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    Fortitude And Power Of Mido Helmsman

    In Jackson Harbour, Sydney, Australia, there is a magnificent bridge, known as the world’s first single-hole arch bridge, and the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a representative of early Sydney. It looks like a Changhong across the bay and faces the world-famous Sydney Opera House across the sea, becoming a symbol of Sydney.

       Designed in 1857 and completed in 1932, it is 502.9 meters long and 48.8 meters wide, with 8 lanes, 2 railroad tracks, 1 bicycle lane, and 1 sidewalk. It is an important bridge connecting the north and south sides of the Jackson Harbour, and it is also a great place to take panoramic views of the port.
       Two years after the bridge’s passage, in 1935, the famous Swiss watchmaker brand Mido’s Helmsman series was officially launched. After a hundred years of baptism, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has become more vibrant. The Mido helmsman series watches have launched another watch worthy of collection for watch lovers all over the world, and have continued to write and achieve another period of time legend belonging to the Swiss Mido watch.

       The helmsman series is the first watch series that combines the four functions of automatic winding, waterproof, antimagnetic and shockproof. It has been synonymous with high quality and rigor since the advent of Mido. With its excellent performance and strong adaptability to a variety of harsh environments, the Helmsman series was then widely used in the military, becoming a loyal companion for soldiers during World War II.
       In recent years, designers have taken inspiration from the classic design of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the all-steel structure to inject new design elements into the watch. While having a reliable watch function, it is more relevant to the exterior of the Harbour Bridge. Magnificent silhouette and connotation blend. The large dial is full of fortitude and strength, and the vertical Geneva ripples on the dial are just like the steel pillars on the bridge supporting the entire structure. Dot-shaped scales are like solid rivets that link steel bars.
       Mido’s helmsman series is a relatively popular series in China. The young men who are mostly in the consumer group need a watch of their own when they first enter the workplace or work, and they are professional and can wear it in daily life. And Mido’s helmsman series is very suitable for this group in terms of appearance, price, and brand awareness.


       This helmsman series ‘White Rudder’ (M005.430.11.031.00) watch is one that attracts more attention, and there are also many watch friends in the forum of the watch home. Its appearance is absolutely beautiful, the 42mm 316L stainless steel case, the cut surface and other fine workmanship, polished in place. 316L stainless steel is a type of stainless steel containing molybdenum, which has good gloss and beautiful appearance. Because of its molybdenum, it has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and creep resistance. It is not only beautiful but also durable.
       The sapphire mirror treated by the glare layer sharpens the dial. The white dial integrates the design elements of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, such as vertical steel corrugated dials like steel pillars, rivet-shaped black dot markers, and the contrast of black and white makes people feel very bright. At 3 o’clock, the day of the week and the calendar display window are clear and clear.
       Its movement is ETA Cal. 2836-2, which is derived from ETA Cal. 2824-2, such as Thunderbolt, and the day display function is added to it. The size of the movement has not changed at all, it is still 4.6 mm thick and 25.6 mm in diameter, providing a power reserve of about 40 hours. The movement with a long history, which has gone through half a century, is the best proof of its accuracy and stability.


       There is also the popular gray dial ‘Grey Rudder’ (M005.430.11.061.00), the dial has been changed from white to gray with low-key quality. There are also gold-plated case models and leather strap models. And a chronograph based on the ETA Cal. 7750 movement.


       At this year’s Basel International Horological Fair, Mido Helmsman launched its Helmsman Observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watch (M005.431.36.031.00). The exterior adopts the classic design of the early Helmsman series watches and incorporates the design elements of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The most exciting is its Caliber 80 powerful movement, based on ETA Cal. C07.621, providing a power reserve of up to 80 hours, which is twice the previous movement. The movement has a diameter of 25.6 mm and a thickness of 5.22 mm. The movement is decorated with the very popular blue steel screws, the oscillating weight is carved with the Geneva ripple and the MIDO logo. The vibration frequency is 3Hz (21,600 swings / hour), which is adjusted in five directions. And this movement has been officially certified by COSC (Swiss Observatory).
       This M005.431.36.031.00 watch is the first model of the helmsman series to be equipped with Caliber 80 movement. The 42mm case is made of 316L stainless steel PVD-plated rose gold case. It would be too expensive. Unchanged white vertical Geneva wave dial, the hour markers of the dots have become triangular rivets, and the sense of architecture is stronger. At 3 o’clock, the day of the week calendar display window, the combination of rose gold and white, is also clear and clear.


