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    Tissot Watches Join Tony Parker On Top Of Europe

    Recently, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot watch invited NBA basketball pioneer and European basketball champion Tony Parker to join the Swiss basketball team to climb the summit of Europe’s Jungfrau, in the magnificent snow-capped mountains. There was a wonderful basketball match. The Jungfrau, a symbol of a long tradition and uninhibited spirit, collides with the basketball sport that represents passion and unlimited breakthroughs, which is the perfect interpretation of the Tissot brand’s genes “innovation comes from tradition”. In this peak showdown of 3,454 meters above sea level, Tony Parker wore a Tissot Solar Series solar watch on the scene and performed amazingly, perfectly interpreting the ‘professional, avant-garde, dynamic, and fashionable’ moment spirit. The modern spirit advocated.

    Tissot and Tony Parker battle the top of Europe
    Basketball matchup on top of Europe
     This is a unique basketball game, located in the highest peak in Europe-Jungfrau. To help the game, the organizers deliberately built a five-a-side basketball court on the Aletsch Glacier, 33.55 meters long and 20.78 meters wide. The famous NBA basketball pioneer Tony Parker, also known as the ‘French sports car’, also appeared on the top of the European snowy field to show his basketball skills. Despite the thin air in the mountains, Parker’s performance is as stable as ever. In the game, he continuously passed the ball quickly for his teammates, and shot agilely. The outstanding performance of the ball was the best performance of the “French sports car”, which attracted applause. Tony Parker said after the game: ‘Playing on top of Europe is a special thing. We rarely have the opportunity to play in extreme conditions. For me, this is a moment to meet new challenges.’ At Jungfrau, More than 100 journalists from Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and Switzerland witnessed this exciting competition.

    Basketball match on Jungfrau

    Tony Parker’s amazing performance
    Top of Europe collides with Tissot
     It is no coincidence that Tissot Global Ambassador Tony Parker came to Jungfrau. As the defender of the NBA San Antonio Spurs, Parker’s undefeated on the court, the spirit of basketball that constantly surpasses and breaks through not only won the team four championship championships, but also with the innovative spirit that Tissot constantly pursues. Coincide. At the same time, Tissot has established a good cooperative relationship with the Jungfrau Railway. The cooperation between Tissot and Jungfrau began in the commemoration of the centenary of the construction of the railway tunnel. The continuous cooperation between the two parties aims to build a long-term and win-win alliance relationship. Last year, Urs Kessler, CEO of Jungfrau Railways, and François Thiébaud, president of Tissot Watches, held the first cliff walk event of Tissot Watch and the new Tissot boutique in Grindelwald. Launching Ceremony. At this point, the cooperation between the two parties has reached a new level. It is also this spirit of constant challenge and pursuit that has created the basketball matchup at the top of the snow.

    Jungfrau Railway

    In 2015, the first cliff walk of Tissot was officially opened in Grindelwald.
     Francois Timbo, President of Tissot, said: ‘I am proud of this cooperation. I can breathe the fresh Swiss air in the Alps with our image ambassador Tony Parker and our partner Jungfrau Railway. It’s a great honour for us to share our magnificent views of the Jungfraujoch. Tissot is a big family and we like to get together like today. ‘

    Tissot President Francois Timbao, Jungfrau Railway CEO Uls Kessler, Tissot Global Ambassador Tony Parker posing with basketball players
     So far, Jungfrau has held a number of sports activities, including many of the world-renowned athletes. NBA basketball pioneer Tony Parker is in his tenth basketball game. “Inviting internationally renowned sports people to the Aletsch Glacier has always been a challenge. We are very pleased to have partner Tissot and its global image ambassador Tony Parker to participate in this event,” Jungfrau Railway CEO Uls • Urs Kessler said.

    Swiss style show outside the game
    Technical Parameters:

    Tissot Tengzhi Series Solar NBA Special Men’s Watch RMB: 8,100

    -Swiss-made quartz movement with battery charge indicator
    -Touchscreen scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
    -Antimagnetic titanium case with PVD coating
    -20 functions: background light, dual time zone, perpetual calendar, absolute pressure and sea level pressure, altimeter, countdown timer function with cumulative time / simultaneous time / lap time, timer, compass, bearing Dual alarm, log, regatta countdown, day and week display
    -Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
    -Titanium strap with push-button folding
    -Size: 45mm * 45mm

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    This Tanabata Encounter About Love Tissot Witnesses For You

    It was a silent meeting. When you first met, you were still ignorant of your age. You don’t trim your edges, but you fall in love at first sight; longing for the romantic plot in your idol drama, but giving your hearts to each other in ordinary things.

    Ignorance at first encounter

    Tissot Time Series
     Your story does not need to be a vigorous opening. Life is not a long and well-designed movie. Maybe you can only appreciate what is true and what is love. Just like the Tissot Charisma series, it is clean and purely arranged and combined without any extra design. It uses the most minimalistic lines to outline your love. Let me be better and meet you better.
    Fate makes us meet again

    Tissot Junya series belt quartz men’s watch (left) Tissot’s new wave series steel band quartz women’s watch (right)
     In the past, you and Ta were two points parallel to space-time. When the two points meet, your destiny connects you closely. So without any warning, you meet each other again. There is no tension at the first encounter, and there is an excitement and joy of reunion. Everyone is like a watch, an independent individual, with different characteristics, but time has made you fade away from the green, settle down and grow, and the respective transformation has not worn away your initial understanding. You are an elegant gentleman. The elegant and elegant quartz watch on your wrists shows your wisdom and decisiveness, showing the maturity of years and years in perfect perfection in front of her eyes. And she has faded innocence and innocence, becoming elegant and independent, just like her The wave series on the wrist watch, gentle mother-of-pearl and light ribbon-like lines interpret the unique charm given to her by the movement of her wrist. You, this is a match made in heaven.
    Do not forget the first ‘core’ I love you as always

    Tissot Collection
     ‘The years are quiet, and the present life is stable.’ This is Hu Lancheng’s promise to Zhang Ailing in his wedding book. Even if this is a regretful and innocent lie, it is a promise to you. When you met, you did not dare to easily promise Ta love. Now that you meet and know each other and love you, you will swear to fulfill your promise for the love in your heart. It is also like the mechanical power 80 movement of the Baohuan watch, which witnesses your unswerving persistence in the long river of time, and tells you your original heart with a firm ‘core’ and long-term accurate travel time. Permanently jumping hands will not stop moving easily, just like your time-approved love.
    Romantic Tanabata Tissot ‘dressed up’

    Tanabata limited men’s mystery gift box

    Tanabata limited ladies mystery gift box

     This Valentine’s Day, Tissot created a new limited mystery gift box inspired by “Love is a sweet game about encounters”. On this important day, it conveys every heartbeat of encounter and love for true lovers, so that the confession is full of surprise and mystery . At this moment, Tissot ‘dressed up’ just to meet you! (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)