Below 3000 Recommended

    Couples like pairs of objects as a testimony of their love. In recent years, the couple watch has also become a popular choice for lovers. Which brand of couple watch is better? What brand of couple watches have high prices? What brand do couples under 3,000 yuan have? Next, the editor recommends two pairs of Casio couple watches for 3,000 yuan.
     Casio EDIFICE’s couple pair watch, the classic appearance of stainless steel, using simple black and white, make them more rich in texture, highlighting the elegant temperament, is the perfect gift for couples.
    Black classic love shines on the wrist Casio CASIO-EDIFICE series EF-544D-1AV / SHN-3013D-1A couple quartz watch

     Movement Quartz
     Case Stainless steel
     Size 40mm / 32mm
     Thickness 10 / 8mm
     Table glass mineral glass
     Strap Stainless Steel
     Water-resistant to 100 meters
     Related watch information: Luxury texture Casio CASIO-EDIFICE series EF-544D-7AV / SHN-3013D-7A Couple quartz watch

     Movement Quartz
     Case Stainless steel
     Size 42 / 35mm
     Thickness 10 / 8mm
     Table glass Sapphire crystal
     Strap Stainless Steel
     Water-resistant to 100 meters
     Related watch information: casio / 22842 /
    casio / 22140 /