       If the Mido helmsman series of men’s watches incorporating the design elements of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is full of perseverance and strength, the women’s model adds softness and delicateness to the strong style. Available in 31 mm and 38 mm diameters. A new style was also introduced at this year’s Basel International Watch Fair. The carefully decorated white mother-of-pearl dial is pure and gentle, and the polished stainless steel 31 mm case showcases the strong and independent character of modern women. Interpretation of women’s multi-faceted charm. Equipped with ETA Cal.2671 mechanical movement, tested for accuracy in three directions, providing more than 38 hours of power reserve.
       Summary: In the past 100 years, Mido’s helmsman series has continued to introduce new fusion and new elements. After integrating the design elements of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the appearance is more extraordinary and flexible, and it wants to match its solid and reliable quality , Becoming one of Mido’s most popular series.
    Note: Click the ‘Meidu First Professional Watchmaker’s Watch Design Competition’ to participate in the prize voting, and have the opportunity to win the opportunity for two people to experience the inspiration of the British Big Ben or one of the most popular designer watches in this design competition. —-

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    Casio Couple Watch Introduction

    The Cowherd and Weaver Girl-in-law Bridge meets. The annual Qixi Festival is coming. As the most traditional and romantic Valentine’s Day in China, expressing love needs to be ingeniously conceived. This year, we might as well choose a couple watch, and write love on your wrist. In order to create the romantic atmosphere of Tanabata, Casio Watch launches a stylish couple watch, creatively combining the elegant and bright SHEEN series and the sports passionate EDIFICE series to show your favorite touch of wrist.

    Calm and elegant EF-500BP & SHN-5000BP
    The design of the watch is simple and generous. The black dial and white hands form a sharp contrast, making time reading clear. The men’s round large dial, the steel metal strap, and the strong metallic feel show the style of a resolute man, while the female watch’s small dial is exquisite and elegant, exuding intellectual temperament, and it is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
    Noble EF-530P & SHN-5003P
    The bezel and hands of the watch, as well as the scale points, are made of popular rose gold. The hour scale of the women’s watch is designed with shiny crystal imitation diamonds, highlighting the exquisite and luxurious elegance. While being noble and stern, it shows feminine femininity.
    Casio couples watch, let time commemorate our love!

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    Ten Things You Did Not Know About Bell & Ross Br 01

    The most brilliant successes are often susceptible to the most painful Waterloo, so many people in the past predicted that BR 01-Bell & Ross’s most outstanding marketing strategy-will also be like the fleeting meteor, In the sky of watchmaking, it flashed.
       The pace of time never ceases. Over the years, once questioners have to admit that BR 01 has found a long-term strategy in the watchmaking industry and has achieved rare outstanding achievements in the industry. However, there are still some secrets hidden in the series. In this article, we will tell you about ten things you (probably) don’t know about Bell & Ross BR 01.
    1. At the beginning of its introduction, BR 01 was not a watch, but a concept
       The original BR 01 was a modular watchmaking concept-when it was commercialized with some components, it could be either a watch, or a pocket watch or a clock. However, these concepts soon merged into a pure watch.
    BR 01-92

    2.Avant-garde case architecture
       Unlike most modern models, the bottom of the BR 01 case is riveted with screws. Instead, you can view and assemble by removing the four screws on the bezel. These four screws are set for real mechanical construction use, rather than purely aesthetic considerations. For Bell & Ross, ensuring the technical continuity of the BR 01 series is vital.
    3. Rich up to 150 variations
       As many as 150 versions have changed in 10 years and are still evolving. This number is considerable. It reflects the unique marketing strategy of Bell & Ross: For many brands, the continuity and stability (of watches) are the key to marketing and promotion. Bell & Ross’s choice is just the opposite, but in terms of customer recognition and loyalty In other words, the effect is the same or even better, which is enviable. The release of more than 150 versions in 10 years means that a new version comes out every 15 working days.

