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    Exquisite And Delicate Enamel Watches Are Available For 10,000 Yuan? Seiko Presage Qibao Enamel Watch To Help You Realize Your Dream!

    When we talk about enamel watches, the first instinct is usually expensive. This centuries-old decoration method that has existed in the watch industry is one of the top representative skills of combining watch with art. The enamel is warm and changeable, and the masters and creativity of the painters always create a wonderful whimsical world for enamel watches. However, due to the time-consuming and laborious production, the craftsmanship is exquisite and delicate, plus the firing process. The medium failure rate is extremely high, which is one of the reasons for the high price of enamel watches. However, Japan SEIKO Seiko broke this convention with the PRESAGE series of enamel watches. This series of enamel watches use Japanese traditional enamel manufacturing methods, and cooperate with local national treasure masters to produce quality and achievements that can be regarded as Swiss wrists. The works of table enamel craftsmanship are even more surprising, but the price is less than 20% or even 10% of the price of Swiss enamel. Presage limited edition white enamel watch From the original limited edition sale in Japan, to the strong demand from global watch friends later (pressure?), Presage limited enamel watch finally began to sell to the outside world, and each new work The popularity of the announcement and launch of the instant spike proves that this series of watches has gained a lot of recognition and great success in the market. The Presage blue enamel ‘Yuemi’ limited edition watch, launched in 2017, is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. As soon as it was sold, it immediately caused a buying spree. From the beginning, the white enamel interviewed the water temperature, and the blue enamel surface blended into the Japanese cultural image that SEIKO is best at. This time, Seiko found Nagoya in the Ando Qibao shop, a professional manufacturer with more than 100 years of history. Hanging the dial layer by hand, it is developed in accordance with SEIKO’s high environmental protection standards, safety standards and EU RoHS regulations. The lead-free glaze is specially developed and fired at 800 degrees Celsius. Different from the single color and gloss of the previous enamel surface, the Qibao enamel technique combined with the polishing process is more difficult, because under the test of the fire, the uniformity of the color is not easy, and it is necessary to strive for transparency to show the radiation on the faceplate. The difficulty of making the craft can be imagined by the carving machine carving and the change of light and shadow. Presage limited edition sapphire enamel watches launched in 2017, limited to 2,500 mobile savings and three-pin models. This series launched a total of 6R27 self-winding movement power reserve display models (domestic pricing 118,00 yuan), and 6R15 self-winding movement three-needle models (domestic pricing 9,900 yuan), table diameter Respectively 40.6mm and 40.0mm, each limited to 2500 pieces. This time, the uncle’s Presage Qibao burned enamel limited edition watch, which has been waiting for half a year, has finally arrived. I can’t wait to open the box and share with you the fascinating beauty of enamel craftsmanship! No matter in the production of enamel craftsmanship, the overall quality of the watch and the irresistible price, the super cost-effective price of Seiko Presage Qibao enamel watch, it is not only difficult to find opponents in the watch of the same nature in the market, it is more like A great choice for players of enamel watches to realize their dreams.

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    Hamilton Serves As Official Timekeeper Of The Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship

    In 2017, Hamilton became the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, which opened the Xinjiang region of racing. Nicolas Ivanoff, the brand’s ambassador since 2005, is one of 14 top pilots. They competed in speed, precision and technology in this unique aircraft speed competition, and presented a stunning visual feast. The pilot drove a fast, agile and light racing aircraft, at low altitude between the inflatable beacons 25 meters above the track.

       Fourteen pilots will compete for the title of Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship in eight masters worldwide. The Challenger Cup was attended by nine pilots, allowing young pilots to hone their low-altitude flying skills while feeling the beauty of the sport.
       The 2017 event will be held in eight cities around the world, and the opening event will be held in Abu Dhabi from February 10th to 11th. This event is the 75th event of the Red Bull Aerobatic Flying Championships and is very memorable.
       Aviation, technology and precision are integral parts of the Hamilton brand. Hamilton has a deep aviation tradition and maintains good cooperation with international flight show events and flight teams. This cooperation will further consolidate the brand’s pivotal position in the aerobatic world.
       Hamilton International Global CEO Sylvain Dolla said: ‘Hamilton has a glorious history of serving the aviation industry. This latest cooperation with the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship will further consolidate the brand in the aviation field. Reputation. Hamilton is proud to be the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship, taking aviation watches to the next level. ‘
       Erich Wolf, General Manager of Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship Co., Ltd. said: ‘The Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship has been working with Hamilton for ten years. In 2017, the tenth season of the championship, we The relationship will certainly be closer. Both of us have a deep passion for flying and are committed to a higher standard. We look forward to this year’s exciting race. ‘
       Hamilton has timed air activities since 1919, and the brand’s watches and aeronautical instruments won the trust of pilots at the time. In addition to timing the first flight of American Airlines, the brand became the official watch of TWA, Eastern, United and Northwest in the 1930s. These instruments demonstrate outstanding professional performance, combined with an adventurous spirit combined with precision, assisting the navigation of the first cross-coast route in the United States and pushing commercial aviation into the modern era.
       Today, many flight teams use Hamilton watches as standard equipment, including South Korea’s 123nd Squadron, Spain’s Patrulla Aspa, and the US VP-40 Patrol Squadron Forty. , Apache Apache stand-alone display team (Apache) and F-16 performance team. Through these collaborations, Hamilton has in-depth understanding of pilots’ needs and watch functions required to develop watches specifically designed for pilots, such as the Zermatt Flying Eagle for the Swiss Alps helicopter transport and rescue company. Zermatt) designed Khaki series sailing watch.