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    Geneva Time Exhibition

    The Geneva Independent Watchmaker Exposition (GTE) has continued to develop and has now entered its fourth year. Its position on the Swiss watch schedule has been continuously consolidated. The peaceful atmosphere reflects the innovative characteristics of this year’s exhibition: a new venue for exhibitions was selected, Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva; strong support from outstanding partners, such as the international professional auction company Antiquorum.
    This year’s show took some important measures to ensure a comfortable and active environment and enhance the reputation of independent watchmakers. The most important method is the parallel exhibition held by the Antiquorum auction house in Geneva, and more than 50 top-end clocks designed by GTE exhibitors (open until February 11).

    2013 GTE venue Bâtiment des Forces Motrices

    On the opening day of the Geneva Independent Watchmaker Exposition, the enthusiastic visitors were crowded. Olivier Müller, CEO of the Laurent Ferrier brand, said: ‘We’ve been so busy all day!’ He added: ‘We were overwhelmed by requests from journalists, collectors and retailers-we got some very important orders!’
    Didier Decker, the director of HeritageWatchManufactory (HWM), praised the ‘comfort and casualness of the venue, which is very suitable for us,’ and explained that ‘our presence at GTE reflects the unique opportunity provided by the exhibition to put customers together in a collaborative environment.’
    GTE organizers will retain final evaluations until the last day of the show-Thursday, January 24, 2013-at which time exhibitors’ results will reveal trends this year.
    On Thursday, January 24th, GTE will also be open to the public (10 am to 5 pm), providing watch lovers with a great opportunity to learn about the latest craftsmanship and the latest independent watchmakers Wonderful performance.
    Brands attending the Geneva Independent Watchmaker Exposition (GTE) 2013:
    Alpina, AntoineMartin, Artya, AteliersdeMonaco, Azzaro, Badollet, Boegli, Cabestan,
    Celsius, Century, Clerc, Escada, Evilard Watch, Frédérique Constant, Harold W.,
    Hautlence, HeritageWatchManufactory, JulienCoudray, Jordi, LaurentFerrier,
    Milus, H. Moser & Cie, PicardCadet, PierreThomas, Quinting, Cyril Ratel, Reuge, RGM,
    RSW, Saint Honoré, Savoy, Speake-Marin, Venus, Vogard.
    Date: January 20th (Sunday)-January 24th (Thursday)
    Where: Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (Place des Volontaires, Geneva Centre)
    Opening hours: January 20, 2013 (Sunday)-January 23 (Wednesday) 10 am-7 pm (trade only) / January 24, 2013 (Thu) 10 am-5 pm ( Open to the public)
    Source: Geneva Time Exhibition
    Photo: Wikipedia (Germany)