    BR 01-92

    4. Mr. Ralph Lauren’s Personality Choice
       In 2005, Mr. Ralph Lauren personally chose BR 01 as a special accessory, and appeared on the Black Label sports fashion series with a fashion model. Four years later (2009), Ralph Lauren launched his first watch collection, with the same emphasis on black elements.
    5. From stainless steel (very cold) to PVD coating (popular first choice)
       Steel is widely used and inexpensive, so it can be said that it is a universal choice for new models, but early watch fans obviously prefer the black PVD coating version (still the best-selling model to this day). In retrospect, the latter is ultimately more loyal to the source of inspiration-aviation design codes.

    BR 01 Red Radar

    6. Look for the red skull
       BR 01 Skull and BR 01 Red Radar are the two most sought-after versions of collectors. The subsequent release of limited editions such as Airborne, Skull & Crossbones, bronze, gem setting and luminous has further promoted this crazy hobby growth of. Bell & Ross recently launched the new BR-X1 Red Radar flagship watch, limited to 50 pieces and priced at 17,000 Euros.
    7. Unique Rare Style
       The rarest and rarest of the BR 01 series is the tourbillon, of which only 18 Phantom versions are available for 113,000 euros. At the 2013 Only Watch Charity Auction (the third participation of Bell & Ross), the brand donated a set of six unique Flight Instrument Collection Orange watches, which were finally sold for 32,000 Euros.

    Bell & Ross Only Watch 2013 Charity Auction Special

    8. Which country has the most Bellace collectors?
       United States! There are currently about 50 people.
    9. Foundation for success: two ETA movements
       The success of the BR 01 series is based almost entirely on two ETA (Swatch Group) movements: 2892 and 2894. The latter is an additional timing module based on the 2892.
    BR-X1 Tourbillon strap

    10.The future of BR 01 straps?
       Most of the BR 01 series watches are equipped with leather or rubber straps, and four canvas straps have been introduced from the BR 03 series. Today, the BR-X1 Tourbillon watch offers a third option: leather trim with rubber as the main body. So, is this the future of the BR 01 strap?

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    Glasutti Original Collaborates With Berlin International Film Festival For Seven Years

    At the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, which was held from February 9th to 19th, Glashütte originally launched many new masterpieces. This year, the German watchmaker sponsored the Berlin International Film Festival for the first time as a major partner, and also founded the Glashütte Original Documentary Award-a seven-year collaboration, crowned today, Glashütte The original pays tribute to the filmmakers who always insist on themselves and move forward. During the film festival, Glashütte Original welcomed artists, journalists, and guests from the film industry in the Golden Bear Lounge. In the VIP room and select Glashütte original retail stores, visitors also saw the new Sixties Iconic Square Collection – the series shines for the first time during the Berlin International Film Festival Debut.

    The red carpet moments of the 67th Berlin Film Festival

    New milestones for the film festival

    Film Festival Jury and Thomas Meier, Glashütte Original CEO

    Deep images, thought-provoking topics, fearless heroes: this is the essence of documentary art. This year, Glashütte Original teamed up with the Berlin International Film Festival for the first time and presented awards. The newly created Glashütte Original Documentary Award is the highest point since the establishment of a partnership between the Saxony watchmaker and the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011. The best documentary prize is € 50,000 and will be officially presented at the official awards ceremony on February 18th at the Berlin Film Palace. The jury consists of three industry professionals: film critics, film festival president Daniela Michel (Mexico), Oscar and Pulitzer Prize winners, journalists, producers Laura Poitras (USA), and award-winning director Samir (Iraq /Switzerland).

