Masters Launches New Capeland Watch

Adhering to the new brand connotation, Baume & Mercier launched a new interpretation of the classic series Capeland, and perfectly presented the new design style of beach life. Each watch is engraved with the Greek letter Phi, which symbolizes balance and perfection. This is also a common symbol for all celebrity lovers of the brand. The concept of ‘one world’ is due to a generous attitude towards life and a focus on leisure Together.
Capeland, record the chronograph of every real moment
全新 This new interpretation of the watch series is inspired by a historic classic: the single-button chronograph manufactured in 1948. With a curved glass mirror and a convex caseback, this model is considered a typical replica of the ‘pebble’ pocket watch of the early 19th century. The extremely ergonomic design of the pocket watch emphasizes the concept of geometric aesthetics of up and down symmetry, and thus has become the main source of inspiration for the design of the Capeland watch.
Another major feature of the Capeland watch is its dual-material dial, which subtly presents the aesthetic design of the 1950s. This watch has outstanding extraordinary characteristics, equipped with speedometer and rangefinder display functions, and polished satin case to make the watch more refined. The main styles of this series are chronographs, with simple digital engravings and stylish and colorful dials, giving this model a subtle and sporty character.
Capeland men’s watch
These two watches are representative models of the Capeland series. The most notable feature is that it is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and has a flyback chronograph function, showing the noble and elegant excellence. The sharp curve of the case back and the glass mirror is reminiscent of the soft contours of pebbles; the short and elegant lug design makes the round case look more round and exquisite. The chronograph movement with double tracking function manufactured by Lajoux-Perret movement factory is fixed with blue steel screws, and the movement plate and the splint are polished in a circular arc shape, which is more delicate and exquisite. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, the oscillating weight engraved with the brand logo Phi and ‘Côtes de Genève’ can be vividly displayed.

Capeland men’s watch
另一 Another distinctive feature of them is the rounded glass mirror, retro-reflective micro-convex dial and ‘Treasure’ hand. The difference between the two watches is that the case is made of satin-finished steel or 18K red gold that shines like bronze, with black and dark brown crocodile leather straps, respectively.

From The Acquisition To The Worldwide Popularity Of Panerai Under The Control Of Angelo Bonati

In 2000, Angelo Bonati, who joined the brand for three years, was appointed CEO of Panerai. In the following 17 years, under the leadership of Angelo Bonati, Panerai relied on the origin of Florence and developed into a solid cornerstone of Swiss watchmaking with great success.

Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati
 How many people have heard of Panerai 20 years ago? In watchmaking years, 20 years are almost just in the blink of an eye. But in these 20 years, Panerai from Florence has developed into the world’s most popular sports watch brand. According to a recent Morgan Stanley survey of the Swiss watch market, Panerai sold 75,000 watches in 2017 with sales of 450 million Swiss francs. Taking into account the quantity of counterfeit goods sold in some Asian market stalls, Panerai’s popularity is comparable to Rolex.

Panerai LAB-ID ™-Luminor 1950 Carbotech ™ 3 Days-49mm 3-Day Power Reserve Watch
 Panerai’s fearless, bold and almost indestructible design dwarfs other sports watches. Panerai’s success is attributed to Richemont’s management, especially the brand’s CEO, Angelo Bonati. Panerai is the perfect combination of Swiss watchmaking strength and Italian creative design. For the past 20 years, Angelo Bonati has been down-to-earth and unswerving, which has contributed to the rise of the brand.

Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days Acciaio – 47 mm 3 Days Power Reserve Steel Watch
 But success does not come out of nowhere, and much remains to be done before then. In 1860, Panerai was founded in Piazza San Giovanni in Florence and is known as a supplier of precision instruments to the Italian Navy. Panerai’s watches for the Italian Navy diving forces include the Radiomir series released in the 1940s and the Luminor series introduced in the 1950s. Although the Panerai watch is very unique, although Sylvester Stallone once wore the Panerai watch in ‘The Day of the Dragon’, but the brand name is not well known to the public.

Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati
 In 1997, Richemont acquired Panerai. In the same year, Angelo Bonati, who had been a distribution director at Cartier for many years, came to Panerai. Initially, Angelo Bonati decided to produce 1,000 watches and test-market them at 30 outlets in the Italian market. AngeloBonati recalled that ‘colleagues did not believe I would actually agree to go out and sell these watches.’ The market proved that AngeloBonati was right, and 1,000 watches were sold out within a week. The following year, Panerai participated in the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie. However, it is not grand and does not even have an exclusive pavilion, only renting a place from Cartier. But Panerai’s name and the brand’s fearless history have spread, and eager retailers and industry journalists have arrived.

Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio-38 mm 3 Days Power Reserve Steel Watch
 Great achievements come from the accumulation of details. AngeloBonati’s strategy is to ensure that Panerai is faithful to the two original designs, based on which it assembles high-end movements and complex functions. In 2002, the Panerai Neuchatel watch factory was unveiled, and the brand’s first self-made movement was born-the P.2002 manual winding movement with a power reserve of up to 10 days. In 2014, Panerai opened its second watch factory. At present, the brand has 25 self-maintaining cores, which can meet 80% of its needs. Panerai’s control of materials is also strict: from ceramics to bronze, as well as Carbotech carbon fiber composites and revolutionary BMG-Tech metallic glass, to the latest 3D printed titanium case.

Panerai LAB-ID ™-Luminor 1950 Carbotech ™ 3 Days-49mm 3-Day Power Reserve Watch
 AngeloBonati has shaped Panerai into a brand that is proud of history, but it has not stopped. He insists that the two flagship series of Radiomir and Luminor should become the stage of innovation. In recent years, the diameter of the watch has shrunk dramatically, the design has become more cautious, and exotic materials have retreated to the second line. So, can you say that, at least for the time being, Panerai’s oversized models are not in line with the market trend? Not so sure, given the growing public expectations for robust and durable watches. At the same time, we should not treat Panerai as a pure men’s brand. At the SIHH Geneva this year, the LuminorDue3DaysAutomaticAcciaio–38mm 3-day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch made a high-profile appearance. This watch is a perfect fusion of women’s watches and entry-level watches, which is almost enough to forget that the earliest Luminor watches were used to assemble naval diving forces. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)