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    More Modern And Practical Specifications A.Lange & Söhne Lange 1815 Up & Down

    1815 Up & Down can be regarded as A. Lange & Söhne’s old classic. This change may not feel much if you only look at the photos, but in fact it is turned inside out. After double-folding, not only the size is increased, but also the movement is replaced with a new model.

    Because the inner surface of the main face plate is made of high and low levels, the sub face plate is cut through it, so you can see a very rich three-dimensional sense from the side; the surface of the sub face plate has extremely fine concentric circles, and it also stores energy. Red at the end of the scale is newly added

    Feature one: upgrade the newly modified movement
    The old version of the 1815 Up & Down is equipped with the L942.1 movement. The L942.1 is equipped with a power reserve display module on the L941.1. The L941.1 is still in use, such as the small three-pin version of the Saxonia series. It’s still L941.1. 1815 Up & Down has a brand new model L051.2; in fact, it is a brand new model. In fact, L051.2 is also a module installed from L051.1, and L051.1 is 1815. Model with small three-pin model.

    The inscribed angle at the junction of the lug and the case is one of the characteristics of the Lange case. There are many brands with this detail in the lugs, but I am afraid that none of them are as beautiful as Lange. A little bit, delicate but not exaggerated

    Feature 2: There are extra points in the specifications
    Since it is from two different systems at all, comparing L942.1 and L051.2 is better than comparing L051.1 and L051.2. L051.1 is a small three-pin, L051.2 is a small three-pin plus power reserve display. It sounds like it is not a complicated modification. If you look at the size of 30.6mm in diameter and 4.6mm in thickness, the two are exactly the same, but in fact Lange’s The energy storage display mechanism is quite complicated, and there are 57 light parts, and the small second hand of L051.1 is at 6 o’clock, and the L051.2 is at 4 o’clock. This part also needs to move to the wheel train, so L051.2 The entire 3/4 splint is new, the large and small rolls have been turned over the splint, and even the position of the Godson has been changed. The magnitude of the modification is not only as simple as installing a module, but also the movement. The power reserve has also been greatly increased from 55 hours to 72 hours. Although it is not mentioned in the official information, the energy storage has been improved so much, and the power mechanism such as the movement clockwork material should also be improved.

    The official information mentions that L051.2 has two more gold sleeves than L051.1, which refers to the removed second hand wheel and the intermediary wheel between it and the four-wheel car, but in fact the two used in the original power wheel train A golden sleeve is now also used for other purposes

    Feature three: Overall it looks the same, but the details have changed
    In terms of appearance, the biggest change in the new version is that the table diameter is increased from 36mm to 39mm. The configuration of the face plate is basically the same. The inner circle of the face plate has been made one more level. In addition, the periphery of the two sub-face plates of the old version is plated with a circle of gold, but the new version does not. The new and old versions of Lange watches are actually very dry, because the design of their family has always been extremely rigorous. There are not many places that the new version can move, but strictly speaking, the new version of the 1815 Up & Down is more refined.

    1815 Up / Down

    18K white gold material / L051.2 hand-wound movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 39mm / reference price: 200,000 RMB