    The jury has nominated 16 documentaries, all produced from participating in the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival Competition, Berlin Special Screenings, Panorama, Youth Forum, New Generation and Perspective German Film Units. All films will have their world premiere during the Berlin International Film Festival, and award-winning documentary directors and producers will receive bonuses and glory trophies hand-crafted by the Glashütte Watch Factory. ‘This award is of special significance to the documentary industry and a great incentive for filmmakers. In order to complete a filming project, they sometimes have to take risks that many ordinary people cannot imagine,’ said Dieter Kosslick, president of the Berlin International Film Festival.

    Start a new journey together

    Glashütte Original Six Gold Square Watch on the Red Carpet

    The new film award created by Glashütte Original is not only to celebrate the seven-year partnership, but also to celebrate the first time as a major partner to sponsor the festival. Thomas Meier, Glashütte’s original CEO, said: ‘There are many similarities between the art of watchmaking and the art of film. We are passionate, pursuing precision and advanced technology, and have high requirements for beauty and aesthetics. We work with every Berlin International Film Festival sincerely-this is our pride. It is important for us to expand this extraordinary partnership. Today, as a film festival’s main partner, we look forward to enabling Berlin Films The festival’s multiple charms and Glashütte’s original elegant style complement each other and shine. ‘

    Glashütte Original Gold Six Zero Watch

    This year’s protagonist is the Sixties Iconic Square Collection, a gold-plated six-square series watch. This colorful and special series originally created by Glashütte will be launched during the film festival. The watch incorporates design elements from a special era, and this time it shines on the red carpet and catches the eye. The collection is on display in the Golden Bear Lounge, the first time a Saxon watchmaker has shown it to the film industry and all its distinguished representatives. It is a great honor and pride for watchmakers to combine the legendary style of Glashütte’s outstanding original watches with the legendary wrists.

    Glashütte Original Watchmaking Stand in the Golden Bear Lounge

    Whether at a celebration at the Berlin Film Palace or in its surroundings; whether in the Golden Bear VIP Room or various events in Berlin: Glashütte Original is the 67th Berlin International Film The festival has created an unprecedented atmosphere of elegance. The pursuit of authenticity and self-remembering style not only shows the dazzling brilliance of the film festival, but also highlights the elegant elegance of the watch brand.

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    Catatrava Series Of Patek Philippe The Second Important Model In History

    In the previous article, we took everyone to review the historical origin of the Patek Philippe Calatrava series-Ref.96 watch. Today, the original model introduced in 1932 has become a design icon, and subsequent Calatrava watches have been derived from it. The original Ref.96 watch emphasized the form and function of the Bauhaus concept, providing a blueprint for the ultimate formal watch, and has been repeatedly borrowed from Patek Philippe and other brands. In this article, we will learn more about some of the most famous and collectible Calatrava watches in history. It should be noted that the following list is not an exhaustive list, but the representative I think is the most symbolic.

    Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.565 and Ref.570 watches
    Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 570 watch


       Although the original Ref.96 watch is perfectly proportioned, it has a ‘fatal’ flaw: the case size is only 31 mm in diameter. Although small-sized cases were common at the time, 31 mm was still too small. Recognizing this, Patek Philippe launched the Calatrava Ref.565 and Ref.570 watches in 1938. These two models are identical in design to the Ref. 96 watch, but the case diameter has been enlarged to 35.5 mm, which was considered ‘oversized’ at that time. The Ref.570 watch is very popular and has been in production for 30 years. It is mainly made of precious metal and is equipped with different types of dial designs.

       The Patek Philippe Calatrava series Ref.570 is also equipped with a ‘coin edge’ case, angular bezel and integrated lugs. Like the Ref.96, this model also has many variations: the central second hand; the small second hand (at 6 o’clock); the classic dial with stick-applied hour-markers; the subdivision dial; even the two-tone dial with Breguet-applied hour-markers (this Probably one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic designs). Most of the Ref.570 variants are equipped with the same 12-120 movement as the Ref.96.
    Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.565 watch

       The Patek Philippe Calatrava series Ref.565 watch has also become more practical, and its style seemed unique at the time. This is one of the earliest models produced by Patek Philippe in stainless steel (although there are also some variants that use precious metal materials). At the same time, the Ref.565 watch with screw-in case has become the first large-scale waterproof timepiece of the Calatrava series. The design of the case is also slightly different, the case, bezel and lugs are integrated (the bezel of the Ref.570 watch was added later). In comparison, the Ref.565 watch is more angular, sportier and quite modern (considering that it was created almost 80 years ago). Like the Ref.570, the Ref.565 also offers a variety of designs: central seconds; small seconds (at 6 o’clock); fluorescent dials (partially military-style); zone dials; Breguet digital hour markers, etc. Wait, and equipped with the same 12-120 movement.

       Thanks to the larger size and timeless design, the Ref.565 and Ref.570 watches are still well adapted to today’s taste requirements. Today, collectors’ favorites are watches with oversized Breguet digital hour markers and two-tone dials. Rare and rare, these watches are very attractive and occasionally appear in auctions, often at high prices.
    Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 2526 watch

       The Patek Philippe Calatrava series Ref.2526 was introduced in 1953 and is one of the earliest automatic watches of the brand (if Ref. 2552 is left out, ‘one’ can be removed). The Ref.2526 watch has a diameter of 36 mm and is equipped with a screw-down case and a double-faced enamel dial. The total output is less than 600 (note: the diamond-set model has a standard metal dial, not an enamel dial). Ref.2526 watches are mostly made of gold, but there are also a few applications made of rose gold, white gold or platinum. All Ref.2526 watches are equipped with Calibre 12-600AT, which is Patek Philippe’s first self-winding watch movement (apparently, the automatic movement was not yet standard in the early 1950s). Equipped with the brand’s patented Gyromax balance wheel and 18K yellow gold rotor (also the first retouched rotor in history).

       It should be noted that since patented in 1952, the Gyromax balance has been used in all Patek Philippe watch movements. The Calibre 12-600AT is considered by many to be one of the best automatic movements in history. Patek Philippe is very confident in its quality. As stated in the Ref. 2526 watch manual, the maximum daily error is no more than 1 second. Imagine that in 1953, there were no CNC machine tools to reduce part tolerances and no advanced computer-controlled tools to adjust the movement, but the timepieces handmade by Patek Philippe watchmakers exceeded the existing certification standards.

       In terms of design, the Ref. 2526 watch has been slightly improved, more in line with the trends of the 1950s. The case was changed from ‘coin edge’ to ’rounded edge’, and the bezel changed from a flat, angular design to a convex design. The dial is still decorated with faceted rod-shaped hour markers and toffee hands, and a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock is very similar to the original Ref.96 watch. The Ref.2526 watch is more modern in proportion and better interprets the art of time. In addition, the crown of the Ref.2526 watch is engraved with symmetrical ‘PP’ instead of the Calatrava cross we used to see. Considering the internal movement and the fact that the first automatic watch, the Ref. 2526 watch can be regarded as an important milestone in the history of the Calatrava series and Patek Philippe.
    Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 3520 watch

       By the early 1970s, Patek Philippe had created a variety of Calatrava watches. In 1973, a design that would be closely related to the series in the future-the Paris nailing. In a way, this decoration has deviated from the Bauhaus principle that shaped the original Ref. 96 watch, because the Paris studded bezel has no function. However, the Paris studded bezel with simple round case and straight lugs is absolutely stunning, and this decoration further enhances the classic charm of the Calatrava collection. It is equipped with a Cal. 177 manual winding movement, which only provides the time and minute display function, but the dial design is full of changes, with both Arabic and Roman numerals. This design is extremely popular and is still in production today, with the latest models Ref. 5116 and Ref. 5119.

       Although the Paris-studded watch on the bezel is the most sought after, Patek Philippe has also created more classic Ref. 3520 watches, some of which have flat bezels. With these watches, we can trace back to the origin of the Calatrava series, the timeless charm of Patek Philippe timepieces.
    Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 3960

       In 1989, Patek Philippe celebrated the 150th anniversary of the brand and launched several special commemorative timepieces, including Ref. 3960, which was also the first military watch in the Calatrava series. The design of the Ref. 3960 watch still follows the basic principles of the Calatrava series, but everything from straight lugs and turban-type crowns to rare enamel dials and printed Breguet numbers, to blue-steel hands and attached seconds dial, all make Ref The 3960 watch looks particularly different. The case diameter is 33 mm, and although it is equipped with a double cover, it is only 8 mm thick.

       The reason why Ref. 3960 is an officer’s watch is because it is equipped with a solid, polished hunter-style case back. Opening this bottom cover, you can also see a bottom cover engraved with anniversary patterns and words. Further down, there is a built-in 215 manual winding movement, which is assembled from 130 parts and provides a 44-hour power reserve. Historically, Patek Philippe produced a total of 2,000 gold models, 150 platinum models, and 50 platinum models. In the Calatrava series, Ref. 3960 is neither a technical achievement nor a representative of the first test cry; but it must be acknowledged that it is one of the most elegant and one of the most modern models worth collecting, especially the platinum and platinum models.
    One of the Patek Philippe Calatrava series founding blueprints Ref.96
    Patek Philippe’s Calatrava series is three unified and diverse modern models

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    Breitling Overseas Ocean Watch First Class Luxury Ocean Trip

    The Breitling Transocean Chronograph’s thin, low-profile case is equipped with Breitling’s own 01 movement, has strict Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), and can be transparent Watch the sapphire case. Breitling Transocean Chronograph
        Breitling reinterprets the classic design of more than half a century with clear modern elements, loads the high-performance ‘Breitling Engine’ for the simple and smooth ‘body’, and enjoys a first-class luxury overseas journey on the wrist. Breitling Transocean Chronograph’s slim and low-profile case is equipped with Breitling’s own 01 movement. Like all movements of the brand, it has strict Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) and can be seen through the transparent sapphire case back. Watch and play. The dial is clear and easy to read, and every detail is perfect. The three-dimensional hour markers and chronograph are carefully embedded and decorated with ‘snails.’ The 18k gold capital letter B is accompanied by the Breitling logo. Sign.

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    Party Of Silverwing: Deserve The Name Of Iwc Friend

    Using ‘Indian Whiskey Charlie’ as the exclusive air code, opened the first head-to-head confrontation between Zhang Ruoxing and Zhang Junning’s ‘Silver Wing’. They have a common pursuit of Yunxiao, and thus have reached the highest tacit understanding. The two are fit for movement, just like two Spitfire fighters staggering across the sky, inspiring each other and partnering with each other.

       Silverwing CP
       He is a dreamer chasing freedom; she is a fearless and courageous adventurer. The spark of Zhang Ruoxin and Zhang Junning comes from the common love of 33,000 feet. In the pursuit of flying and dreams, the two are just like two silver-wing Spitfire fighters speeding up in Skyrim, and they are engaged in a close match. Their stories are bloody, surging and desirable. The IWC Spitfire Pilot Series timepieces worn on the wrists strengthen their wrestling with a strong aura.

    Brand friend Zhang Junning wears IWC Spitfire pilot automatic watch
    (Model: IW326802)
    Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan wears IWC Spitfire Pilot World Time Zone Watch ‘Longest Flight’ Limited Edition
    (Model: IW395501)

       Best partner
       The encounter between the IWC Spitfire Pilot World Time Zone Watch ‘Longest Flight’ limited edition and the Spitfire Pilot Automatic Watch is a collision between precision craftsmanship and bronze aesthetics, each maintaining its own independence but complementing each other. Under the seal of time, it is new.

    Brand friend Zhang Junning wears IWC Spitfire pilot automatic watch
    (Model: IW326802)
    Brand friend Zhang Ruohuan wears IWC Spitfire Pilot World Time Zone Watch ‘Longest Flight’ Limited Edition
    (Model: IW395501)

    Create the dream of Feifan